Total Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon Taurus discern from the voice of mind

The moment has come to practice the power of our sovereignty. Taurus is the very energy, which is slow, grounded and begins its journey to ascension from a deep space within. The total lunar eclipse on 8 November at 22:02 16 degrees, a full moon in Taurus, conjunct the north node and Uranus, with an opposition to the Sun, south node and Venus in Scorpio.

Firstly, Uranus heavily influences the energy of the moon, giving us permission to dive deep with discernment. This is about discerning the voice of the heart from the voice of the mind. The mind is in the habit if creating illusions, fantasies or distortions which bring separation to our internal world. Uranus rules the nervous system and he is orbiting behind the Earth with a direct line of sight to the Sun in Scorpio. An awakening has been locked in which can stem from the idea of how we approach our life and the connections we make. Everything all at once can bring an overwhelming sense of instability. Many profound memories have been birthed from difficult unstable situations. Our very presence will reflect the shadow of our environment, as a result of Uranus, Earth and the Moon in a perfect recipe for a metamorphosis.

Uranus with the Earth is an old mythology where once they were lovers, parenting the cyclopes, Titians and Saturn being one of them. Uranus is restless, chaotic, and unpredictable. In any relationship this is a difficult energy to grapple with as we don’t know where we stand, what is next and what shifts impact our own sense of stability. Therefore Gaia (Earth) ordered her eldest son Saturn to exile Uranus into the heavens. We ourselves have adopted an idea of how we must behaviour or present ourselves in this world. If its not orderly, or within some framework of governance then we don’t have a place and thus we feel an immense sense of alienation, isolation even exiled from our familiar world.

The Moon conjunct Uranus is powerful enough, as she takes in all that needs to shift and projects it back onto the other side of Gaia. Reaching beyond the depths of our physicalness, we’re having to feel the need for our independence in a different way, a way that moves our emotional body to the side. Psychologically, as the Moon reflects back the light from the Sun in Scorpio, a lot of shadow is lit up. A moment where we can feel the swirling of choices, changes and new directions as we leave behind what once made sense but now it simply dilutes our very existence.

A direct light into ways we still hold on to the past. This can be beliefs, ideals, dreams, relationships, community, groups, attachments or a longing that has yet to be fully expressed. The Sun, Moon, Uranus, Venus with the nodes of the Moon square Saturn in Aquarius. A lot of fixation on how we want our world to change, with all the knowledge, filtered with who comes along and what stays behind is a karmic opening. Many will walk away from what was to something neutral as we come back to ourselves. We integrate the teachings of the Solar eclipse, although this is now a six month or nodal cycle that will unfold when we’re in the right moments of our life, we must make every effort to understand what is not present in our world and what is missing.

Resources versus relationships come to its peak. Saturn knows, along with Pluto in Capricorn have been paying special attention to what energies we’re willing to shift. These shifts come through with a promise of a personal revolution. The one that allows us to turn back inside, regardless of what comes into our field we must know our value and our worth. Venus is the ruler of the north node, she is opposing her home. As she looks back from a distance, she can sense the changes that must take place for her to fully express her wings as soon as she orbits a little away from the Sun and rises as the evening star, the transformed and wise frequency.

We may feel sudden urges, desires to make serious changes to our world, however Saturn squares these energies placing serious questions into our field. Where are we holding our true self-expression? What external bodies do we rely upon for our sense of security? Are we really stepping into a world that we’ve created on our terms with a mature ego? What psychological handcuffs have we been wearing?

This is a time of great dislocation. The way we work, who we work with, who we have invested our precious time with and if this is equally reciprocated. The dislocation of our homes, our food, our sense of taste, our style, our relationships. The energy reorientates us back to trusting ourselves. If we can trust another person’s suffering we may open our hearts to our own wounding. The trap is we think or strongly believe perhaps through the lens of fear, nothing is going to change in our world. The seduction is Sun, Mercury and Venus trine Neptune in Pisces, everything feels a little off but we continue as normal escaping from the internal discomfort.

Our very sense of security is re-examined in ways we cannot fathom. In areas of our life that we’ve left dormant, perhaps they were too difficult to handle, or we didn’t have the right tools to truly look at our shadow of fear, attachment and desire. This energy is coming from another place, another external force penetrating us from the depths of our Soul. It is frankly unstoppable. Uranus can be quite a cold frequency, loves to advance others while disassociates from the emotional nurturing capacity.

The unexpected brings tremendous change to our own psyche. We can feel it, perhaps its already been swirling around our field and we know this is a process of our spiritual evolution. A time where we now take refuge with those that are dear to us. Those that accept all sides of who we are, providing we have been opening ourselves up, and allowing the vulnerable parts to spill out. It can be messy, it can be immensely challenging, like a kundalini awakening we will not know what to do, how to be and where to go. It is like we’re all in a queue, there are no windows, there is no exit. There is a collective uncomfortable energy which keeps rising and then flowing back. Our mind is playing tricks to find the solution, key or path for our next move.

The queue gets moving and again we fluctuated between acceptance and fear. The anticipation is what can push us off our path. We realise the queue is for a big roller-coaster ride, in a strange theme park that reflects or mirrors back our shadow, our fears, our emotional blockages, our attachments and our sense of being complacent. We are unaware of the size of the track, the speed, the peaks, the lows and we’re not in control. The train represents Uranus, the anticipation of what is next and who we know is in close proximity is the Scorpionic energy. We’re merging with one another, perhaps taking on fears we we’re unaware they existed within us too.

Our breath, our level of discernment to drop into our body as we ground ourselves to the present is Taurus. Although we cannot see or hear what is at the other end of this journey we still feel the anxiety and instability of our inner world. Questions rise from within, how did we get to this place? Did the choices we made in the past lead us astray? Do we continue standing in this queue or do we take back our governance and make a choice that is extremely different? Where do we go? With whom do we choose on our path? Turning back towards the past will feel like the candy shop got raided and there are empty wrappers, evidence of what once was grand.

Spiritually or from a true alchemical perspective, our inner world is on fire with Uranus activating our nervous system. We’re having to make conscious choices responsibly and not everyone is accustomed to thinking for themselves or even living a world which celebrates individuality. All the shadows are mirrored back to us distorting the imaginary melodies we’ve falsely created. A distortion creates the necessary discordance, with Mars retrograde sextile Eris the goddess of truth we know there is no point or satisfaction of staying in stagnant situations. We’re being activated to take risks that we would have held onto secretly yet feeling somewhat disconnected. Mars helps us to start creating the community we want to experience. Perhaps take the lead, perhaps explore what comes through and what leaves. It is the very energy that wants us to learn the power of spiritual discernment and authenticity. There are many situations from our past which have not been balanced out, leaving us with pending karma that needs attention. Mars in Gemini is wanting us to speak the truth, of what we need, especially as the Sun, Venus and Mercury are in his ancient sign of Scorpio. This is an inside job, where Mars assist with the courage to vocalise our fears, our need to connect with the esoteric and highlight the limitation of co-dependency. Mars is the present karmic debt, with a trine to Saturn the ruler of our lifetime Karma this eclipse brings a time of sorting through all that we’ve become and how we can balance out our ancestral energies.

This is not a time to make major decisions. It is a time to open our hearts without an agenda, a need for something towards others and we in turn learn to trust the unseen forces. This lunar eclipse helps us to feel the restrictions or constrictions we’ve placed upon ourselves or have learned. We go through a personal journey of acceptance, no matter how difficult we experience our world we must bring it back to the body, to physical sense of self through somatic practices. The power of meditation, the gift of moving our body and using it as a vehicle to move the strong emotions, to the sensations and discomfort in our physical energy. By allowing the body to feel what it feels brings us closer to a place of transformation. This is a time where our body, spiritual, emotional and physical become the most sacred place on this planet. The lunar eclipse lays the algorithms to discern the voice of the heart from the voice of the mind. Choose wisely.


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