Illumination for our healing – Total Lunar eclipse in Scorpio

A powerful astrological journey is unfolding not only for our earth but for the human psychological conditions that subconsciously prevent us from our truth. It will certainly feel like a big emotional flush after an enema. Each day of this week is a lead up to the total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, peaking on Monday 16 May at 14:14 AEDT, brings to light some challenging choices we all must consider. As above, so below and as within, so without! This year is the year of illumination of all things dark, hidden, secret, manipulative and how each of these come from either fear of truth or the love of power. Surprisingly, or not they are some of the lower frequencies of Scorpio. We’re in for the biggest emotionally intense, perhaps dark and quite frankly scary eclipse in a long time. Yet, that is what some will see on the surface, lets dive a little deeper.

The full moon in Scorpio conjuncts the south node energy, is what creates the total lunar eclipse energy. It is a Super blood moon, closer to our earth making its impact or discomfort known to us. The full moon opposes the Sun, Uranus, north node in Taurus, while it creates a sextile to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and square to Saturn in Aquarius. The moon is not comfortable in Scorpio, full or not full, she doesn’t like the idea of being intense, uncomfortable, overextending her feelings to a point of suffocation and she certainly is not going to feel safe with the south node.

Scorpio energy is firstly a transformational frequency. It is not afraid to go deep into what needs to be revealed and, in this journey, there must be a level of intensity, curiosity or intrigue of the darker side of life. The dark sexual desires are one of its drivers for survival. The merging, penetration, quick and deep but not long and certainly lacks balance between our individual needs versus the other. It is an energy of all or nothing, and if we see how our world operates, we know silently we cannot throw the baby out with the bath water.

The merging with the intention of oneness erodes us from our individual Self, therefore these temporary sexual urges, are not of a healthy or spiritual kind. Another tendency is the dependency of others, in all matters, especially powerful and monetary. Although the Scorpio energy would rather believe everything of yours is mine and everything mine is mine. The other essence of Scorpio which allows us to feel into its persisting need to transform, is being comfortable with death through several practices including esoteric. An energy which is committed to achieving great power through a difficult, intense cycle of events. Very much like a yogi who wishes to obtain siddhis, they would stand on one leg for a very long time or perhaps give up food for a year. The energy of Scorpio is relentless, seeking only power whether its by sexual means or marriage to a powerful partner, or by doing some very off the chart and undoubtedly digging deep where others cannot.

The south node is a non-physical energy. The stories behind this magnetic energy determine the very place where this total lunar eclipse will be felt. The south node is headless, only body. It is the subconscious patterns of the past blocked in our physical body. These patterns come through us during times of intensity, fear and frustration, unconsciously exploding from us. We’ve yet to expel, experience, or explore the patterns, feelings through our current life journey. This doesn’t mean we go through them literally; it invites us to not dismiss our inner dark side through awareness and then purge all that is not required for healing, transformation as part of our Soul evolution. The distressed moon meeting with a headless energy in Scorpio helps us to prepare for a future more in touch with our whole truth.

Sun and Uranus oppose this energy, while Saturn makes a square. We can align with these energies as an anchor to know if something is to be in our environment, it must be of the best. Taurus is an energy of our physical body and senses, it governs our values and how our world makes us feel. It is also an energy of self-worth. If we’re not valuing our own worth, then we can find ourselves in some dissatisfying relationships, jobs and situations. Taurus is also the energy of boundaries, while Scorpio doesn’t believe boundaries should exist in certain conditions. Taurus can also keep things forever, believe there is a use for it in the future. We must release for our own spiritual cleanse.

We’re seeking the balance of these two forces. For example, we can use our Scorpio tendencies to reach a transcendental state while Taurus helps us to keep contained and aligned within our highest standards. Although the Moon is illuminating all things that are hidden. These hidden tendencies are unconscious. We can be quite unaware of what can be surged up, and this can result in a mini crisis. It is not an easy energy. Mercury in retrograde in Gemini is within a 5-degree orb to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, which creates a trine. Expect our personal world to go through massive shifts and awakenings. We only want a true connection that is willing to meet us in our rawest form.

This includes willing to speak of all things uncomfortable and distasteful to understand nothing is of perfection, yet we mustn’t lower our experience for something not worthy of our attention. This includes current relationships, spiritual bypassing to keep the peace is not going to work. We need to see all sides of our world. We need to feel the rawness of how we’ve used our power, whether its for the greater good or not. We must allow ourselves to see truth as it is and not be in some delusional state of all is well.

Saturn helps us to discern in Aquarius. All that comes out, as a massive purge of our life, requires structure with responsible decisions for a sustainable and healthy path moving forward. We cannot do this eclipse on our own, although it’s not like a lightning bolt as soon as the moon peaks we’re on. It is rather an activation to observe and pay attention how our obsessive, manipulative, power, controlling tendencies, including the passive, jealous, mean, fearful and dependent ones are not helping us and those around us to reach their full potential. We must feel all of these in ourselves, with a truth bomb waiting to blow if we attempt to numb ourselves away. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, he dislikes being in Taurus therefore we feel uncomfortable and anything that involves a level of change, or being unique can be quite difficult, because the issue comes from an inflated ego, overused beliefs and attachment to desire.

Jupiter moved into Aries from Pisces. He is a great teacher, lover of truth and freedom. In Aries he is teaching us to be comfortable with who we are and to tap into our needs unapologetically. Mars will also conjunct Neptune as they trine the full moon and south node in Scorpio, while Ceres enters Cancer. If we don’t purge or let go with ease this energy brings psychotic episodes which can result in violence. We’re all having a reality check of all things we thought were true due to whatever reason, may now show up as something else. They may not show up at all how we’ve imagined rather a veil is removed. All things that we could rely on, somehow, they may not show up. This space allows us to find the courage with Mars, and release or express all that needs to be released. We must take a good look at our attachments and consider if these have space for our future. Only what is essential to us, can carry us through these strange times.

All things that come up, will be necessary for us to review. Nothing is going to be untouched. It doesn’t matter if you’re a level seven yogi or drunk sixteen thousand cups of medicine or meditate every day. What matters is we understand we hold the key to our evolution. We are going to make radical decisions for the benefit of our inner peace. No one knows how our life feels, others can get an understanding, but they don’t know our personal experience, so why do we rely on others for what we already know inside. The cosmic wand of wisdom certainly knows which dormant, toxic, or dark parts of our personality need to be purged. We only purge when we psychologically understand the lesson behind the blocked energy, otherwise it’s just a loop of distress making us feel even more discomfort.

Our financial markets, situations, and the ability to get clean water, organic food and have access to a certain way of being come under this eclipse. The best thing right now would be to prepare for troubling days, weeks, or months even years ahead. It is not panic stations, rather a catalyst to not mess your life with half-interested energies. Go for only the best, because you’ve done the work and have shown up and care about how this world is going to unfold. Simplify our lives, connect with those that have similar passions and are willing to do their part. To be part of the better version of your own life is through understanding our truth. To do this in an honest way is to know our journey to the light, we must know the dark personally and in order to know our worth we have journeyed where our worth was through another who is only human.

We will move through this by coming to terms, an identity death of some sort must come from within us and if done through a spiritual lens we will be able to truly connect with the right vibration field. We will understand and believe for ourselves what our worth is and what we are willing to engage. We’re weeding, uprooting spiritual and psychological messy entanglements, which we’ve accepted through either compromise, arrogance or fear. We must refocus our life towards our values and with this level of understanding we become more attuned to the notion, if we want something to work, we must maintain our part in all situations. If there is not an equal match, or there is an essence of proving our worth through material evidence then we’ve missed the point.

This eclipse helps us clear out and be in our truth. This will inevitably bring a change of heart, situation and what our future will look like. We can look towards Saturn and make choices about what is worthy of our time, who is coming along the journey. It’s okay to be completely raw, wild, with rage, obsessive and all things Scorpio but know all of this keeps us tangled in messy emotional states. Find the balance, no matter where you are in your Soul journey know, all that falls apart is because we’ve made choices in the past loaded with other nonsense. It is okay to move forward as we get hints of identifying with our true Self. It’s a big coffee enema time! Let it go, let it release no matter what and when we do all of this work, stay calm and unscathed by the changes, we then make space for something magical to be birthed.

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