Astrology – New moon in Leo… may we share our gifts unapologetically

During the Egyptian error, which was the age of Taurus there was a focus on developing and cleansing the physical senses to ascend and tune into a higher consciousness. It was a time of valuing the physical body as a sacred vehicle to connect to source. The Egyptian gods had many principles to assist in the initiation of raising their vibrational frequency for protection of the natural world. Taurus is the sign of all things organic, natural, nourishing through simple means and this is where the north node is teaching us to become consciously aware of how we relate to these fundamental elements. The Egyptians also knew about the illusions the mind can play and thus used wild Cats, lions as protection from the darkness or corruption of the mind. Lions, cats are well known for their divine protection, and they symbolise the Leo constellation.

This is perhaps the very frequency that is activated during New Moon with the Sun, 5° in Leo 29 July at 3:55am. They both square to Taurus where Mars, Uranus and the north node of the moon reside. If Saturn was not in Aquarius opposing this energy and the trine to Jupiter in Aries which stations for a retrograde four hours later, it would bestow a much-needed heart frequency. Saturn guides us to a more responsible, calculated and conscious arrangement of our personal values to courageously find our own unique creative expression.  

It is quite a challenge for humanity moving into the Aquarius age, opposing the Leo qualities. There is a great emphasis for us to consciously connect with our heart centre and create or recreate our personal world on our terms. Leo is a grand heart energy. All matters of the heart stem from love. The new moon in Leo will activate an awareness of the areas in our life where love is limited or where we may hold ourselves back with a defence of continually detaching emotionally instead of learning to accept love in all its forms. The power of vulnerability can help us overcome some the greatest heart lessons we’re encountering.

The habitual hesitation this new moon in Leo highlights the areas of our life where we feel trapped in patterns of loneliness and self-pity. The prevention of our vulnerability around the matters of our heart creates a great deal of unhappiness and loneliness in our own life. These tendencies stem from the collective trauma of the last two years. We’ve become over cautious and in many ways paranoid about other people. As we unconsciously operate from this frequency, we attract those that are already down on themselves. The wisdom from this level of Leo is to acknowledge our sense of playfulness, fun and lightness which holds a powerful currency to transmute this sense of loneliness and self-pity.

We all must learn about love. This is in all relationships not only romantic but our society. To add the most interesting lens of this new moon in Leo is to look at the hesitation of Taurus energy. This works hand in hand, due to the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and north node in Taurus. An unpredictable guided change is forfeited if we’re not willing to take the responsibility of shifting our behaviour. The magical wisdom from these fixed signs is to only act if we can feel a burning desire to do so, otherwise there is nothing to pursue. We must feel it with every atom of our being to act.

Designecologist – heart light

The unconscious tendency of Mars in Taurus is alienating others through judgement or ghosting their values to confirm our own sense of self-worth. As we do this our psychological health naturally disrupts the evolution of integrating our set of values with those that could hold the keys to advance our experience. Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus is shifting our sense of self-worth and with the north node it is a collective fated scenario. There is a big shift brewing. We can feel it, yet we cannot decipher it with our mind. The ability to surrender to our environment can help us to sense if we’ve made a positive change to what brings us Soul deep joy.

The conscious expression of Leo is a powerful perspective. Leo is about creativity as it recognises it is not based on what others want but from that sense of love and joy within. It is about sharing and opening with a lens of love. The Egyptians knew the universe is created only with the frequency of love and in many ways, we’re emotionally needing to begin a new journey into creativity, where we find unconditional pleasure through sharing our expressions with love. These expressions come from learning how to accept the responsibility of love. Leo is a masculine sign and Taurus is feminine allowing us to push past our personal prejudices we can begin a journey of dismantling the programme of polarity.  

The Leo Taurus square is about intuitively receiving and giving of our creative talents, projects or expressions which implement a fresh or evolved direction for the collective. Mercury is in Leo with a square to Mars in Taurus we may witness our arrogant or egotistical side which can be overbearing to process. This aspect produces a one-sided communication, implying everything we have to say is more important than others. It can create an imbalance in communication and alienate others.

The higher perspective of Mercury square Mars aspect is about becoming aware or acknowledging the impact our words, non-verbal communication has on others. We can become aware if we’re enhancing or destroying what we are attempting to communicate. This is a dramatic expression. We must position ourselves where we’re not manipulated by our external environment which may cause frustration. It is about communicating with the intention to share ideas or expression of creativity which comes from a space of personal values and love.

Lion by Arleen Wiese

Mercury trines Chiron and opposes Saturn these aspects are not easy. They can bring up the ghosts from our past, especially if we’ve not emotionally released the pain, issue or trauma that we unconsciously hold. A mature approach, by choosing our words and timing can help us to respond in more clear manner. Leo is a dramatic energy. It can hold a dragon destructive and fierce frequency eroding what is good in its path due to its unconscious ability to communicate when important information must be shared.

Mercury square to Uranus and Mars can certainly bring some change and sudden surprises for us to process. This doesn’t have to be a negative aspect. It is the ability for us to find the courage and express what is working for us and what is not. Mars in Taurus can cause fatigue if we’re working on something that doesn’t seem to give us the return of our investments.

Venus square Jupiter this has been an only going affair for the last five days. There is a cosmic emphasis to be out and about to participate in situations which bring us the greatest benefits of life. A sense of joy and peace. Meeting new people, growing and expanding ourselves so we can learn who we are in this new transcended identity. Although Venus is oversensitive and can bring a strong self-protective force in social situations.

This square is about becoming aware our indulgences in self-protection as we may exaggerate our feelings to not do anything that stretches our comfort zone. Jupiter in Aries is about taking the initiative to go our own way. It is a contradictory aspect. This teaches us to feel wholeheartedly comfortable about sharing our sensitivities and then we can build trust in ourselves and others by valuing the experience.

As a collective we’re learning how to relate back into our life. Not the life we had in previous years. A life where we can show ourselves, be confident and completely become aware of how others support us, accept us and give something back. It is a time of complete transparency through opening of our hearts, experiencing a life that we’re dreaming in some ways. It requires confidence to not stumble in our path out of desperation to invest in situations which are not fully giving back or more importantly not emotionally invested in who we are as individuals.

Venus does square Chiron while Neptune creates a sextile to Pluto a disjointed frequency which can push us in either direction. We can feel confident in ourselves by only investing time which feels the heart frequency. Alternatively, we can express from a lower octave and imagine something is great, wonderful and looks promising when really there is an agenda which goes against our values. We’re learning to feel the beat of our hearts. To live by our hearts, regardless of what others may think or say. In true Leo language ‘who gives a sh#t, I’m doing what feels right by my heart’.

At a deep level and if we’re honest about our feelings and trust our own judgement we may tune into the instability of the month of August. We may lose direction, purpose or our sense of hope. During these times we must remember the mind will overtake and push negativity to our dreams. Trusting the unseen and the innate power we all hold is the way we can sail through August. The universe is driving each of us towards a greater experience, allow yourself to listen to your own heart wisdom.

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