Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio mirrors our desires only find to ourselves again

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If any alignment which is set for the records, then this is the one. A partial solar eclipse in Scorpio with a conjunction to Venus while squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun is burning both the Moon and Venus which symbolically gives us an opportunity to eliminate all subconscious and conscious illusions with a promise of transformation. Venus moving behind the Sun and invisible to us on Earth is in her transformational phase. She loses her sight, her desires, her past and all that she has engaged and penetrated from seduced into half-hearted situations burn to ashes. Dissolve, die or end. Our body doesn’t lie, we must learn to decipher the language without the lens of judgement or prejudice and the mind making illusionary algorithms of our experience.  

The partial solar eclipse is on 25 October 21:48 (AEST) at 2 degrees of Scorpio which activates a six-month cycle of releasing and birthing. The south node resides in Scorpio, its primary purpose is to reveal in abstract ways the passivity of subconscious memories which stand in the way of personal evolution.

It brings a new potential for growth, based on what has become conscious north node Taurus which already has been highlighting our needs. We feel an emotional identification wherever the Moon travels, and here in Scorpio this is about desire, wants, power, money and sex. It is the persona or the ego image that travels through these nodes, with Scorpio the ruler of our deepest Soul touching the essence or roots which stem from many past lifetimes.

Venus is a representation of all things we place value and meaning which is how we may interpret, evaluate and make sense of our life experiences and the world around us. Venus symbolises emotional processes and attitudes we have adopted for our sense of peace, security and worthiness. Her position in this eclipse brings a strong emphasis of recognising and admitting how we’ve been seduced or trapped. This is for many reasons, one which is poignant for this particular energy is the merging of our individual Self with another, to feel a sense of wholeness. Although, no matter how romantic these feelings of desire may seem, Venus will kill it all if not in alignment with our sense of true value.  

This energy brings us to the core of our being from where we’ve been searching for something outside of ourselves to feel complete. It moves in deep. Taps into all the illusions we’ve unconsciously betted against with the idea of cheating reality of all things. Cheating the Divine path, as we have allured ourselves into darker frequencies of the human state. We must be in a place of truth in our current environment. Can I touch it? Can I merge with it? Do I become one with it? These questions become loops to help us discern from the hope of something to what is showing up in its purest form.  

There’s always a guaranteed energy with Scorpio which highlights the very essence of losing ourselves in the seduction of our desires, illusions and wanting or yearning for connection. We forget our own self and merge only to be awakened through shock for this spell of illusions is shattered.

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This is where we can open ourselves up and view every corner of our life. During this process we realise that the whole existence is just you. That may feel like a juxtaposition as we observe ourselves in a world full of mirrors reflecting all the things we need. Do we accept this path and the journey so far? Do we trap ourselves in the shadow aspects of Scorpio? The wanting to control, to have and achieve that sense of aliveness in a moment of our time.

Tuning towards the north node Taurus we’re learning to listen to our needs on a personal level. This is the beginning of our love affair to Self and stand in sovereignty. Our Soul was never born nor died. It has in its crystalline energetic body the memories of all our past lifetimes, the pureness of our human nature and broadly opening us up to resolve whatever comes through in our present journey.

Our life path is already written, destined 88 days prior to us taking our first breath. We knew what we needed in this lifetime at a Soul level to support our higher resolution through a metamorphosis of evolution. It’s a pivotal point in this current timeline we accept many failed attempts of the past. From our Soul perspective this is a very easy step, however our human nature has been hijacked through different levels of programming and conditioning. Perhaps as we stand strong within ourselves, taking the role of the observer or witness how our patterns play out. Then we may have a chance to deprogram and return back to our true human nature which is pure love or light language.

As I type away a part of me is excited about the change the universe will bring into my own life. I’ve learned, through my personal experiences something must die, end or be buried for something new to emerge. This process brings grief, a true barometer of unhealthy attachment to how we are conditioned to want things our way. It’ll break down every ounce of pride we blindly hold true.

As Venus and the Moon are burning in the Suns light, we too will go through an personal inner transformation. The dark and light, the evil and good, the high and low, the extreme polarity of hot and cold is an indicator of our inner confusion of not knowing who we are at this time.  A discomfort arises. It stems from the world of mirrors we’ve placed ourselves in somewhat carelessly. Taking care of the other, improving ourselves for the other, morphing our values for the other, while we lose our own currency in the process is the very lessons we must experience to come back home to our essential needs.  

The illusion or adoption of different roles we try on, takes us away from our true needs or it brings us closer to what we know is not working. We convince ourselves, almost gaslighting our desires into needs. There is an armour of protection when we do so. It takes us away, again we want to control the process. Perhaps make it less painful. We indulge and invest our energy to things outside of ourselves such as substance, a mantra, a posture, a plant, a meditation practice. Or we adopt a kind of personality trait which is difficult at first, like being kind, joyful, finding happiness etc… and our inner world feels fake, forcing ourselves to adopt yet another psychological programme. We sense its unnatural uncomfortable control it has on us. The more we’ve adopted this ‘solution’ the bigger the gap we have from our truth.

If our unexplored subconscious mind is left to its programmed human nature without corrective questioning or coming back to our body, we’ll be forced to see the truth. On the other hand, if we’ve been paying close attention to our emotional body, the alignment of the planets this year alone with the north node in Taurus and South node in Scorpio we birth something that is purely aligned to our Soul. It’s about being spiritually responsible and in the waves of chaos we trust our decision making.

The power Scorpio holds is the key for us to tap into a new cycle of death. These next six-months we all experience where we’ve allowed our desires or wants get in the way of our needs. It is a time of being honest about what is important in our lives. This is an inside job. There is a deeper message for all of us through this inquiry. Scorpio doesn’t do things in halves. It is an energy of purity and immense integrity because it knows the darker side of life. It knows the natural rhythm of life and death of all things.

The structures are breaking. They are loosening the attachments of how we’ve been living. Taurus north node where Uranus resides allows us to trust our feelings and discern while we create a world which requires no approval. It is by diving in, noticing where we invest our energy that we can filter away what is not in true alignment. No more complaints about our situations.

Mars has slowed down ready for its retrograde in Gemini on 31 October, while Saturn direct and Uranus retrograde, we’re in the last square of crisis of consciousness which requires a new way of thinking because everything else is failing. Mars going retrograde until 13 January 2023 we must remember we’re the ones who are in control of what we want to experience in our life. There is no burden to continue with situations that are not in alignment.

The power of self-inquiry is the awakening of our true strength. Even though this eclipse comes with the promise of shattering our illusions, with something that will die, we will rise for the better. Saturn moving direct is powerful, it knows he will not return to these energies for another 27 years as he moves all the way into Pisces in March 2023. This is our only time to use its qualities of discipline and responsibility of coming together in groups in a very different and supportive way. Saturn asks us not to worry or take into account what others think of how we live our life. Just feel the frequency of your inner world, attempt to always elevate it to a higher vibration and without attachment the right people meet in the right environments.

Happy Solar Eclipse – may you rise in your truth!

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