Humbling Full-Moon in Leo – can we get out of our own way?

February is the only month that will feel familiar. Not the kind of month that allows us to sit back and let life unfold. It is a different energy. A powerful rite of passage to journey into 2023. This Full Moon in Leo at 16 degrees, on Monday 6th February at 05:28 hours square to Uranus in Taurus and is the cross of the eclipse we experienced in November is not an easy energy to process. This is the year that puts our relationships into the forefront of our life. We must admit since the Royal star Regulus moved into Virgo; the Leo frequency has lost its shazam. We’re in a place where our pride, arrogance and search of accolades has become more detrimental to the richness we soulfully want to experience in all our connections.

Firstly, we must begin by understanding we’re not in the same frame of mind as we were 12 months ago. The times and our values have shifted. For some our relationships are now not one way, we’re not waiting for things to change when deep down we know the truth. For others, we keep holding onto to an old way of being, perhaps the past commitments that have clearly dissolved keeps us in a place of stagnation. Yet, our Soul craves something more, something exciting and we’re ready. The readiness brings out the desperation of moving forward, even when our intuition sends us alarm bells. We know all too well; our intuition is the guiding inner authority that places us in the most serendipitous environments.

This full moon in Leo yields the shadow side of both Aquarius and Leo qualities. The parts of us that determine a sense of ‘being right’, ‘wanting attention’, ‘creating conflict’ and ‘choosing to act without communication’. These seem trivial traits, but they reveal so much about our level of confidence in relationship.

To understand the qualities of both Leo and Aquarius we must adopt a truthful, bold and honest self-aware approach to how relationships evolve with our input, perspective and dedication. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which means the Sun is uncomfortable, detrimental in Aquarius. Full moon energy is always intense and invites us to close situations, behaviours or connections that no longer have the capacity to evolve. We’re working with the polarities of heart, dissociation, service, ideas, innovation which come from our creative input, relationships and the ability to collaborate without taking control or overshadow others.

The Moon yields the Leo influenced shadows lingering deep in our hearts. The part of our vulnerability that we dare not share with another Soul. Perhaps that’s the problem with our society, we’re always putting a façade on to behave as if we’ve got our stuff together. In public we portray the image of healthy relationships, supporting one another and even go far as to only demonstrate this connection when there is an audience. The Moon is going to highlight all these energies, and this will leave us questioning our true ability to relate to one another, even if were feeling off and not connected to this ‘fun’ version everyone wants us to be.

The shadow side of Leo is interesting as it’s something that feels easy, due to being ruled by a star. The basics is the ability to express ourselves in a glorious manner, where we are noticed, admired for being ourselves. The search for accolades, praise and spotlight for our presence in the world. The full moon highlights these areas in all of us. If we are not aware of such needs, that places others second then we’re setting ourselves up for disappointments. The shadow side is excepting others to react in a way that they cannot display any ounce of disapproval. Here the Leo energy becomes needlessly dramatic or understated or overstated in all expressions and situations. The desire to be admired is also neglecting true emotional expression.

Then there is the empty display of drama. We’re falling into the trap of a Leo frequency, demanding attention, hypersensitive, taking criticism as personal affront and refusing input from others that can lead to a more powerful expression of our creative gifts. These behaviours also indicate we compromise our own identity defeating the natural and spontaneous expression of our heart energy.

Being dramatic without working out why we respond in such ways is premature and can lead to unnecessary destructive situations. The Sun and Moon square Uranus who is asking us to change our approach if we want to continue to the next stage of our life. We must find the courage to move away from our personal pride.

We’re in a reckless energy. Everything is moving fast to a point our physically bodies don’t have the capacity to flow with this energy unless we’re honestly listening to our bodies. The full moon in Leo is going to help us to reach different heights within this ruthless energy. It is about understanding our true needs to help us to move forward courageously. In this current state, we’re still learning to break free from the broader societal norms which erode our unique expression. This is not a time to take the stereotype qualities of both Leo and Aquarius it is more about us staying creatively inspired. How can we do this if we’re in an isolated environment or immersed with another? The shadow of fear comes up strong. Any superficial connections or old connections which are only together because of transactional contracts. This is where we start to observe that our true expression of autonomy, courage and creative expression becomes a more vital need to survive rather than making compromises. We’re in a closing full moon where this energy brings in closure to our attitude, dramatic approaches, behaviours and psychological patterns that depend on others especially when our creativity is on hold.

This is a fixed fire sign Moon, with a square to Uranus in Taurus highlighting the very need to build our creative expression to its unique space. Aquarius Sun wants us to come out of our safe spaces and collaborate where possible. Our inner dichotomy is to find the balance for self-expression while we gain the support of healthy relationships. This is a spontaneous energy, igniting a sense of excitement and creative potential which requires us to find a balance with the fixed air signs. This a time to overcome our Leo qualities, where we need to use our courage in different ways. We are all going to journey through a process which initiates our ability to take our creative capacity to new level. We are being called to promote our work, especially if it supports others.

The popularity, accolades of our creative work can feel extremely lonely and isolated from experiencing a normal life. We lead a double life. One that is all about our work, our creative force that touches others in some way and the other human side where are needs are stalled or ignored. This double life can feel extremely isolated from others, both in conversation and what we have to offer. There is also another spin on this energy, where we put too much emphasis on our creative work. We live and breathe it to a point normal mundane life becomes alien or imbalanced. We are unable to communicate to others at a level that feels genuine.

The frustration of such a world, such a lifestyle comes to light. We want adventure, freedom and be in this world as a human with normal needs and desires. We also want to contribute to our world by creating and building tools, art or connections to put purpose and meaning to our work. The energy of the full moon is incredibly powerful. We’re being asked to go on a two-week cycle of letting go and ending certain attitudes that keep us trapped. This the very essence of Leo. The courage to move forward, without allowing our pride, dramatic responses and overstated narcissism expressions. We all have them. The moment someone outside of our circle recognises our work and how much it impacted their life, we can feel incredibly alien towards our work. Our mind goes over the work, while our critical lens only sees fault. We can also feel proud, delighted and shinny without truly recognising what the other person saw in our work.

This is also a time where we’re attempting to fill in the gaps and create an exciting life. All we’ve done in the past few years is work hard and not yet reaped the fruits of our labour. Therefore, we may carry doubt for the work we’re doing, or control where we showcase our work, our talents and gifts making it a selective approach. Whatever the reason, we may not reach the masses, or we may. The gift of creating is about sharing unconditionally. We can do this when a healthy environment with real honest feedback is digested for us to make substantial improvements and experience a life that involves other people.

We’re learning to appreciate our creativity without any dramatic effects. We’re learning to listen to our inner authority and trust our intuition to ensure we’re making reliable, authentic and supportive connections. All these energies require a mature headspace, with a greater understanding of accountability. Uranus square the Sun and Moon while the Moon trines Chiron in Aries we’re being shown what needs to end in our creative process that allows us to accept and surrender our work. Therefore, relationships become a major theme during these few weeks. Healthy supportive energy means there is a fair exchange. Uranus is asking us to ensure we balance the energy of receiving and giving equally. Otherwise, we are in dangerous territory of letting go and causing disruption to the flow.

This is a highly creative moon, Mercury sextile Neptune while Venus square Mars and Venus sextile to Uranus. There is such a push to get out of the way of the ego dominance. The ego is impatient and has conditions to whom they share their work. We’re in a different world, limiting our work to a private audience is the shadow aspect of control and power. Smaller audiences or confined spaces allows us to express our power enforce control while at the same time we block our creative flow. How can we keep our creative juices flowing if we’re keeping to the same routine, talking to the same people, about the same things and becoming familiar to a point of complacency. The obvious point of this energy is we’re unaware of what we’re doing.

The Sun and Moon opposition is also the mid-point of the November eclipses. Making this one of the most interesting energies that initiations the power of the individual in a group setting. Pluto is going to move into Aquarius on 24th March, which will give these themes the spotlight. Pluto is a major energy to observe this year, as he squares the nodes, we’re going into a new level of releasing any toxic subconscious collective shadows regarding groups, communities, friendships and organisations. The systems are breaking down. We will not be able to digest any superficial dramatic events as they are part of a tradition which we understand as the old age.

The best way to work through the Leo full moon vibration is to be brave where we feel our voice has been influenced by another. Ask yourself if working in isolation is hindering the growth of your creative expression? What energies need to release from the subconscious psyche that we don’t recognise anymore? Being humbled is not a bad experience, it’s what you do after that matters. Are you surrounded by the right frequency? Are the groups, connections and relationships truly supporting the creative flow bringing equal balance to the field? Where are we able to communicate more directly to get our needs met without disrupting the creative flow? Are you living your best life by following your heart?

Happy Full Moon in Leo

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