What’s lurking in our subconscious conditioning – full moon in Virgo

2023 is the year of humbling the ego. Virgo full moon on 7 March at 11:40pm (16 degrees & 40 minutes) opposes the Sun & Neptune in Pisces with a square to Mars in Gemini is a culmination of clearing the fog as our world gets a reality check. This full moon has the power to break away any false, charlatan energy that claims to be our friend. We’re working with the Pisces energy which is a complete distortion of our 3D world. It’s a non-physical essence promotes isolation, prison, monasteries in order to sit in the silence of our being. A full moon always initiates endings. Virgo is an energy that will test any claim someone makes. It is the frequency of seeking truth through practical application. There isn’t a part of Virgo that will sit back and allow others to fake it in front of them.

In this moment of reckoning with the realities of our relationships, we are forced to confront any situations where we may have been coerced into a particular mould or held onto something that has already passed its expiration date. Now, we have the opportunity to summon the bravery necessary to speak our truth about how those closest to us fail to recognize our personal growth and transformation, or worse, fail to provide us with the support we need. The challenge is with Mars in Gemini still in shadow square to Neptune leaving us feeling hungover spiritually and mentally exhausted. We may not find the words to communicate our wants as effectively as we imagine them working out in our heads.

Pisces energy is about to give us a whole new level of its power. Mundane astrology focuses on the stereotyping of a sign, however if we give ourselves the space, we can dive deeper to understand how the Pisces energy works for us individually. An hour after the full Moon, which will be around 12:40 am, 8 March Saturn will move into this sign. Saturn opposes the royal star of Regulus which moved into Virgo in 2012 and this brings a new wave of responsibility that pushes our ego driven actions to one side. The last time Saturn was in Pisces with a big stellium of energy (more than three planets in a sign) was in March 2013. This was a poignant time. The Universe already showed us our path and now 10 years on where we at are, with the work that we’ve endured. Saturn is karma, time, and the ruler of the actions we’ve taken to live our life through the integration of our Spiritual practices.

Artist – Guenter Zimmermann.

The last time Saturn was in Pisces in 1994 humanity witnessed incredible life changing global events from a complete genocide in Rwanda causing destabilisation of two tribes and there was another massacre in Srebrenica. This is because Saturn disturbs the ‘normal’ inhibitions which is caused by the Pisces thrill of everything being open. Saturn in Pisces is done with ‘peace love and vegetables’ attitude when situations in our life hurt us, destroy, and betray our truth. Our Spiritual psychological programming is getting shattered. We’re going to have to show up by witnessing how our actions cause mental, emotional, and perhaps physical genocide.

As you listen or read this article, think back to 1994 and 2013 – ask yourself what the lessons were, the challenges that Saturn was asking us to pay attention to for our Spiritual growth. These can be dauting, perhaps some of you weren’t even born, however your parents and the choices they made have in some way impacted your approach to life. Every action we take stems from a belief system that has been ingrained, adopted, or projected onto us.

Saturn will push on our impulses, where a sense of shared humanity disappears. Loss of control and undermine restrictive systems comes with a promise. Pisces is an energy that is sensitive. It weakens our immune systems as a result and can blur the lines from what is real and what is unreal. It also distorts our perceptions, controlling us through religious dogma. Pisces will break us away from any system, groups of people or communities that suggest we must behave in certain ways in order to be part of the clan. Simply put there is no framework or restricted guidelines which will open our world to a flood of emotions, intuitions and serious infections that destroy the illusion of the glass ceiling effect.

Saturn won’t be opposing the Virgo full moon, but he will certainly push us towards stepping up and taking corrective action where necessary. We’re not in a place where this is easy, because Pisces energy is always wanting to chill out, escape or depend on something that gives us relief from this chaotic world. Saturn is the energy of karma and dharma coming into Pisces is guaranteed to change our personal world. It will bring gross destruction, to awaken us from our ‘way’ of being. We’ve lost our way, we’ve become so dependent on the outside to inform us of how we feel, how we must respond and how we must operate. Is this an opportunity to come back to our Spiritual sense of Self or is this the very awakening that will take all that is fake out of the picture?

As a result of these powerful activities, it has the potential for a healing release of outworn structures as Saturn is in the last sign of the zodiac. The culmination of all things that have got us to this place. Saturn is now in Pisces for the next 3 years and expect that those in your world today, may not be here tomorrow. Plagues, disease and sickness will certainly humble humanity and give science a challenge to prove their existence, as they cannot experiment on humanity no more. That already happened and those that followed the narrative through deception may be the ones that create the necessary destruction.

Jupiter meets Chiron the wounded healer, while Venus is inconjunct to the full moon and Pluto squares the nodes for the rest of the year. This opens a new path for all of us. We are being redirected. Let me put it this way, in every part of our life journey where we’ve digested our difficult lessons with escapism will be the results of what we experience. Will the Universe make life easy, and we break through all dogma creating a world that is real? Alternatively, will we go into our tool bags, loaded with past trauma, pride and issues to shape our future?

Artist – Henn Kim

Jupiter with Chiron is not easy. Anyone who is born with this conjunction know all too well how they are able to convince themselves that the wound is caused by everyone else as they fail to integrate their Soul healing. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, on a deep level is about recognising who we are and are we living life in the way that is aligned to our values. Chiron perpetuates the healing journey for us at a personal individual level. Our subconscious psychological programming of wounds, issues and pains is projected back to us from our environment.

In short, were realising we’ve created a glass ceiling for ourselves as mentioned above. We’re not living a bold life. We’re not meeting the edge of our full potential because we’ve become accustomed to compliancy. We’re not trying hard enough to make our world more successful as we’re under the guise of others. The full moon in Virgo is about to reveal the truth of all those friends and show how their selfish acts disable our own ability to progress.

Chiron’s influence goes beyond simply revealing our deepest wounds; it also empowers us to confront our greatest fears, thereby activating the healing process we need. This experience has the potential to be unlike anything we have ever encountered in our entire lives. By bringing our unprocessed wounds to the surface, Jupiter expands Chiron’s healing capabilities to ultimately lead us to a place of acceptance.

Anything that thrives for perfection (Virgo) is doomed for disappointment (Saturn in Pisces) that leaves us to come back into ourselves (Aries) and journey on a personal healing awakening (Jupiter conjunct Chiron). This is the most vital work at this trajectory. All that we’ve experienced since the end of 2019 is now ready to be examined on how it has impacted our personal life. The upcoming Virgo full moon draws our attention to how our social life, including our friendships and those we trust have changed. It illuminates everything we’ve invested in from a place of ‘hit and hope’ with a glimmer of hope and a sense of aspiration. Virgo moon with Saturn in Pisces is about to show how our fantasies and desires to escape to other places instead of doing the work will face a reality check.  

Saturn has been in power since 2017 making us work extremely hard in taking responsible action and become accountable for the consequences. We’ve had to journey deep to experience how our sense of control is an illusion and the only power we have is the will to keep on moving or stop. Saturn is a big jolt of reality during this full moon in Virgo, which is why we’re being called to step into the power of our natural order of humanities beliefs.

Pluto is at 29 degrees Capricorn and has been in this sign since 2008. Integrating the lessons, we’ve experienced so that we can be better and know how best to use our power to serve others is the hidden message. This power is not about personal wealth, security and happiness. The power Pluto is asking us as he squares the nodes for the rest of the year, is to make sure that whatever we’re creating, whatever we put our focus onto it is for the greater good of others. It benefits those that need help. Pluto will enter Aquarius on 24th March and this is a taster of a new reality, where the old paradigm breaks down. This transit won’t be as obvious as Saturn in Pisces. It is about Pluto giving us a taster of the darker side of all things Aquarius: people, groups, communities, technology, innovation, detachment of emotions that lead us to make grave decisions such as a nuclear war. If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’ve already missed the point. Show up as yourself, the weirdo, the quirk and with the unique expression.  

Artist – Yo Az

Virgo is the only sign in the zodiac that is a woman harvesting her crop. Her symbolism is to serve those now and to plan for tomorrow. Her dedication is to the vibration of the earth, as we depend on her resources, we come together with sacred ritual one that asks for an equal or balance exchange. She is incredibly loyal in her service to reach a higher place of transcendence. She knows by taking care of her body, through natural organic herbs and plants we’re able to move forward. Plants that are used for healing the body without losing ourselves in some psychedelic experience. The herbalist will only delve in psychedelics when everything else hasn’t worked. She holds a greater responsibility for the evolution of consciousness that vibrate with the Earth.  

As we combine all the energies of this full moon in Virgo, we will all face a reality that we’ve been hiding from the world. Any place that has had control or power over us through manipulation and deception comes out and faces us. Any area of our psyche we’ve not accepted our personal dents, scars and wounds will come to the surface for us to embark on a powerful welcomed healing journey.

The Virgo Pisces polarity is to awaken the human capacity to spiritualise matter. To integrate non-physical into physical realty. The root cause of our suffering is not living in the reality of what is in our immediate environment. We’re always in a place where someone is disadvantaged due to our need to connect with those that are financially, practically, or psychologically supports our security. These are not the principles to have strong and transparent relationships, we have to do better. Are we able to engage with others without keeping a debt book of what is owed? The universe is giving us the tools to heal and grow. We must be open and willing to take the necessary steps towards our transformation.

Happy full moon in Virgo

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