A full spectrum of emotions deepens us further to our truth – Full Moon in Pisces Astrology

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We’re in one of the most pivotal times of our entire life. It doesn’t matter about our past journey, although we do carry the residue of our past to the present. It also is a process in which we will all encounter for our emotional growth. The Pisces full moon on 10 September at 19:59 AEST, 17 degrees, opposing the Sun and both connect with the nodes in harmonic angels.

The Moon is bringing to surface our personal unresolved concerns associated at an emotional level. It does sound slightly daunting however now is not the time to put the brakes on our evolution. Majority of us will conclude we’re not in control of how the universe places little bits of lessons in our life. Nonetheless, we do have the power of how we want to explore and recognise all the little facets of our innate ability to numb out what can sometimes feel too difficult to process.

Imagine for a second you’re on route to a destiny that you’ve been called to either by intuition or signs. We’ve planned how to get there, with all the basics that helps us to be comfortable. We’re all set and travelling or experiencing our journey. Although we didn’t anticipate the random weather, or the big potholes, or perhaps the surge of traffic, or even larger vehicles, neither did we anticipate any form of distraction. This Pisces Moon represents all the things we’ve not prepared on our journey that may assist with our mood, our feelings and sense of venture.

Pisces is the twelfth sign in the zodiac. It rules the 12th house, which is known for all things that require isolation for us to process what we may need. This sign is also associated with all things we can imagine, creative flow, fantasy, illusions, delusions, escapism, moodiness, sensitivities, boundless with no rules, deception and most of all spiritual realms and/or entities. This already indicates quite the journey we may experience this weekend.

Although the Moon sextiles the north node in Taurus and Uranus, with a trine to south node in Scorpio indicating positive attributes of the Pisces energy as we release the residue of our self-sabotaging actions which consciously are understood as defence. The Pisces energy is unpredictable. It is boundless. No rules which apply to other signs work with this frequency. Pisces is a nebula, an exploded star. We can see, feel and sense its profound magic, yet we cannot grab, grip or hold it physically.

The Pisces Moon opposing the Sun in Virgo, reflects the shadow side of our need to get things right. The perfection of our presentation. Not all Virgo frequency is of that ilk. There is a feral side to Virgo. This is the side which gets involved in its process where even general hygiene can wait. The other shadow sides of Virgo are over thinking, planning, judging and when things go a little off the rails a whole new process of mental spinning starts to take place. We can totally get stuck if the universe throws a curve ball into the mix.

The Sun sextiles south node Scorpio and trine the north node Taurus with Uranus. There is support from the universe if we’re willing to change how we operate in our environment. Do we come from a self-centred space, ignoring the outside world? Or do we simply pay so much attention to the pixels of our being instead of expanding out to measure if our environment is where the change must take place?

The Moon trine south node in Scorpio may open the can of worms where we’ve become attached to situations that we emotionally know are not right. This works in two ways. The first, if we’ve done a lot of work on letting go of depending on anything outside of our authority then this trine will help us tap into a higher emotional spiritual awakening. The second, if we’ve stayed on the fence, wander around with our choices or not even making any choices from our inner authority, then there is a high chance our illusions will spill away to a bigger truth. This truth may be hard to swallow.

The Sun trine north node in Taurus with a conjunction to Uranus is the very energy that supports us when we serve others in different way. Alternatively, it helps us to discern, place correct discrimination to familiar situations that are not digestible anymore. There is a high chance we’ll have an emotional purge of some sort. It may not be pretty, however the need for us to release anything that comes us is great news. Allowing ourselves to be emotionally expressive, of course with tact and diplomacy, Mercury in Libra the ruler of Virgo, we may get a surprisingly different result.

Venus is in Virgo, and she gets a little wild in Virgo as the evening star. Her square to Mars shows us where we’ve let our mind be overtaken by assumption. There is a tendency to get super heady, while the Pisces Moon puts us in a state of purging. Control, frustration with an intention to leave before it gets too heavy may come as a result of us not having the tools to respond. The truth of it all is, we don’t need respond. We observe what emotions are being flooding into our physical body. This process of observation may take longer than a day or two, or shorter than 30 minutes of our life. It depends how much we are attached to the identity of these emotions. If we’re always pushing others away or ghosting them with no explanation or not  taking ownership or accountability of our part in the situation, then we are certainly going to feel the weight of those repressed emotions.

During the full moon a few things will unfold quickly. Saturn square Uranus is getting closer to its exact degree. They are only a degree apart. This is the breakdown of any old patterns, illusions we continue to hold on to, not because we don’t want change. It is because we may not know what change is going to make us feel good and if it feels right. This indicates we mustn’t place our bets on anything or make grand gestures, choices or decisions.

The other unfolding is with Mercury goes retrograde on the same day at 13:38 in Libra with an opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Aries and trine to slow Mars in Gemini. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Any situation which enforces us to do something, even if we’re ready will not go down well. We’re not in any position or mental state to receive any ‘corrective’ advice from others. This also means we don’t give it either. Be sure not to talk or compare ourselves to others. This is a time where Mercury is opening up the table for difficult conversations to take place that may give us positive emotional relief.

The Mercury and Jupiter opposition can creep up behind us at any moment. A place where we’re not invited to share our opinion or ideas may all go south. We’re navigating this time with our inner authority. Inner authority is a strong connection to our sacral, spleen or emotions. It is by following the direction of our body we achieve a greater outcome. Remember we are all practicing working in this new way. Our mind is not the control centre of our choices. It is the observer and by practicing this we can be at our best in all situations.

Our inner authority is our decision centre. It is by following this guidance we feel more centred and aligned to our wholeness. This full moon is a trigger point to all things in our environment that are not working. Even if we’re unconscious or perhaps are not paying attention to our feelings we’re all going to explore our emotional identity. As the world turns, we turn. As all things fade that are not in alignment and not by choice, we let go even begrudgingly we must listen to our inner authority.

Some basic defence points to look out for during this full moon;

  • Watch out for when our gut sends us a message do we run or do we observe
  • Notice if a subtle part of our essence gives to an outer authority, it’s fine to say no
  • Act to what feels right during our emotional upheavals by playing music, journaling or dancing
  • Observe where we fall from our present moment and dive into some past or future state – can we come back to the now
  • Sense the relationship of being comfortable with uncomfortable truths
  • Allow the presence of our environment inform us through our senses if we’re in a supportive space

Use these as guides to process strong emotions. Pisces Moon is the one that loves to escape from the reality of truth. If we want to have an authentic experience and be our own conductor of our life, then we must do the difficult steps of taking responsible action. It is totally fine to use this weekend as time out from the crazy rush of life. It is also to be with good company, allowing space for deep and meaningful conversations. Give permission for your emotions to flow, informing us of our sense of maturity during these difficult times.

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