Clean slate means clearing the past with New Moon in Pisces

This is one of those weeks where we’ve had to drop our plans and resolve some sort of challenge. These tests and challenges will keep on expanding as Pluto is at the last degree of Capricorn awakening us to our inner strength and drive. We’re not here to simply watch our life unfold at someone else’s direction nor by another’s way of how we must live our life. This is an energy of interwoven complexities which are being unwound. Unbounded by past commitments which don’t serve us can be an overwhelming realisation. It holds the key to the door of unprocessed fear, control and manipulation. The dark moon will conjunct Pluto on Friday making this one of the most difficult weekends we have yet experienced.

The dark moon is not an easy energy. The Moon in Capricorn is in detriment as is the Sun in Aquarius who meets with Saturn on Thursday and Friday. Detriment energy holds no strength or the influence of both the Moon and Sun, our inner and outer personalities are weakened by other malefic energies such as Pluto, death destruction, power and manipulation and Saturn which brings limitations, responsibility, endings with powerful accountabilities. Although we have Venus in Pisces meeting with Neptune, who will only make this connection one more time until 2174, we are completely blinded by their powerful spiritual love energies activating a deeper motivation to only work on our dreams.

This mix of celestial bodies are all at their ending cycles. Saturn is leaving Aquarius on 8th March, Pluto leaves Capricorn on 24th March and Neptune will leave Pisces on 24th May 2024. These may seem facts to the untrained perspective, but they are incredibly important now as they are concluding an old life we’ve all experienced. This means we’re being pushed to reach our potential without getting lost with relationships that are void of spiritual connection and definitely love. As a collective, we don’t know what it feels like to have a deep connection with someone without any form of transaction, commitment or label. We’re too afraid to admit to ourselves what it is we need to feel whole without being trapped by another’s projections and energy.

Majority of our past and perhaps current relationships are on this journey of playing a lila (song) that involves a big pull and push. We’re so concerned about how the ‘other’ feels and relates to their world than we are about how they make us feel and what positive growth they add to our Soul. Sun meeting with Saturn is not an easy feat. We’ve started this cycle with a full moon in Leo on 6th February which activated a cycle of completion and conclusion. It hasn’t and is not supposed to be easy. We can easily fall off our path of grace by denying the darkness that we all hold in our psyche. No one on this planet that is alive is void of any darkness. If they were they would simply not be boasting about it, and they wouldn’t be here.

Darkness is not evil when we put it into the context of everyone’s natural behaviour. Darkness is usually psychological patterns we’re unaware exist in ourselves. Darkness is a forbidden energy that is felt deep inside but never expressed in any way for some and others, well get them on a bad day and you will figure out what their priorities are and where they lie. Aquarius is the collective, community, groups and our friends. Pisces is spiritual, religious, fantasy and dreaming frequency. Capricorn is the authority which develops our self-confidence. While we plague ourselves with stories that are not real or convince ourselves that things will get better with time and patience then we’ve completely missed the message.

Pluto is not a kind energy. He carries no forgiveness for any being who is wasting their life on trivial things that are only distracting them from their path and these beings know it. Pluto is transformative whereas Saturn holds a different energy of responsibility and while they engage with the Moon and Sun we’re being called to take action. To do something about our relationships and to take time to go deeper inside and find the root cause of our issues, wounds and traps. As I mentioned before we’re not well versed in spiritual love.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve been with a person for an extensive amount of time, there is always something that one has to give while the other just sits and receives. We’ve normalised these dynamics and potentially have created a rod for our own back. However, we’re deeply unaware of these small differences because we’ve become desensitised to the longer-term impacts of the lack of ability to question these behaviours with the ‘other’ and deny giving ourselves space to process what it is we need. Pisces is intuitive, with Venus meeting with Neptune and on the New Moon 20 February at 18:05 (1 degrees) Venus will be at the last degree of Pisces leaving us a big message about Spiritual or Enlightened Love. Do we have the eyes to see it, the heart to follow and the attitude to surrender our old ways. Let go, is what this moon echoes to us.

Enlightened love is the magical link where we see ourselves as one with all things. Harmony grows from chaos where we see that the other, we hurt, leave and destroy is part of ourselves. The other is also I. Individually and collectively, maturity is gained only as each person reaches, through love, for recognition of our own living connection to all other living energies of the Universe. Only a few stand at this junction of recognition, ready to live life through peace and harmony with no attachments and expectations. Is it because the pain they have endured has humbled them to allow the Universe to guide them into a more poignant way of experiencing life? Or is it a way of deeply respecting Self, through the choices we make that we understand any inner need is met through our personal journey of becoming whole and shining the light to the inner darkness. Honouring our darkness, accepting our shadows and integrating these traits with the best versions of ourselves is the most powerful work we can do for our personal growth and thus life experience.  

This new moon energy is not one that is about peace love and vegetables. On the contrary, it will only be worthy to those that have faced their Pluto and Saturn challenges days prior. Saturn and Pluto assist us to reach a crack in our hearts of Spiritual / Enlightened love by bringing situations into our life that reflect and project where we carry on selfishly. This is not a Universe about me, myself and I and on many levels, it is but by understanding we’re all interwoven with a different perspective manifested into different bodies. The small mind can laugh loud, while they mock those that attempt to reach this point of understanding. And those that do, the new moon will not favour that attitude but only dive deeper and more personal in its teaching of ‘get rid of the old psychological patterns’.

Future growth is dependent on lessening the confusion, tension and despondency which is currently so widespread. We can look to the celestial bodies for answers but see only the reflection of our own desires, for our vision has become myopic and dulled. We no longer see clearly. Those that cannot comprehend the obvious, that the way out of our internal conflicted and tormented state is to envision ourselves as integrally linked to all life, including nature of our Universe. Every time something feels like it is challenging and comes out of the blue with Uranus connecting with Neptune during this time, we must take action. We mustn’t wait to finish something or not change because of the illusion of commitments. We must address all things at hand, if not help others in ways that take us out of our routine.

Mercury will square Uranus with a trine to Mars in Gemini allowing us the opportunity to spark in new way of being, a new way of responding to our life. Our pulse to our life journey has become the focal point. Anything from the past that still holds a grudge of sort, then it is we who have not forgiven ourselves or changed something or learned the karmic lesson. It is not everyone’s dharma to be the hero of your story sometimes the antagonist is the one that really shakes things up so we can grow within ourselves.

Pisces energy is about Love. Love, that elusive and yet essential breeze which blows through all life, exists as the core of all revelation. “Love comes from the heart” is a metaphor which points the way to a new beginning through recognition of the heart as a seat of “I am” awareness, the individual’s link with others of similar frequency (without forcing the frequency to the same dial) and with the “Isness”. The “I am” represents awareness of oneself as a harmonious part of the whole. “I am” signals: “I am responsible for deepening the connection between all peoples and the ‘Isness’: for improving the harmony of the planet on while I live in order that all may find fulfilment”. Can we get there if our mindset is about only preparing for our personal security? Can we take a step back from our life and observe if we can read the room and adapt our way to meet everyone’s needs including our own?

Spiritual / Enlightened love is a choice we’re given during these next few days of personal growth. This doesn’t mean we stop our work and drop everything. It means we take the courage with positive and corrective action that benefits our life. This is an ending cycle as mentioned before which enhances our awareness to remove the past in all its forms and accept, we don’t really know who we are at this moment in time. Therefore, following old patterns of getting things done is not going to work. One may force, cry for help and change their environment to make things happen, only to realise that it was not what we expected. Escapism is strong. Finding the answers through other means that put us into different conscious states is only an addiction that requires a different level of language to decipher their meanings.

This new moon triggers a huge financial constraint on our life. Impacting our relationships and businesses. Saturn and Pluto are guiding us to take a different route, keep testing the environment until a new solution breaks through. The solutions will only be revealed when we do something about our world. No one on this planet knows the truth of how the current financial systems will play out, but they do know they are not working as they depend on each other unfairly. Jupiter raises his flag as he starts to move towards Chiron in Aries. We may not feel confident about how we look and if we’re the best fit for whatever we’re attempting but have the courage to arrive as you are, and your real people will receive you. This is a time to work in groups for solutions and whatever we come up with collectively will help us to dissolve the dark moon energies into a positive transformative space.

We release and remove anything that connects us to a past version of ourselves. It is not done by dishonouring our past but respectfully acknowledging and integrating the teachings behind the situations. Open and follow your hearts calling, even if it means saying no to something you’ve already said yes to. To create a life from a blank space means we’re open to receiving profound gifts. Give yourself the strength to rise in your life with the only agenda of spiritual and enlightened love.

Happy new moon in Pisces

Big love!

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