Capricorn magik of sovereignty Solstice with New Moon Astrology

The word sovereignty may seem foreign in many ways. Like a new pair of jeans but we’ve got the wrong size. It is not a word we commonly use or associate with the description of Self. Yet it is very needed to be understood. The etymology of sovereign comes from old French souverain, which is ultimately derived from the Latin superānus meaning ‘above’.  This denotes royalty, regal, monarch, ruler or head of, such as governance. These are the very qualities associated with the higher octave of Capricorn.

As I sit down and write this blog, it is the solstice which is a pagan ritual of transitioning from the process of our journeys where the focus from healing, setting boundaries and understanding our trauma to the nourishment of living more fully, deeply and trusting of Self and the universe we’ve created. The Sun peaks where our days will start to get shorter and nights longer as its journey is now descending for the winter solstice. A mid-point of the earths journey from the orbit of the Sun gives us an opportunity to reflect our 12-month journey and welcome a sense of self-appreciation to how far we have come.

I was born with a moon in Capricorn. Although she is in her detriment in this sign, I always have felt emotions hold great wisdom. They can cause many disruptions and/or peaceful moments, yet there is an undercurrent of responsibility. It’s not as if I can emotionally feel joyful if the work has not been done I interpret this joy with control sadly. Or I cannot move forward if something needs to be unpacked, processed and integrated from the depths of my Soul. I love this Capricorn side of myself. It has taught me well. Especially when I’ve been careless with my boundaries and allowed jokers near my heart to only undermine the sacredness of connection.

This doesn’t make me a wise old being. By far every day, every person in my life teaches me something about myself. I’ve travelled enough around the Sun to take some things with a pinch of salt while with other situations I get attached and want to take control to numb any emotional turbulence that is foreign to me. Capricorn Moon is a great karmic energy that teaches all of us to come back to ourselves with maturity and by taking responsibility of our emotional confusion.

The Capricorn cardinal energy is here to change or evoke emotional or spiritual feelings that help us to step into our own authority. Being sovereign emotionally, financially, professionally, socially, psychologically, physically and spiritually. There is nothing more powerful than being comfortable and confident in the choices we make to expand our sense of personal awareness. Don’t be fooled for a second with the power of Capricorn. It’s ultimate weapon of consciousness is confidence, self-confidence.

Unconscious expression of this energy is the need for others reassurance that we are a more important part of our interpersonal relationships and subconsciously manipulate others to gain mutual respect. Ha, what we don’t see is what this energy leads to is needless drama of personal suffering which brings an inner emotional force to acknowledge and admire our ability to survive trivial situations. This unconscious energy brings light to where we sacrifice our self-respect in the momentum of appeasing others.

Hans Valor – Genisis

The conscious expression is becoming aware of our subconscious efforts to establish control in relationships. This could be something simple or minor as packing the car, cleaning the garage when you know this responsibility was not assigned to you. Why do we want to put our energy into tasks which are the responsibility of others? This can come from being impatience or wanting to control such tasks for our own egos satisfaction or subconscious beliefs of being better, fitter and smarter.

The lesson of this powerful new Moon and Sun on 23 December 2022 at 21:16 1 degree in Capricorn during the solstice with a square to Jupiter in Aries is to relinquish control over others and take a step back in our life to witness to whom we are relating. We can then observe and acknowledge the uniqueness in others. More importantly, we’re understanding what it means to live in sovereignty not only for ourselves but for others.

Jupiter moved into Aries on 21 December, making this week quite a layered energy to work with. There are powerful openings for us to step into, although it requires the subtle action of self-confidence. Jupiter in Aries is an energy that invites us to focus on developing a healthy ego echoing our personal signature, our purpose and what motivates our intentions. On the lowest octave it can be quite the forceful energy.

It is an invitation to be responsible and accountable of the roles we play in our environment. These roles determine the essence of our dominant characteristics. We can no longer be chameleons to appease those we seek reassurance. If we do, instantly our intuition switches on giving us foresight of the consequences, thus preventing us from repeating past patterns of behaviour. We know when we’re not operating with integrity.

We come back to ourselves with this energy. We are learning to be sovereign by understanding that we are here on a mission which involves a high level of conscious action. This energy is an invitation to pursue our plans with the motivation of serving or helping others. We’re learning that doing things from a selfish perspective where we only mow our strip of grass is not going to build a society of equality.

During this new Moon we will have a stellium in Capricorn, especially as Venus is one of the celestial bodies reminding us to reflect what was unfolding for us 12 months ago. She was in retrograde, and it was a time of planning how we wanted to achieve and operate during this phenomenally life changing year. Venus is the one to watch as the ruler of the north node in Taurus, which she trines with Uranus bestowing life changing surprises which we’ve not felt since 2017. Let’s add Jupiter in this mix, as we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in sync with the universe. Our personal universe, our visions and dreams which we manifest with the highest and purest light that is within us all get to feel the beneific qualities of Jupiter after such a long time.

Yayoi Kusama Artist

We’re all working with some level of building self-confidence. During this new phase of energy, we’re going to come across some challenging subconscious behaviours, especially as Chiron has stationed to go direct and makes an inconjunct to the south node. This is a trap of self-pity, woe self-praised stories which keep us in a flux of proving our world is not changing. Perhaps a part of us is tired, emotionally exhausted and we cannot see the fruits of our labour. Alternatively, we may observe how many have resulted in talking about others, or how everything else is the problem and nothing seems to fall into place. Remove this negative and confidence destroying projections. Instead work with the celestial bodies and integrate the wounds with a new perspective. The part of us that has now transformed into a responsible human being.

Mars retrograde conjuncts the star Aldebaran. This is a pure star of Archangel Michael who always has his foot on anything that is not pure, not of the light or where we want to get ahead by following a self-centred plan. Mercury is in shadow, goes into retrograde on 30 December 2022, on the point where we had the great conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in 2020. Mercury is about to reveal the secrets and truth or provide some answers that we may not be ready or willing to process. Again another layer reminding us to operate with all our sense intact.

Saturn in Aquarius sextile Eris the Goddess of discord is a positive energy to not worry about conforming our way for others who cannot handle our way of being. We’re all children of light. All of us have been on a personal journey of working through our wounds, shadows, issues and problems. Therefore, this New Moon in Capricorn states we build a life where we govern ourselves and find a high level of self-respect and love. Once we understand our light and our dark side. We begin to accept our own flaws and with this we can without any burden, resentment or overstepping our personal boundaries help others.

Ceres the Goddess of agriculture, crops, fertility and mothering nature has moved into Libra. A reminder to us all, we are here to not do life alone. We’re not here to have power over others. There is an equal collaboration, connection of coming together. Everyone’s voice matters. Everyone’s life experience matters. Everyone’s perspective and opinion matters. If that’s not in the mix then we need to adopt a beginners mind to learn about being sovereign.

I personally love this new moon energy because it requires, we all take responsibility and get back to our projects or building our dreams. A gentle reminder as Mars is still in retrograde plans work in collaboration with Jupiter from the 13 January when Mars stations to go direct. This doesn’t mean sit back and wait. It means we get all our ducks lined up, we expand the places in our life that are working well, and we treat others with respect. Mars going direct will bite us when we least expect if we’re not too careful about our words and getting involved in gossip.

This is a time of new stories, new life experiences. Bring back the jazz in your life by taking part in a positive way. These next few days are going to feel empty if we’re not listening to what our body attempts to inform us through feeling. We don’t want to squander our hard-won wisdom of this year! We don’t want to use all our fuel during this festive season by participating in superficial get togethers leaving us completely exhausted for the new year. Majority of the energies go direct which means life is switching on. This is a time of serious work and balance out the play. Be very real to your heart, body and Spirit by working on becoming fully sovereign of your life. This is not a time to be foolish with those that play games, clearly, they’re on the wrong timeframe. Have a wonderful Solstice and New Moon because it’s time for the world to benefit from your goodness.

Much love.

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