Enquiry to Self – birthing our new world from truth new Moon in Sagittarius

A much awaited new moon energy brings a promise of optimism with grand planning. The totality of the Scorpio season has been grinding deep into our Souls, clearing out whatever has lost its hold in our lives. The process has been strong, lonely, solo, isolating with a transient attitude of not knowing what is real and what is just for show. There has been confusion, mixed with insights all while Scorpio south node coercing us to re-evaluate the role we play in our lives. Inevitably there are war wounds that require care and tenderness, not without awakening to the teachings from our standpoint.  

The Sagittarius New Moon on 24 November at 09:57 AEST, is no ordinary energy which opens us to the gifts of adventure, big dreaming and seeking for greater pastures in our life. It is a mixed bag of flurry, where the Sun, Moon conjunct the Antares dark star, this has a hard, tough under current. Our feeling of optimism may come across as a desperate antibiotic from the intensity of Scorpio. There is a hunger for something exciting which yearns for deeper meaning. All these wonderful ‘must haves’ are expressed in an idealistic way of being. Forcing these desires to manifest can bring immense sense of arrogance with the attitude of assumption, even bypassing the deeper meanings of our past experience to avoid discussing our war wounds.  

Sagittarius on a lower octave is a bigot. As a mutable sign, this is odd behaviour because it goes against all that is interchangeable. This sign rules religion, groups operating consciously or unconsciously to certain belief systems they’ve invented for others to follow, philosophical truths where nothing out of the ordinary fits in. Challenging these rules, behaviours, ways of thinking is forbidden within these groups, questioning these very beliefs means we risk being severed out of the circle. This energy is touchy about criticism, making it hard for others to deal with or even acknowledge the discomfort to their face.  

There is a fiery fierce reaction if these ideals, or set ups are judged to be wrong. Sagittarius is the Archer, the Centaur who is always pointing at a goal, a direction, a truth that is sought through much contemplation. It comes after the swampy waters of Scorpio, bringing to surface all that we must integrate in order to unleash a truth that is personal to us. This idea of integration will seem exhausting, as we’re spent. Tired. Humbled and then if we do decide to play with another layer of perception which these very energies bring to the surface we begin to relate with a broader truth with reverence.   

The positive side to Sagittarius is moving towards light, an optimistic, positive way of being. Moving out of the darkness from our own personal journeys and with this newly profound self-realised version we choose the light. As the archer pulls back his arrow with the bow in his other hand, there is a moment of contemplation from the past, the shadow, the darkness, the grief of what has now left or had to leave for us to emotionally and psychological embrace the light. Refocus to the significance of our role in our life looking forward.   

Only five minutes after the new moon, Jupiter will station to go direct in Pisces, creating not an exact trine as they are in different signs, but a wide supportive burst of positive light that we can digest and sense a spark in our journey. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and ancient ruler of Pisces where the movement of these energies is incredibly symbolic. Something magical and other worldly. It doesn’t mean the Scorpio energy is over. The nodes move backwards and change signs in July 2023, in the meantime they will continue their journey to the lower degrees magnifying the Scorpio / Taurus energies mostly the immature subconscious expressions pushing us to reconnect with our values and sovereignty as a Soul on Earth school.  

Mercury in Sagittarius is in fall position, our minds are under siege with so much information and a conjunct to Venus we can for a moment get lost in the adventure that may have a darker undercurrent. Should we care? Yes! Venus rules the north node in Taurus, and throughout the last 9 months we’ve been unlearning conditioned behaviour, undergoing severe ego deaths with a long Chiron in Aries inconjunction to south node Scorpio.  

We’ve changed, the world has changed and anything that operates in the old way, won’t have power. We know this already, which is why it is important to remember Venus has been in her transformation phase since September. She has been orbiting behind the Sun from the Earths perspective invisible to us. A call to internalise all that we’ve have undergone. Speaking about our personal troubles didn’t give us the satisfaction. We needed to do a solo journey.  

On Sunday, Venus moves into her rebirth phase. A time where we take the initiative to operate differently. More connected with one another, but it’s a time of re-asserting ourselves and our feelings about the things that matter most to us. Venus becomes the evening star, and with this she is no longer under the sunbeams she is making her own way. Her message is to live in a state connected to breath and intuition, honouring the essence of the sacred feminine within. Our creative force.  The awakening is that no one on this planet has power over anyone. We are responsible for all the experiences in our life, just by paying attention to our thoughts we can change our environment.

Venus helps us to develop the relationship to what we value and that which gives us meaning with the urgency to live in our truth. Sagittarius faith is the practice of impulsive intuition and here we surrender to that truth. Not forcing situations, not turning up because the vibration is not in alignment but living with an optimistic and expansive way in which grounds our Spirit to flow with inspiration and motivation. 

This new moon comes with an edge. The need for freedom along with being sovereign over our lives, with whom we choose and don’t choose is no business of others. There is a reconnection to our spiritual Nature and our role in the Universe. To know they self is to know the cyclical patterns of the universe and integrate these wisdoms within ourselves, so we can be deeply rooted in the monopole of our centre. As the polarity of the Sagittarius energy of running away from responsibilities while allowing others to clean up the mess, due to its fiery and self-righteous attitude we must seek the balance.  

The balance of the higher more resolved Sagittarius energy, is the one that remembers the journey from Scorpio where there is a greater need for faith of our path as humanity. An intelligence that is forceful for the right reasons with sympathetic and a hilarious, fair-minded, honest attitude which comes from a place of inner trust. This new moon brings us to a deep journey into what ideas, ideals, faith, hope, illusion and trust can be integrated. It arrives at an auspicious time for us to use this new moon energy without any other influence but our own authority to create new powerful stories, experiences with the spark to be in our truth. Your life is a ritual. Your life is a Spiritual expression.   

Start your fresh adventure knowing that you are the light. Know that nothing external is required for you to understand your own Divine connection. And if anyone tells you, that something is needed… it’s the South Node Scorpio pushing its unwelcome nonsense. We must believe that we have everything within our capacity to choose love over fear. The most interesting situations come to test us during this time. We can so easily drop into old behaviours, but somewhere deep inside we know that we’re gaslighting ourselves for the sake of sacrificing our happiness and truth.

This energy is not about sacrifice. It is certainly not about condemning your past actions. These teachings have been working through us throughout this powerful year.

There is an uncertainty with Mars square Neptune, it is strong and Mars trine to Saturn gives us the guidance to rebuild from a place where everything is equal. A place that makes us feel safe, seen and heard. Mars in Gemini retrograde is not a happy energy. It will challenge us physically and drain us with overthinking. Here we can always seek the truth through conversation. No assumptions or judgements fly in this energy it is literally a trap. These forces create karmic events that are most suitable for the actions we take. Therefore as we come home to ourselves in a more relatable and authentic manner we too can raise our vibration and attract like frequencies.

It is time to let go of control, power and the idea of manipulating others for our own sense of security and worthiness. We’ve done so many times and as a result invited imbalanced energies. Nothing is an accident, everything is part of our journey leading to accept our truth and saying no to all things, situations, people, groups that do not align with our personal values.

Dream big and keep that dream alive by chipping away at it until you’re in the dream itself. Big love!

Do share your comments. Thank you.

(Image: Hans Walor – Trust Letting Go!

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