Full moon in Capricorn Astrology rases the theme of our purity

As the constellation of Cancer moves in alignment with the Sun, we become more attuned to the powerful outcomes of our untethered emotions. The past week we may have felt immense amount of inner shame, projecting what is not in alignment to our current state. It is powerful. It is demanding us to acknowledge our emotional needs without falling victim to our past. The Sun has been allowing us to feel it all. Cancer is a sign of home, inner security, ability to internalise our nurturing needs to seek comfort in those that we trust. It is also a sign of powerful emotional intensity, with a square to Scorpio south node we’re having to examine and explore our unhealthy needs which are a source to our pain. Capricorn is the opposing sign. It renders an external security, in the choices, commitments and actions we take for our work, career, projects, making money, success and most importantly providing for our inner emotional needs.

These two signs are polarised needs of our sense of Self in the world we’ve created. We can truly examine the programming, shaming and difficult experiences from our childhood, which bleed into our adulthood as blocks or challenges preventing us to communicate openly and honestly what it is we need for comfort. These feelings are mirrored back through the ‘actuality’ of all our relationships. The next two months bring in the necessary turbulence for us to acknowledge our emotional hold ups and create a space for emotional evolution. Capricorn is a sign of karma, maturity, responsibility, accountability, self-confidence, direction, leadership and working through a framework which is governed by our core values. Without this understanding we may miss what needs to be released within ourselves to feel a sense of power and control of our life and at the same time accept our karmic path.

Cancer is a sign of emotional security, inner child, mothering qualities, nurturing, ability to receive what is right without demanding attention and with a solid foundation of family we can rise from our stories. Our inner security is more related to our homes. The space we create where we can be natural, real, and raw. It is a sacred space. A truthful space. It can bring up several shadow emotions such as shame, victim, neediness, desperation, and emotional blackmail. If not properly acknowledged or given space to how they play out in our day to day and why we feel these emotions, we give permission to ignore our natural expression. We move away from the uniqueness of Self.

The super full moon in Capricorn on 14 July 2022 at 04:37 AEST at 21with a conjunct to Pluto and opposition with Sun and Mercury in Cancer as they trine Uranus and north node in Taurus with a sextile to Neptune is a stir fry of events exploring truth versus imagination from the perspective of our past conditioning. The way we see things is changing and in turn guiding us to our destined experiences. Our value framework gets activated. We will sense all that needs to be met respectfully in our life and discern the parts of our psyche that are not in alignment to our value framework.

There is something underlyingly positive and powerful during this super full moon. A sense of tenderness and compassion which allows us to witness the most hidden parts of ourselves which we’ve not yet faced. Moon conjunct Pluto retrograde is the very energy that may bring in emotional depth with honesty. It will be raw to witness how we’ve not taken responsibility for our actions and have in many ways abused our position of power in relationships or connections. The Capricorn Moon shines the light on the shadow side of Cancer Sun. This is a vulnerable week. We may not completely find the courage to act from our realisations as Capricorn Moon raises sensitive themes where our self-confidence has eroded. There is nothing to fear during this powerful full moon initiation of taking our power back and aligning it with our values and honest emotional needs. The attachment to the way our life is currently and the change it will demand from us, with the square to the nodes and Uranus gives permission to make choices more aligned to our purity and karmic path.

Capricorn on a higher octave is about rising above all emotional holds up through responsible and accountable decision making. We’re aiming to either co create new or existing supported environments. If this is not the case in your world, then this full moon clears the lens of emotional disposition. We find the confidence to take back our power and become attuned to the frequency of our nature. This may include changing the way we approach our families, how we feel in our home, environment and if our relationships are truly supportive and nurturing. Although to get to this space we must become open and honest about what we can control in our life to make the positive change and accept where we have no control but find a way to do the inner emotional work for deeper understanding. This energy can express itself as making changes with our work, with our home and with whom we share our world.

The square to Uranus in Taurus to the Moon in Capricorn is demanding us to own all that we are and all that we’ve become. There is no room for compromise especially if it is not emotionally, spiritually, or psychological reciprocated. We don’t have the frequency to hold space for those that dwell in their stories without taking corrective personal action to understand their own loops of behaviour. Capricorn Moon children are responsible. They take every action every move, every decision seriously and can seem cutthroat to others. It is about becoming successful in our personal lives through pure and integral choices. Taking a sense of ownership of our decisions, choices and becoming aware where we’ve not been proud of some and hurt others deeply can begin the journey of self-forgiveness.

There is an unveiling of how our life has been set up in the manner that gives us room for exploring our power versus giving it away. No one can tell us what we need, how it needs to be done. Pluto is the planet of the underworld, not afraid to pick things that we’ve not been ready to address. This is the time where deeply rooted issues from compromises made over the years will come to the surface. Our confidence and inner self beliefs are more powerful and how we express these without getting too cocky or over our head can show up where we’ve dived deeper into somebody else’s way of being. We’ll tap into our inner power source without overthinking what we’ve done and who will get in the way does not matter as we know what we need for success and happiness. It has no hold on our natural spiritual trajectory. This will become more real as we start to witness the collapse of invested structures. It will force us to review our intentions and role in these areas.

This brings the ‘f**k you’ factor. The catalyst for this attitude is committing to a path of purity. If we’re in this space we’re not in any judgement, any diverse frame of mind and we’re coming from a centralised motion where everything that is not working is fading away. The shift comes from what is inclusive and what is not. Any duality, polarity of the way we use our values framework echoes the lack of purity as there are blatant conditions in place. The lower octave of Capricorn is rather different. We can dismantle our self confidence and not take responsible corrective action. A hidden attachment arises which is linked to our childhood programming or conditioning on how our parents behaved. This is important to understand, especially if we truly want to become uniquely successful in the way we experience our life.

Tarot by tarotliza – the tower

A part of this frequency unfolds the actuality of our decisions and choices. We may sense they come from an unhealthy, unfair, and disempowering lens yet they are the very blind spots of our attempt to isolate from what needs to be worked through. This brings up self-abuse as it lacks taking the appropriate responsibility to discern from our environment which dictates whatever beliefs are collectively accepted without room for feedback and respect. The self-abuse is continuously attempting to believe a shift will come into play because our actions have been loyal. We erode our self-esteem and self-confidence as our pattern may not be focused towards finding the solution to our issues internally and rather it becomes an excuse to behave without responsibility.

It is important to understand our need for community and private groups is a valid connection, however the energy of the cosmos will bring to light whatever beliefs and standards these groups have and in response where we’ve unconsciously adopted their way of being. Taking us away from our truth and source connection. This can go against our personal sense of purity and our true sense of Self, as we shift unconsciously to their way of being, their dreams and their issues. We dismiss our own, while individual perspectives and personal needs are overshadowed and, in some ways, manipulated to meet a greater agenda.

Everyone is going to feel a shift, a change, and a willingness to accept our flaws with forgiveness at the same time stand up in our own truth. The lead up to the full moon will be working through unhealthy entanglements as Venus trines Saturn and squares Neptune bringing up bipolar attitudes where we may feel ready and mature to discuss the niggling feelings and yet we may overwhelm ourselves and ride into some form of escapism. Venus in Gemini rulers over Uranus and north node, she also retrograded in Capricorn at the start of this year. Venus is peeling away at our past which require responsible action, she wants us to reassess our values and aligned them with our actions in all areas of our life. No one gets left behind in this full moon in Capricorn. This is not about how others see us or work with us, it is an energy where we’ve played an active role in not understanding the consequences of our actions and what steps we didn’t take to address our deeply rooted triggers.

This moon opposes Ceres who Conjuncts the Sun in Cancer giving us plenty of room to let go of the way we’ve set up our lives as we crave something simpler, nurturing and less demanding of our personal involvement. Ceres gives us permission to allow all our emotions flow up to the surface and acknowledge where we’ve limited ourselves, relied on others while we felt something was off and as a result created further grief. This is the time to take back our power, through personal governance and act where we can experience emotional peace. This peace comes from a space of acting, adopting a mature lens and not following a crowd where the frequency is shining away from us being integral and pure in all our personal affairs. How we once saw a situation will soon shift from our perspective and this can open up several tower moments in our personal world. Ultimately, our experience comes from a Soul karmic projection and if we think we have control then look again. It is a fated super full moon in Capricorn bringing in many chances of realigning to our Soul purpose and growth.

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  1. Reblogged this on Emerging From The Dark Night and commented:
    This rings so deeply true to my current experience.. emotional vulnerabilities are rising up and its important we take ownership of them and do not let them unconsciously play out in ways that may hurt either ourselves or others. The Cancer Capricorn polarity strongly relates to the dyad of the inner child and protective parent.. though inner criticisms could come more sharply into view for healing,

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