Cancer full moon square Chiron – Can you handle raw truth? – Astrology

The first full moon of 2023 (7th January 10:07am AEST) guarantees to peel away the defences from the past as we pioneer forward with a deep, loyal and integral connection to Self. This moon has the capacity to reveal hidden truth that trigger our self-confidence and relationships. This is a big year. It will definitely put 2020 to 2022 in the too easy basket. As I write this sentence, I laugh to myself as the struggle of these years has ripped us to shreds where we don’t truly recognise who we’ve become. Take this as an opportunity to explore what it is we emotionally require navigating treacherous terrain of all things going inside out, upside down and exploding.

A full moon energy is always an ending of a lunar cycle which was activated during the solstice on 22 December 2022, with Jupiter ingress into Aries. The world has sped up, time has lost its purpose and we’re still searching emotionally to hook into something that is real, authentic and sovereign. This full moon energy opposes Pluto in Capricorn which also brings conclusions, endings and powerfully positive energy to let go what is truly not serving our future path.

This moon is powerful and beautiful. It’s energy that has the potential to spark beauty and difficultly in situations. Its’ about navigating drama by speaking our truth. The Moon is at home in Cancer, a sign of mothering and empathy on the highest frequency. It is also the angriest of the water signs, which has snappy outbursts if the world is not played fairly. These are some of the themes we’re going to explore during these next few weeks of January. The way our inner security is interwoven with our external world, including the people, characters and groups that claim to take care of our needs. The Moon trines to Neptune can distort our perceptions or make us drop into the sensitive side, perhaps even more needy or desperate.

The Moon has been on a journey, meeting with Pluto, Venus in Capricorn then had a strong sobering conversation with Saturn in Aquarius, while she got a little dreamy with Neptune. She almost lost herself with ego driven desires with Jupiter recognising what it is she needs to project back to Gaia about where we tend to leave ourselves, our needs and our vulnerability into the hands of reckless decisions. She needed a swift change and met with the North Node in Taurus and Uranus to connect back emotionally and show us what is important in our lives that only we can provide for ourselves.

Finally, she met with Mars retrograde in Gemini helping us to voice our emotional truth, although we don’t have all the information to make affirmative conclusions of our experiences. The Cancer full moon helps us to come back home to ourselves. We’re all having to face what it is we emotionally need, healing our past in the most strategic and highly personal way with a conjunct to Pallas Athene.

The Moon with Pallas Athene opposing the Sun in Capricorn and Mercury retrograde is not an easy energy. It is also not an emotional cry for help either. Pallas Athene is associated with both warfare and wisdom, she is creative, courageous and equally inspiring to bring strategic wisdom, strength and justice for corrective balance. Moon conjunct Pallas Athene provides emotional strength, we’re inspired to help those that require nurturing because we know what we need. This is not about connecting to the empty void in our hearts with superficial connections or cheap thrills. It is a solo journey to recognise our shadow of co-dependency where we subconsciously hold back our needs just because the power mirrored back to us is louder.

The Moon reflects the shadow of Capricorn energy and with the influence of Mercury rx, this brings confusion, lost in translation, which ultimately brings us back to our needs. The shadow of Capricorn is appearing to be authoritative to dominate others. 2023 is a year of understanding and mastering our frequency. Therefore, we’re most likely to face situations where we’ve not listened to our hearts or body and allowed the mind and/or ego to take control. Again, it is not about self-punishment or something that we must severe to feel powerful. It is an energy that connects us respectfully to our emotional needs.

The moon is an invitation to explore how relationship to authority and reconnection with our divine feminine. There is a deep yielding energy that births a graceful expression within and has the capacity to hold space for those most vulnerable and which we energetically recognise in ourselves. Anything that is less than this will not have the karmic power to continue.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury square Chiron highlighting opportunities to heal our past. Cancer brings up within us where we’ve not been emotionally supported, nurtured or mothered especially in our childhood. Chiron in Aries, a wisdom teacher showing us where our ego focused lens gets us away from our truth which inevitably brings suffering. These can feel strong when we’re too proud or arrogant to raise the white flag of forgiveness, instead we march forward like a bull in a glass shop hoping situations will run its course.

True healing comes from within. Only we have the authority and sovereign permission to activate the process of healing, from our past. This full moon provides us with a powerful tool to take a step back from our world, our timeline with confident, practical, clever and warrior energy to observe the lessons the universe has been showing us. Venus is in Aquarius trine Mars retrograde in Gemini is about confidently and willingly share our unique gift of loving in an impartial way. It’s about developing the ability to retain a sense of individual freedom while we navigate this world and find our role as the centre point in our life.

Sun and Mercury trine Uranus which is about supporting change through connecting with the language of our bodily senses. Does it feel comfortable to openly share your inner needs? Are you able to reveal your vulnerability or help the vulnerable without interfering in their decision making? What does your body signal back to you that feels joyous or a hard no? Taurus is about connecting with our personal world in a practical way. We know how to have clean water, grow our produce, connect to the vibration of Gaia and know the peace within is stronger and a loyal reflector. In turn we know anything that is outside of these natural qualities has the promise of bringing suffering through illusionary attachments.

Moon and Pallas Athene sextile Uranus indicating the emotional needs we experience are activated through the nervous system. Do we sense emotional anxiety in our environment which leads us to retreat? Can we discern the language of nervous tension versus excitement? Uranus sextile with the Moon magnifies our inner emotional language. Our intuition, inner knowing or gut feelings come to the surface. We may feel were experiencing déjá vu situations. Don’t be fooled thinking that it’s all serendipitous. We must feel our inner world and connect to the subtle knowing language of our body. There is so much energy that has trickster energy to influence us, which is why we must practice listening to our intuition with full trust.

True healing happens when we understand that our beliefs and perception of past pains, wounds and issues shifts when we learn the lesson the universe wants us to understand about ourselves. If we take a step back and observe from our minds eye, we can see the lesson. Once we feel this lesson and shift our belief of the situation, only then can we find true forgiveness. This is the power of transmutation we all hold within ourselves. The programming of relying on something ‘outside’ of us to fix us, heal us or whatever the woke culture determines, must change. This is not a year we rely on external sources to give us power. This is the time where we integrate the lessons and empower ourselves to take the responsibility of our own healing and life experience.

It takes practice. The full moon in Cancer with Pallas Athene is a wild card energy because it takes courage to speak of our emotional needs. The most profound opportunity within us all to grasp is to bring these teachings to those that we love. We’ll be able to see others suffering or their nurturing requirements and then we can attend to them without any conditions. Like a mother who tends to her child regardless of time, conditions and love. The disclaimer mothers will say the truth, reveal secrets because they understand knowing truth is better than deceiving Self. This energy will reveal dark secrets and this can certainly play out as ending situations that our emotional body has overdosed.

Saturn in Aquarius sextile Eris Goddess of discordance, truth and no-nonsense energy encourages us to know our worth in groups, communities and/or the collective. Our role is to find the strength within, show up as ourselves, where no one gets left behind. Saturn will move into Pisces in March, which brings a whole load of spiritual bypassing and religious conflicts to surface. This year, we take the responsibility to raise our vibration to the highest frequency we understand in ourselves and light up our inner force. We keep this as our primary focus and by doing so we will have the strength and drive to bring people together, regardless of the differences.

This powerful Cancer Full Moon is an activation of our mothering, nurturing and supportive qualities without any attachment, agenda or debt we build with love in our hearts. It’s a year of coming together, forming new strong authentic connections that vibe in similar frequencies. Pluto enters Aquarius in March, and this will be the initiation of recognising ourselves in others. We cannot do this without healing our emotional and psychological hold ups without a journey of integration. Give yourself permission to journey through your emotional body, receive the messages and act. Each of us are different, not all of us need the same things which is why our intuition helps us to gracefully, tactfully and respectfully offer support to others with no strings attached. Big love!

Artist @stevecutts

Thank you for sharing this time with me. Let me know what you thought about this energy through the comments?

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