Power of truth full moon in Sagittarius astrology

Upside down, inside out. Empty, yet mind is full, plagued with overthinking, stimulating our emotions while we clench, grip and hold onto the mundane of the unfamiliar kind while seeking adventure. A critical and vital test has been assigned, with two defined forces motivating us. The force of darkness and light. Each choice we’ve made echoes the reality as we face the consequences within our environment, while blindly convincing ourselves what we’ve done before works. And none of us have always travelled towards the light, we’re constantly refining once we’ve integrated the lessons we’ve needed to learn.

The full moon in Sagittarius 23° on 14 June at 21:51 AEST opposite the Sun in Gemini bundles up our beliefs, filters away the last desperate illusion and proceeds to shine the light deep into our psyche raising our awareness to light. This supermoon is so bright, it’s light projects areas of our life where we’ve left our true self on the bench and adopted ‘a perceived’ version of ourselves. This energy is a fundamental teaching of the truth of who we are and have become with room to explore wisely who we want to be in our world.

Image by @un1versalart4

The polarity of Sagittarius and Gemini requires an honest barometer. We’ve all been traumatised whether we realise this on a conscious level is not important. What is important is we can start from this moment in our life to make changes to our defaulted behaviour through honest reflection. And by going through this personal journey, with tenderness and compassion we can gently transcend our past actions with deep gratitude. The themes of what we’re going to explore are already coming into our field, psyche or by listening to our intuition. Mars the ruler of Aries is moving towards Chiron the Wounded Healer is a difficult aspect that can trigger us in ways we show ourselves out in the world. This energy taps into deeply rooted anger.

We’re not always aware or conscious of this anger. The best way to understand how this energy is influencing us is to notice which area of our life we get easily frustrated, disappointed or angry. Our assignment is to acknowledge and then heal these qualities. If we’re in a blind spot to these energies, then we may start to feel hesitation about expressing our true self and feel energetically paralysed. Once we’re in this space of hesitation, we can dive a little deeper through communication as Mercury in Gemini helps us to process our emotional difficulties through interaction.

Perhaps, we’re in a space with those we trust, and they can offer direct feedback, where we start to understand the collective energy of shame is another branch in our psyche which requires healing. This is a strong and demanding energy with Mars conjunct Chiron on the full moon, which we’re all working with in our own signature. The full moon will help to release the pressure for us to explore our multi-faceted layers that prevent us from our true expression.

Throughout this year, we’re already healing the past with the south node Scorpio, helping us to untangle toxic emotions of not being in our truth. These layers will get deeper, strong and to the point. Exploring why we make certain choices when we’re feeling lonely, lost, deprived, unloved, unseen and unsure. We may find our motivation is not having the maturity to develop a Soul connection with ourselves. Neptune will trine south node Scorpio which has been ongoing for a while, however the full moon will be in a blind spot to Scorpio. We may not be aware about how truth is misconstrued by our own deeply rooted feelings of fear, anxiety and control. Scorpio doesn’t do things by halves; it is an all-in or all-out frequency. As we dive deeper into the triggers of these emotional entanglements, we can take a step back to realise there is something else which motivated us to these attachments.

We’re going through a personal process of disentanglement through the teachings of the north node in Taurus by merging into how we feel when we continue without making personal changes. Taurus is helping us to create space which is vital to integrate all that we’ve experienced. This integration involves many layers of healing, letting go, forgiveness, kindness… all motivated by how we value our life and ourselves.

The Moon squares Neptune can leave us feeling extra sensitive, unbounded and untethered to our reality, while we emotionally process how we perceive our world and if this carries the right weight for self-expression. We must remember, Chiron in Aries has already been stripping us away from the hive identity leaving us feeling like the odd one in our world. Neptune with the Moon adds another defining factor where we may choose to escape from what needs to be addressed. Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter is an expansive, abundant energy of seeking knowledge and truth driving us to various places. We can always look to the Sun in Gemini representing and supporting us to seek and bind with the right communities, which are aligned with our core values.  We’re learning to receive a fullness of life, not by the burden with the weight of completion, but as an exploration if these things stick.

There are several timelines open where some of us are acutely aware of and experience a multitude of situations. These timelines can give us both light and dark experiences. Understanding this basic truth, can empower us to trust our decision making and not make any compromises because of the illusion of money, security and safety. We all need these things. We are working to find other creative alternative ways to live, which also means we have to be sure to show up in our truth, otherwise its Groundhog Day.

Go back to 15 December 2020 we experienced the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 23°, while a trine to Mars in Aries and a Square to Neptune. This Solar Eclipse opened us to a new portal on how we wanted to be in our life. A huge part of that journey has been of self-discovery, and whatever has come into or left our field comes with its own teaching of our personal truth. This full moon will activate a new layer, or it will give us permission to evaluate if we’re aligned with our heart or with our ego.

This full moon brings us to open ourselves up for an exciting adventure. Exploring all the blockages which prevent us from feeling peaceful, happy, excited about life can help eradicate the energy. We’re not always aware we’re carrying such energies, they come to ripe when we least expect it. We must find courage in this full moon to be who we are, even if that means we have to establish a relationship with our dark side. Every act to understand truth of our world, helps us to make the choices we want to orchestrate in our life. Ultimately, we’re responsible for the way we want to consciously live our life.

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