Conscious experiences trigger unconscious projections – New Moon in Cancer astrology

This second half of the year opens our senses to elevated unconscious projections, commonly known as emotions. If we’ve paid attention to our environment, we’ll certainly sense a change is required for us to feel better. We’re arriving at a critical point of our journey. An internal battle between emotional security versus the thirst for positive experiences is a trigger point of extreme internal rage. If you’re not prepared to understand your own truth is equally valid with authority or rely on others for support and validation or part of a ‘cult’ which is disguised as community because Neptune has placed rosy colour glasses on our intuition, then we’re in for a shock. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is concrete. Especially if Black Moon Lilith the force of fierce power of the dark feminine power is influencing the beat of our emotions.

The Cancer new moon conjunct the Sun at 7° on Wednesday 29th June at 12:52pm AEST, squares Jupiter in Aries at 7°, while a conjunction to Black Moon Lilith (BML) we’re in for a wild ride. Yet there is always speculation, because we continue to plan our life as if this current state is real. At the highest level we’re going to be healing our inner supressed and abandoned Divine Feminine archetype. Don’t be fooled by a second this energy is going to bring us into a sense of bliss. These astrological positions and meanings are aligned so we pay attention and strategically calculate our personal world into a position that may not make sense to others.

Firstly, Cancer is ruled by the Moon while the Sun is in Cancer we’re emotionally loaded, sensitive and psychologically triggered. The moon acts like a magnet. It will be out of bounds which means we are completely unconscious, unaware and blinded by the power of our emotional urges. Cancer is the sign of our home, family, safety, what we can grow and nurture. It brings out our emotional intimacy needs, while it can be extremely moody with influctuated feelings, it releases many of our insecurities. As the Moon travels through Cancer these themes are heightened. The Sun will keep us accountable to truly understand and register these emotional blind spots. As a result, these powerful emotions can initiate a complete shutdown or explosive situations.

Secondly, BML the dark goddess conjunct the Sun and Moon and this is where the real issues, power games, emotional black mail, or needy and desperate perhaps emotionally psychotic tendencies hit us. All energy in the cosmos is fractal, orbiting around the Sun in cyclical patterns. Each orbit peels away what we must work through at that moment in time. It has been a while since The Dark Goddess archetype has come to reveal her power. She is associated with sex, death, addiction, transformation, resurrection, the occult, and the taboo. During these difficult alignments, it is always wise to feel into how these themes are already rising to the surface. They are subtle and passing. If we’re too consumed with our day to day, we may miss vital signs of what is being reveal that will bite us.

Black Moon Lilith by Brenda Clarke

And thirdly, the square to Jupiter is an unfortunate state of events. He is Aries a sign which represents our sense of self and with Chiron the wounded healer in this this sign we’re all going through our own version of an identity death. Jupiter in Aries wants us to explore our true sense of self, without all the programming, conditioning and ideals implanted from past situations we’re learning who we are in this new paradigm.

The Jupiter square to the Sun, Moon and BML is an explosive nuclear bomb to our unconscious emotions. If we’re not already learning to discern what emotions are worthy of our energy or we dive deeper into our own emotional black hole, then this brings extreme unfortunate events. The challenge is always there with a square. Jupiter is the teacher of truth. If we can dive deep into our feelings, explore the triggers of our emotions before they control our defensive or reactive attitude, then we can transmute this energy into healing. Truth be told, it is extremely difficult for us to discern from our feelings during this time. We must become conscious of our environment and how it makes us feel. If there is a strange feeling in our gut, it is likely we’re not in the right space of alignment. Situations reveal the truth through our feelings and we cannot afford to put our truth into shadow.

Pay attention to how we many describe our situations, such as ‘feeling off’, ‘obligated’, ‘burden’ or ‘responsible’ or ‘commitment’. These are tell-tale signs we’re not in the right space. If ignored, BML will bring a force of truth so loud in our field we may end up somewhere that is emotionally Soul destroying.  

This new moon opens this season with an emotional bang. It is not going to be easy because emotions carry weight. They have the power to change how we experience our day. The moon with BML in Cancer may bring up the darkest and perhaps the ugliest parts of our psyche. BML is not about making good relations, nor about love and she certainly is not a mothering energy. Her archetype is best associated with Kali, the mother of destruction, power, transformation and death. These themes carry weight, because the feminine is the gate keeper of future lives and over the last hundreds of years we’ve been programmed to disregard her essence and importance.

If we are to truly work through this energy, we must be willing to discern what is true for us on an emotional level. Neptune turns retrograde on 28 June, with a sextile to Pluto is the biggest spiritual test we will go through. There is a dark, sexual, power mongering, perverted and primal shadow we’re facing. The parts of our society which have controlled and conditioned sexual trauma, through rape and violence where we’ve unconsciously adopted the archetype of victim / abuser archetype plays out over the next few weeks.

Dark Moon – Artist Unknown

It can be viewed as Dante poem ‘inferno’, where he is stuck in the underworld, through his own purgatory of desire, lust, greed he must find a way out to get back to his beloved Beatrice. Dante begins his own dark night of the soul journey, understanding the dark, evil and shadow is a way of releasing unhealthy emotional and psychological attachments. Dante discovers his journey back to Beatrice is to find the wisdom teachings of all things hidden, dark and murky come from a place which has been neglected and requires its respectful place.

BML has two sides, one which I’ve already mentioned. The other is her own personal journey through the dark night of the soul. Bearing witness to her desires and consequences of her powerfully sexual games and manipulation she is destroyed because this frequency is not of equality. She dives deep into her own darkest parts. She is not afraid, and she certainly will push us towards our own shadow. As she continues her journey she transforms her power, lust and ability to experience desire as a teaching for our personal evolution. BML has the power to transform us from victim, abuser, weirdo to a powerful fearless Oracle.

Mars conjunct Eris the Goddess of discord, some say she is the manifested version of BML. They square Pluto who is the ruler of the south node in Scorpio. A transformative healing takes place which is not going to be a pretty experience. Learning to be honest and brave about our emotions and feelings will bring a much-needed healing journey. In our own way we’re going to understand our personal prejudices and judgements surrounding the themes already mentioned. This can feel like food poisoning, or gastro where everything is coming out of everywhere and there is no escape. We must purge. And in doing so, we begin the journey of aligning everything in our truth, with no attachments and no regrets.

We’ve become accustomed to over protecting our space, perhaps using ‘boundaries’ as a cushion to not address strong emotional challenges. Nonetheless, Saturn connects with the Sun and Moon, while it squares the nodes, indicating we must do our best to connect. Especially with those that are in alignment and are authentic. We must watch where we habitually return, only to feel deep disappointments.

As these energies begin to unfold during the balsamic phase the Moon will conjunct Mercury in Gemini inviting us to be open, speak our truth and instead of swimming in our pool of emotions we must connect with others. Mercury can also be the trickster or thief where we unknowingly fool ourselves thinking we don’t need to open every emotional hiccup. On the contrary, this energy is not to be fooled with or dismissed. It is powerful charge to change the direction of our life. Venus in Gemini sextile Jupiter helps us to ask the questions, be curious, seek the answers to our feelings and attempt to understand our deepest hold ups before they are projected back to us in crazy ways.

To get the best out of this energy we must divert our focus to shifting where in our personal life we’re not 100% happy. And, if we’re brave enough to travel to those darkest parts of our psyche, which are deeply buried in our Soul, we can then unleash those desires in a spiritual way. Then perhaps, we may experience an internal transmutation of the wounded feminine. In this very act we have the capacity to heal several layers, lifetimes and programming of the neglected Divine Feminine and bring the balance back in its rightful alignment.

On a side note: the next two months are preparing us for the strangest, craziest and wildest ride in human history. We all play a critical role in eliminating all that is out of balance in our society and coming together respectfully. Of course, this is not going to happen before the world breaks out in war with a financial crisis, alien invasions and all things wild, remind each of us how important true connection can bring the emotional securities we seek. This is only the beginning of the chaos. And because of this, we’re in the most powerful time of our lives to truly heal the slave mentality implanted in our psyche and become sovereign by understanding without one another we cannot return to the nature of being human.

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