Frequency upgrade for dramatic change – New Moon in Aquarius is the big internal bang!

There is a depth we all seek in our life. The satisfaction without effort is the aim of our subconscious needs. To unpack what it is we seek, stems from the possibility to consciously notice and become aware of our psychological patterns. At the progression of our personal journey, we’ve developed an understanding how decisions may vastly differ from ego or a divine moral code and thus experience chaos or fluidity, suffering or flow. We’re in Capricorn season, it demands us all to push away any childish, immature, ego driven choices and without any judgement we must plan our world. The planetary alignment speaks volumes of change, so fast that we’ll be wishing we’d done all the prep work to make our moves. It’s time to strategically plan our life as a project manager. Pluto is going to reach 29 degrees Capricorn and within 8 weeks we’ll be in a different situation.

Like any project manager we must deal with conflicting personalities and become aware of the risks if we are to pursue our life with a certain mindset and becoming acutely aware that what we know worked in the past may not be the best solution for now. We must tune into the Aquarian way of processing and think outside our beliefs, conditioning and patterns of behaviour. These energies are activated with Mercury inconjunct with Mars a 150-degree aspect which demands us to deal with difficult situations. Including Pluto conjunct, the new Moon with the Sun, with this transit we can only expect a very different way of living, working and operating moving forward.  

If our natural tendency is to walk away, ignore, or leave situations incomplete then we’ll leave bigger challenges for us to address down the path. This energy demands our project management skills are intact and put into practice. Therefore, we need to clearly and confidently know what our personal objective is for this year. The new moon is also the Chinese New Year of the Water Rabbit, with a key message of deep listening to what is going on in our immediate environment and to be sure we’re with our people making the moves.

Attempting to guess what our steps will be moving forward without integrating the wisdom from the past or focusing too much on the future we will not know what is happening in the now. This is a fool’s game, if that is the strategy. Being smart during this time is to understand good things come to fruition when every layer has been examined, prepared, and actioned skilfully. Before we get to the new moon frequency we’re dealing with a strong dark moon, which is a ‘devilish time’ in ancient astrology. The Capricorn dark moon conjoins Pluto which will shatter any façade we’ve used as a coping mechanism. The moon yields parts of our psyche that have not favoured our spiritual path or where we’ve brushed away our psychological hold-ups for a rainy day. The rainy day is here.

This dark moon is strong, deep and meeting with the ruler of the south node in Scorpio. It’s a beneficial and powerful time to review our past journey. All the ups and downs that have subconsciously shaped the foundation of our emotional mechanics. Thus, tapping into the inner workings of our Soul and taking action so we are in alignment with our purpose in this life. Pluto rules power, death, intense deep psychological behaviours which stem from unprocessed fear and ultimately has the power to unravel and penetrate our shadow from the inside. All that we’ve experienced, known to be true, believed in our story, focused on our conditioning or personal agendas start to tumble, fall and destruct our ego-based ideals. The energy will crack us from the depths of our Soul.

Each crack will be felt, like a sharp blade on an open wound. While this is exploding our internal emotional and psychological essence, our external coping mechanism will be to rebel and distract or even confuse ourselves with a sickness. We gaslight ourselves into believing this is a phase or something that will leave shortly. Most cases, it creates a need to get moving, changing, morphing, shifting, evaporating, exploding into the unknown feelings. This is the very Plutonian energy that switches our life to a new direction, world, experience. It will be very difficult to stay, but it doesn’t mean we rush to find the solution. We must practice patience as the process of Pluto will not shift until 24 March 2023, when he shifts signs to Aquarius for three months. This is the key trigger of this new moon in Aquarius.

All of this sounds like hard work. It is hard work. The Sun with Pluto is a day of extreme shifts which catapults us into a new way of seeing things or worse making choices on a whim because the energy is felt so deeply. It is uncomfortable. Making escape routes or dramatic changes to our life in this cycle of the moon would be detrimental. We must respect the process and find the strength to sit with whatever comes through, because there are other planetary alignments that show us a full spectrum of energies as we don’t know what the next move will be.

We arrive at this magnificent, eccentric, electric and dynamic new moon in Aquarius on Sunday 22 January at 7:53am AEST a perfect time to revisit new year intentions with a revised frequency upgrade which will be the catalyst to take calculated risks. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus who are in cahoots for us to evolve how we relate to one another. The traditions, old ways, ceremonial aspects that have no connection to our psychological programming will start to dissipate. Evaporate. A space will open with Uranus in Taurus to redirect our values as we find the answers by listening to our bodies.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, both energies have the power to activate our nervous system. This is where we may have a full body upgrade. Our nervous system controls and monitors our health and well-being. It guides everyday activities, originating from our brain which controls our movements, thoughts and automatic responses to our environment. This all starts on Sunday, and we’ll all be impacted in different ways. The new moon in Aquarius is an incredibly positive energy, even if we’re not used to the change or accepting of the shifts, there is something that is rising up from our old sense of Self into something new.

The moon brings emotional detachment from a divine space. The detachment is from the self-centred perspective. Aquarius rules people, groups, friends, visions, dreams, technology, innovations, ideas, shocks, upgrades, transmutation, chaos, disorder, rebellion, freedom, foreign, alien, other worldly, higher mind, higher perspectives, individuality, uniqueness, eccentricity, odd, weird, strange, nonconformity, activist and disobedience. There is a rush of excitement but with Mercury making an inconjunct to Mars who are both in shadow we’re not fully versed in all the details required to make quantum leaps for our new world. We are going to learn to work with our frequency. The frequency is about eroding the mental dialogue and learning to decipher the queues of our physical beacon. The body.

Our nervous system is getting an upgrade as mentioned earlier and there isn’t anything for us to physically do but receive this energy. It is a subtle energy, works from the inside. Our bodies are conduits receiving a frequency upgrade. The way we can navigate through this frequency overload is to shift our self-centred perspective to a more service orientated approach. We will know by the end of the cycle who is going to help us to achieve our goals or mission in life. We’re well versed in how it will unfold and what it is we’re going to be pursuing. The catch, what we think we’re going to do and where we’re going is not what will be over the next few weeks. All relationships are going through a transformation. This can be both a positive and negative experience. It depends on our ability to openly let go of how we think we can control life, cheat the divine path and force situations to unfold.

The key in this new wave of awakening is timing. If we can drop into ourselves, which is a key requirement throughout this year, we will understand from a deep level the space is a divine process in play. As soon as this new moon activates the surge of new energy we’ll feel the seriousness of Venus meeting with Saturn in Aquarius. Venus is the embodiment of all things that make life beautiful, loving and worthy of our precious energy. Her positivity is incredibly weak, she will bestow a sobering mood, getting us ready to end situations that are not serving us. As she meets with Saturn this calls for ending old attitudes. It can be experienced by upgrading to a new level, as we end the previous state. Saturn is commitment, with Venus this is initiating the investment for a long-term plan. The new moon cycle will begin to shake up all the old ways of relating. A place that perhaps is equal, offers freedom but the most magical part, should we get there with one another is the ability to work cohesively on something that benefits others.

This new cycle is about identifying the gaps in groups, communities and friends where we are hungry to create something different, something powerful. A few hours later Uranus stations to move direct. As mentioned earlier Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. The new moon does bring in some great shifts and epiphanies to our personal journey, but Uranus is asking us to take a different approach. Be yourself. Be unique. We need to work together if we’re planning to survive this chaos. The only way to get through is to be fluid, open, non-judgemental. People from all walks of life show up during this time, be sure it’s the right people.

This is not a time of isolation. Aquarius is about others and how we are contributing to the greater evolution of humanity. We’re in the year of service, not slaves but working together in a way that helps us achieve our very own goals, ambitions and targets. Mercury square Jupiter in Aries with a trine to north node is asking us to pay attention to our needs. Accept the change, get over our pride and commit to the groups that support individuality. Only our body, or by tuning into our inner radio will we truly know what is right for us during this time. It is a year of delayed gratification, the quick wins, the easy way is part of the old regime. Raise the vibration of your frequency and it will become a magnetic pull to the experiences your Soul needs. The revolution has begun, it is a collaboration which requires sophisticated conversation and trust in our skills and talents. We must prepare so we know what the right move is for us going forward.

Nothing is a coincidence; everything provides meaning and information about us. Trust the process and know that by being ourselves are we able to meet the right groups, friends and communities. A side note, when Pluto does enter Aquarius, it will open us briefly to the shadow side of how we are currently meeting up with one another. This new Moon initiates us finally to 2023 the year of mastering our vibrations and talents as human beings, as men and women. It’s alchemical. Stay focused and become independent, relying on others to do the work is not an act of collaboration. The individual in the group leads their part of the new tapestry we’re creating. All at once.

Happy new moon in Aquarius!

(image by Alex Ruiz)

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