Full Moon Libra activates a pure trajectory of our needs

An astrological phenomenon with Jupiter and Neptune conjunct, which only happens once every 166 years resets our spiritual priorities. The next thirteen years, expands our growth leading with a spiritual lens. We’re not interested in anything less meaningful or soulless. We’re after something that holds sustenance, authenticity and with pure intentions. We can only experience this path incrementally. The deep Soul work penetrates our psychological patterns to something less ordinary, traditional, tried and tested.

Jupiter with Neptune will travel together for the next few days, so if you didn’t already get the internal memo, you will certainly know about it with the activation of the full moon in Libra. The ability to follow our truth with no exceptions. Respecting our personal journey and with honest acceptance that we did something about it will set us free.

The Libra full moon on 17th April at 4:55am AEDT, 26 degrees is opposing the Sun and Eris in Aries. This full moon is the ultimate portal of transformation. It will also square Pluto in Capricorn, trine Saturn in Aquarius and make an inconjunct with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. I’ll break the relationship to these energies below, however just feeling into the connection of these planets if we’re not trembling at making a change then what are we doing with our life. We will wither away in our personal obstructive subconscious beliefs, convincing ourselves we are right, we are free, and we are happy. The layers of self-sabotage programming will come to the forefront as bizarre situations, feelings, insights or requests and, yet we may fail to see them as gifts for personal growth.

Firstly, anyone who is in a human body, having a human experience has yet to master their personal dharma. We all hold a certain level of programming that conditions our actions. Secondly, our arrogance, self-promoted power even if not articulated out loud but that very energy is projected back to the universe. This continues to create karmic bonds to our human experience and we must become aware of these tendencies. How do we get to the root cause of our limiting beliefs, unconscious conditioning and aspects of self-sabotaging our truth? This full moon invites us to leave the old behind, even the parts we don’t know are present. An end of a necessary cycle, which requires active and conscious participation for anything to change.

Libra is ruled by Venus. It holds qualities we master in our all our relationships. The ability to listen, find balance, set boundaries through diplomacy and tact. To search the equal outcome, request for justice, allow freedom of expression and to walk side by side without any power plays. Venus is creating a sesquiquadrate to the moon, highlighting our unconscious patterns which erode our need to express our true feelings. This energy is a hidden pattern that creeps up, felt but rarely processed. It is the crack in the windscreen, with the right conditions it will damage the window. Here, our clearest intentions carry a shadow of doubt, especially if Venus exalted in Pisces invites us to be unconditional and not self-censor.

The full moon shines the light of Aries Sun bringing into focus parts of our identity we’ve adopted because of past experiences. Perhaps they were necessary, and we had our reasons. Now is the time to integrate those experiences from a lens of our participation in each situation. Others are merely a mirror to our subconscious patterns, our blind spots and with the Sun conjunct Eris our need to resolve our path through honest expression hasn’t been more prominent. Pluto is squaring the Sun and Moon. Interestingly it is the ruler of the south node in Scorpio, and it now moves towards the most powerful position in Capricorn. The last degrees of any zodiac sign hold potent power for transformation, die or survive through change by inviting key experiences for us to master our relationship with the qualities of the sign.

A joy jayson image of Kali

Capricorn is our inner authority, our institutional conditioning and our ability to lead our life without permission. We must be willing to seek within, without judgement and accept where we’ve abused our own power, our own need to control and our own judgements. Leaving things as they are doesn’t heal our Soul. Aries is a sign of action, ruled by Mars who travels through Pisces indicates a compassionate and courageous active participation.

Moon speaking with Pluto penetrates our Souls calling for how we psychologically control or manipulate our world, relationships which come from an idea we have adopted. These ideas, or programmes and/or conditions stubbornly act as self-sabotaging receptors. The frequency we project, especially if the awareness is skewed then we’re inviting experiences that grant opportunities for healing. It sounds easy. It is quite difficult to digest if our approach has worked out for us before, we’re in a blind spot. We may not see how our subtle push to control can trigger unconscious power plays.

Saturn in Aquarius, squares the nodes placing tests and challenges in our path where we can choose a high quality of life, including the right people vibrating to our frequency or we can choose to stay in our own unconscious fear. The stories or excuses we have because we’ve lost the ability to go and get what we want may become the self-betrayal saga of our life. Saturn trines the Libra Moon making it clear if our relationships support our frequency. Not our ideas about a particular person or group of people. Not how we invest in some and not in others. It’s the ability to be honest about what brings us ultimate joy without any conditions, excuses, adjustments or force.

A little side note. We cannot sit back contemplating how we will like our life to be in two months’ time or how our needs will impact others. This would be a great shame as all the planets are direct, moving forward and with the Sun in Aries, now is the time to truly see our own hang-ups and make things happen. Act. Take the risk. Feed your Soul. After this full moon we’ve entered eclipse season and Pluto will slow its movement for retrograde at the end of April.

A powerful, divinely orchestrated full moon, with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces we’re being set up to step up or live in a place of regret. This brings pressure for us to truly understand our needs, accept our excuses, know our control and power issues and get over the hang-ups for the life we deeply want to experience. The next six months will bring huge shifts, changes to our economy, our environment, our relationships and the work can get monotonous because we didn’t take advantage of this time of action to move forward.

All these powerful personal planets align together brings the energy collectively to accept the things we cannot change, cannot have or move forward with. If there are attempts to force something to happen, when the other is a ‘no response’ then we must accept this is not in the Devine plan. We do not have control over the Devine plan. If we attempt to control or intervene not only in our own process but others too, we’re going against the Devine, therefore our actions are not pure.

All the energy in Pisces, especially with Jupiter and Neptune conjunct teaches us to bring a spiritual, honest and magical intention to our daily actions. We do not know consciously what our Soul hungers. South node Scorpio is about releasing and healing the way we interrupt, control or involve ourselves in other people’s business. The Devine plan, if followed with purity in our hearts, and we’ve consciously understood where we let our stubborn pride, ego satisfaction or desire get in the way of our patterns then we will walk into a path of bliss, magic and meaning. We’re all under a spell. We either put that spell on ourselves by trusting others more than our hearts or we’ve simply rejected our own path of healing driven by our ego.

To use this energy in an optimal way is to firstly understand what is going to bring us happiness and freedom from our own personal troubles. Perhaps, we can take action to approach the people in our lives, directly expressing our needs. This takes courage. It is a necessary act if we want to move forward without regrets. If there is no response, we have our answer and come into full acceptance. If there is a response, we build something that comes from a conscious place of our individual quarrels and accept the dents, scars and troubles. Where can we truly be pure in our intentions without holding anything back?

Pay attention to how this full moon energy is processed, as next year we will have the nodes shift in July 2023. South node in Libra and North node in Aries a time of getting what we want because it comes from a Devine, conscious and healing space within. It will certainly be a time of great balance and achievements if we do the work now.

A powerful alignment in the cosmic sky. The celestial messages, lessons are received and digested to us in unique ways. What is right for one person may not be right for another, yet we must include the whole of our psychological patterns if we want a life free from our past hold ups. This full moon brings to light our unconscious patterns, conditions which leave us limiting our life experience. We don’t want to miss any opportunities by thinking we’re right staying in our space of safety. The rest of the year may not provide that sense of safety. Therefore, what you do now matters, what you don’t do now also matters.

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