Inconvenient factors & denied expression with New Moon in Virgo, astrology

Audio Version narrated by Sandeep

It is Virgo season. A time of harvesting or getting ready for planting new seeds. The idea of planning something with follow through was something we didn’t need to think about or make contingency plans. Today we live in a strange world. A world where two definitive perspectives shape the overall ethical decision making for our lives. A new moon always sets the tone of the next 28-day cycle of events and this New Moon in Virgo on Saturday 27 August at 18:16 AEST orbiting 4 degrees and 3 minutes with the Sun is not going to be a smooth awakening. Virgo is a sign of discernment and on the same note judgement. The theme of these luminaries is the realisation of how much we repress our dark, ugly, and violent energies.

There is a tendency to promote and show case our shiny side. The side where we mould and fake who we truly are in order to fit in our environment. The parts of ourselves that thrive in confidence and in the moment of convincing others we know it all, we hear that voice inside us shouting ‘keep going’ ‘don’t give away that a part of you that is flawed’. The strange parts of our world depending on what perspective you consciously or unconsciously align with, have different outcomes for how much we’re willing to openly admit to our flaws. Firstly, to ourselves, with an open and honest observation of the situations we find ourselves and secondly about those in our environment. Do they really support us with sincerity in their hearts. Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus on Wednesday 24 August at 22:23, while the moon moves into Leo. The world is literally at war and with this Virgo energy of reality, we’ll feel it in our environment. In the most obvious perspective, we must leave behind all that is not worthy of our energy and move to a environment that does bring us joy.

The two definitive perspectives are one where we continue with our lives, hopelessly wanting to change it but fear the moves and partake in a life that will inevitably be a dictatorship. The other is making bold moves, through difficult choices that can only happen if we’ve aligned ourselves with supportive people. This is a time where two worlds will exist, not metaphorically but actualising our inner authority. There is no time to lose. The actions we take matter and the actions we don’t take matter. Everything is a big karmic soup which we can quite easily be swayed from one end of the spectrum to the other. This new moon in Virgo is serious business and one that brings immense change, perhaps heartache for those that have not paid attention to the tell-tale signs.

This doesn’t mean we stop in our tracks. It does require for each of us to operate in a different way. This presents us with the one principle. We work with what we have in our life, in our personal tool kit. Relying on others for direction, guidance or support if they are not in our immediate environment will be ludicrous to our sovereignty. We’re about to embark on one of the most difficult times of our life. If reading or listening to this new moon report is disturbing or agitates our plans, then we’re missing the point of the interconnectedness of our human nature. We cannot be without each other, yet we also cannot afford to make half-hearted choices. This is a time of getting all our ducks aligned. Venus is the depositor of Taurus where Uranus is retrograded, and she is opposing Saturn while her square to the nodes. We are going to feel lonely, isolated, suffer from emotional paralysis, especially as the balsamic moon travels through Leo.

These nodes are one of the most challenging because they hit us where we are most vulnerable. Our financial and relationship security. Going through your life as if all is well or waiting on something to come through or a sign from the universe is simply laziness. These energies are triggers. They limit our options to move and at the same time if we’ve been investing our time on healing past stories, which was needed when the time was fit for this to unfold, then we’re obsessing over a story that has now imprinted into our false identity. Everyone knows what to do. The signs, through our intuition, through staying present with our feelings and to remove the rosy coloured glasses in all aspects of our life has been granted to us over the last four months. This opens a new perspective to the way we’ve been carrying on in our life.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Gemini this is our ‘perspective enhancer’ with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn and moving slowly in shadow ready for its retrograde on 10 September. Mercury is strong and powerful in Virgo. It gives us a diligent lens with the flavour of analysing what didn’t work in our path. During this dissecting process Mercury with Pluto digs deep into our subconscious patterns, touching our Souls calling to feel life in a much meaningful, enriching and psychologically sound way so we can experience profound exchanges and feel immensely connected.

Mercury’s influence in Gemini is the trickster, barter who wants to hang out in little social circles and talk, mingle, do business with a little greed at hand. The mental process of being in amongst the little details on how we compose ourselves in our environment is the key to developing our interpersonal skills. Mars is in Gemini for the next seven months and its not going to be easy on anyone, as Mars is a fierce force. A hungry energy to blurt out truth, facts and correct things that are not right will be quite the experience. It’ll feel as though we’ve teleported to time square on new years eve. The excitement, the adrenaline following the flow of excessive energy.

It brings a corrective way of doing things, saying what we mean and meaning what we say, the process of noticing everything in our environment and making changes to what is not in alignment. Mars in Gemini is an explosive energy, it will be harsh. Strong words, expressions, points of view and arrogance of its highest level will be witnessed or expressed. Mars also sextiles Jupiter retrograde in Aries. We’re having to let go parts of our identify that prevent us from being agile, free and expressive. We must watch if we overextend our point, our voice or opinion will get misconstrued, and this triggers further frustration.

There is a lot of mutable energy on this New Moon in Virgo, conjunct the Sun and a square to Mars. This is where we’re going to be facing the parts of ourselves, we hide from the world. A sweet voice and angelic façade will not be enough to disguise the competitive, jealous, violent, predatory, shameful, confused, psychologically abusive, accidental, revengeful, recklessness and conflicting tendencies. A little reminder, these are the experiences that unfold within this 28-day window. Notice within yourself which area of your life you put on a façade, perhaps unconsciously step away from your truth only to be swayed by a dominant force while we blindly follow. 

Virgo is one of the longest constellations and symbolises the maid harvesting the wheat. That’s the story we’ve been told throughout time, however, if we dive deeper into the symbolism of Virgo we get to touch parts of ourselves that require this understanding. It is a sign of the maiden who is not owned or married or responsible for another, making it one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. A Virgo will discern from a place of truth but also completely retreat from something because the display of vulnerability is painstakingly embarrassing. It can also be a result of something that is not authentic and is deceiving. Virgo has the eye to see through all the facades. Although, a Virgo will never display their vulnerability unless they know their environment is of the same frame of mind.

As I mentioned before, we’re in different times. Saturn in Aquarius retrograde is working us hard to take responsibility of our new world and let go of old patterns which keep us institutionalised psychologically. These are the very patterns that draw us into a hive mentality. We follow a leader who is given superiority over the rest of the heard. Saturn squares Uranus in Taurus this will peak in October, however it brings us to the very point of making radical shifts in our behaviour. If we’re going to get through all this shadow, we are going to have to learn how to think and act differently. The people in our lives that we think have got their stuff together will disclose their internal struggles, if they are honest. Otherwise, Virgo energy kicks in, and we simply remove ourselves from anything that is not authentic.

There are six planets in retrograde including Eris and with Mars slowing down for its retrograde on 31 October with two major life changing eclipses we’ll have a difficult time relating to those that are not in our field. The greater powers of our universe, along with our karmic journey we’re being pushed into a world that is better for us. We just don’t know it yet.

This new moon will drive us to great lengths, to dramatize, to make evident, to give representation to what even the self would prefer to avoid. This is not about working with the ego mind and all its parameters. Instead, we seek what confronts self and our immediate environment including the unsettling parts of the puzzle of our life. And know right in the middle of all this controversy a future possibility is being hatched although it won’t wait for approval to be granted admittance. Stay safe and be bold about moving forward without the resentment of others coming with!

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