Full Moon in Aries longing to belong takes deep amount of courage

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Imagine waking up in a scene from a Mad Max movie. You’re wearing the off-season clothes; everyone is sheepish and there are some goods, but they are the basic needs for survival. None of our escape spaces or indulgences exist unless we’re willing to negotiate with gang lords and play power games. Who would you turn to for support, trust or depend on?

A few years ago, I had a vision where I was wearing black with a team of people shifting local refugees through tunnels from one place to another. This vision still haunts me silently. Pluto going direct in Capricorn on Sunday brings this vision to a reality peeling away the illusions of this false way of living. This full moon is an activation point to firstly wake up to what we are doing in our life to what is not alignment. Sun in Libra is about finding the right relationships not romantic but practical partnerships where transparency and individuality is celebrated and respected.

It’s not a time to be foolish and ignore the intuitive signs or tell-tales of what is felt in our gut. The world is in a spiritual storm or war and this is the very reason why all relationships, authentic relationships are extremely important.

Aries is an authentic powerful sign who knows what it wants. It is the idea of knowing our significance in our world. It is courage to go against all that is not real. It is deeply rooted in our ego to have an identity for us to understand how we can be in the world and experience all. The good and the bad through our ego which triggers our Soul to evolve and grow. This Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron the wounded healer, making it one of the most challenging and difficult tests each of us must learn how our dark side when not expressed in healthy ways can come out when we least expect.  

Image by Paul Lovering

We’re overcoming the idea of what makes a good relationship and what it takes to show up as ourselves in relationships, with no complaints. The Moon with Chiron is always a hard aspect. The wound, issue or psychological pain identity that is imprinted on our Soul can become extremely loud. If we’re not going to attempt to take responsibility Sun trine Saturn in Aquarius of our life, then we may result in falling off the wagon. Jolted from our path of destiny to a place which will only seem like ground hog day, with different labels.

The biggest astrological tests are happening this week. Pluto stations to go direct on Sunday 8:55am and the full moon is on Monday at 7:54am AEST. Each time Pluto stations to go direct, it is felt in our Soul. The change and shift of our world as we knew it doesn’t exist. If we’ve not been doing the work Mercury in Virgo, trine Pluto then karma can play a substantive role in getting us to take a deep look in the choices we’ve made.

Take a breath for a moment. Pluto stations to move forward is like the universe karma police waking up. Each time Pluto moves direct from its retrograde phase and moves into a new sign, there is a breakdown of something that is not spiritually worthy in our world. It may also come through areas of our life that we’ve not been operating responsibly. Pluto is the energy that rules power, manipulation, intensity, depth, things that are hidden from our psyche, indicating we’re about to see the truth in our lives and we may not like it at all. In fact, it may leave us feeling vulnerable, victimised and riddled with fear.

There are no positive aspects to this full moon in Aries. At a stretch we may tap into Mars sextile the Moon helping us to authentically communicate. This may not be easily accessible, because Venus is now in her transmutation phase. This means she is on the other side of the Sun from Earth’s perspective for the next two and half months. That’s a long time forging a foundation of an open-hearted power and contribute to a transformed society. Pluto hints big breakdowns of structures which are plagued with corruption. Venus moves us from within to see what’s there and what’s missing. Venus’s rays are infused with the Sun’s. This creates an intense light, such as love which forces us to see our dark self or the parts of our psyche that we keep secret.

Image by Jack Taylor

Venus gives us the aspect of the feminine which governs all creation and during her transmutation phase we’re likely to feel these creations come to an end. Venus is opposing the Moon and Chiron the loss is expressed through our identity. Something major in our lives is highlighted during this time which can bring up emotional trauma and as the Sun is in Libra is only through relationships these teachings are projected on to us.

This is a time where our senses may seem imbalanced. Our eyes tell us one thing, our brain another but our instincts say something completely different. The confusion is only felt in the body during this time. If we’re overthinking, our mind will inflate with things that are not real. This is poignant during this time as Chiron is in an inconjunct with south node Scorpio. So being in victim mode or negative about how we are seen, or our lack of self-worth can become our reality. The most important exercise we can do during this time is trust our feelings, while we courageously go against our logical mind. Doubt, fear, possessiveness and trauma bonds come up to the surface.

The teachings can bring in some deep insights where the people in our life display one thing and act differently. There is a deep sexual energy penetrating the sky during this full moon. Venus is the depositor of Taurus and Libra where the Sun and north node resides. Mars is the depositor of both Aries and Scorpio where the Moon and the south node reside. The shadow which is alive in all relationships comes to light. The parts of ourselves that compromise, hold back or use psychological unconscious actions, betrayal, lies, obsession, greed, doubt and desiring connection even when we know the other person is not showing an equal interest or commitment will all come to light. And we must be open to these teachings within for us to evolve and move into a different level of relating to others.

This can play out in scenarios where we’re meeting different people. Some we like and some we’re uncertain of their actions. We may dabble in but not fully show up. We may be hopeful or desperate. Then we have strong feelings about a person and that’s when the situation starts to change. Nothing is discussed. Nothing is mentioned. Ghosting or excuses are made. This is when we move away taking a higher lens and not labelling that situation. If we attempt to force someone to stay or we don’t have the courage to express our feelings during this full moon phase we’re most likely going to experience heart ache. This doesn’t mean we give up; it may mean we need to practice a little patience and not make rash decisions. The cosmos is in a transformational time as are we all.

We’re learning to not be attached to any situation that may have some potential for something else. Many people are unsure of themselves. They are unsure of their intentions. They may even be loose with their intentions which can leave us feeling deeply confused.

This moon brings up a strong need for connection. If we tune into our body, we can feel where the energy is moving inside of us. If we’re in weak connections, where our ego gets in the way of what is real, authentic and pure then we can self-sabotage. Fear and anxiety are felt where our ego will want to take action, but without responsibly understanding these feelings we can force ourselves into doing something which triggers further frustration and anger.  

The Sun with Venus, while she is in her transmutation phase is not a positive strength for expressing ourselves outwardly. It is an opportunistic time to change our behavioural patterns for the greater relationships yet to land in our field. Before these wisdom teachings are felt we may be drawn to place ourselves in risky situations and may not know how to feel comfortable and at ease. We must trust our feelings.

Trust the feeling of missing something, missing others, feeling missed or ignored. Allowing these feelings to be explored inside, even when they feel uncomfortable, we’re holding space for ourselves. It may also feel as if we’re lacking familiar connection with people, places and situations. There is work for us to dig beneath our own noise and pick ourselves up in a more authentic expression.

The light of the Aries full moon brings to surface the darker tendencies of our behaviour expressed in relationships. We all must go through our own personal journey, without attempting to fix, heal or mend others. Give yourself permission to be raw and bath in your emotions with respect. Practice your spiritual tasks and ensure that whatever is leaving is for the greater good and whatever comes through welcome it without any judgement or expectation.

This Aries full moon with a Pluto direct and conjunct to Chiron is where we need to truly express ourselves. The world needs our disagreements, our exclusions to tear away the false constructs in all relationships down and find the courage to build a world with those that share the same passion.

The Black Sheep Gospel

  1. Give up your vows of silence which only serve to protect the old and the stale
  2. Unwind your vigilance, soften your belly, open your jaw and speak the truth you long to hear
  3. Be the champion of your right to be here
  4. Know that it is you who must first accept your rejected qualities, adopting them with the totality of your love and commitment. Aspire to let them never feel outside of love again
  5. Venerate your too-muchness with an ever-renewing vow to become increasingly weird and eccentric
  6. Send out your signals of originality with frequency and constancy, honouring whatever small trickle of response you may get until you reach a momentum
  7. Notice your helpers and not your unbelievers
  8. Remember that your offering needs no explanation. It is its own explanation
  9. Go it alone until you are alone with others. Support each other without hesitation
  10. Become a crack in the network that undermines the great towers of establishment
  11. Make your life a wayfinding, proof that we can live outside the usual groves
  12. Brag about your escape
  13. Send your missives into the network to be reproduced. Let your symbols be adopted and adapted and transmitted broadly into the new culture we’re building together

The Black Sheep Gospel is by Toko-Pa Turner

We can only get through these toughest times with those that understand we carry the power of pure love inside and with this we bring light where it is needed most. Connect with those that want to connect back for real. Unleash the emotions to free yourself from your own gaslighting tendencies. Respond to the universe as the child who is empty and willing to transform.

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