Authentic self-empowerment activation with the New Moon in Aries

March was always going to be the month that gets us back in alignment with our true spiritual purpose. Even if we’ve forgotten what that was when we arrived at earth school, it doesn’t matter. The past few years has been an intense detox process within all our lives. South Node in Scorpio has certainly made its point, but it’s not over yet. In fact, the heat is getting hot like lava, with a spiritual eruption that rehabilitates us from scary realisations. We’re approaching the astrological new year, the equinox formally known by paganist a time of planting powerful seeds as the Earth’s orbit is in alignment with the Sun. It’s a change of season.

We face an impending threat of change that looms over us, poised to transport us into a new world. We exist in a quantum vacuum, resembling a wormhole that connects two distinct worlds and contains multiple timelines that we can unconsciously access at any given time. Nonetheless, the action to move forward or to stay or to release and let go lies purely on our sense of self belief. We must operate according to our values which gives us sovereignty and the key is to not repeat history.

The natural new year is on 21st March at 8:25am when the Sun ingress to Aries blows up our old way of being into something refreshing. The catch? Pisces dark moon conjuncts Neptune and makes a square to Mars in Gemini. This is no ordinary alignment. In fact, this alignment is powerful. We have been given a choice on what path to follow. We face a choice between two paths: one leads us to repeat past mistakes with limited awareness, while the other involves remaining committed to building a strong foundation to maintain our sovereignty and protect ourselves from external threats.

March involves major transits that trigger the ascension of human nature. The ingress of Saturn into Pisces on 8th March, the conjunction of Venus in Taurus with the North Node, and the Pluto ingress into Aquarius on Friday 24th March squaring the nodes. In the context of human design, as we approach the end of the global ‘Cross of Planning’ a spiritual framework has emerged to help us identify those who wear masks concealing their shadow and agenda. This framework offers us a way to discern individuals who may not be genuine in their actions or intentions.

The cross of planning is fundamentally tribal and collective, responsible for the support and success of developing a global community which is based on bargains, details, and skills. While this ending is taking place in our consciousness and shifting the way we operate towards the cross of the sleeping phoenix (27 February 2027) which is the antithesis of our age. This cross is about the integration circuitry, all about self-empowerment, preservation and the core individuation process where we distinguish ourselves from everyone else. Pluto ingress into Aquarius has a larger assignment. A twenty-year journey. There is promise of powerful events to unfold leading each of us to come close to our self-empowered state.

The rise and fall of civilisation are partly due to the psychological tendency to revere something beyond ourselves as superior to our human nature. We’re constantly seeking proof of our superstitions or little rituals living in hope when we deny the power that we’re all born with. This power comes to those with a solid spiritual, non-dogmatic principle of living each moment consciously.

This dark moon into the Astro new year is an omen to stay present with integrity piercing through every action we take. There is a dual world unfolding. Time is morphed into shorter, longer or often different timespans. We’re unaware of the shifts that are subtly taking place. Even if we have a hint something is off, we habitually deny our intuition. This is no ordinary new moon in Aries on 22 March at 4:23am at the zero degrees point. This is an initiation of living our life in a different and more precise manner, including who we associate ourselves with is crucial to our growth. These major changes are catalysed from the understanding that it is ‘I’ who is going to make the positive change in my life, and ‘I’ know myself enough to ‘show up’ to places which celebrate my ‘uniqueness’. If we haven’t yet reached a point where we can express ourselves freely, or if we find ourselves holding back due to ingrained transactional habits, then we must take two steps back and put in the effort to reassess the value of our individual selves.  

This new moon in Aries is reset point. The reset doesn’t come from doing the same journey again expecting a different evolutionary insight. The reset, in fact is a change of how we perceive our world, which is shaped by our beliefs and the ego puts everything into motion. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. A sign ruled by Mars, the planet of extreme force, energy, and perseverance, which is why its best suited for war or extreme sport. This is not a sign for the faint hearted, the sensitives or the ones that doubt every cautionary step. Aries is fierce and knows what it wants. A fire sign that can burn through things that are needed, not because they are necessary it is because this energy can do that without a single thought of its environment. Our perception of Self is influenced not only by the identify we put on, but how we operate in the world, including our reactions and these are the very parts that will need to be re-examined or birthed.

It’s a double-edged sword, with a dark moon approaching and a burst of energy wanting a place to express itself we can pull ourselves inside out emotionally. It won’t be a gentle journey. It will be a weird, strange, and perhaps something we’ve never experienced in our world before. Our spiritual practices are the only way to get through the weirdness. We may feel like an undisciplined toddler who thinks they are the only invincible being on this planet, completely unaware of its environment and creating havoc, while we stand around and cooing its amazingness. The need for this type of havoc is to get our heads out of the sand and turn up for our lives. Anything that is mundane or empty will not stand its ground. This includes relationships, work, and our personal projects.

Pluto ingress into Aquarius brings unexpected global and cosmic change. In our personal life, depending on where the zodiac sign resides in your natal chart will bring extreme transformation. Pluto is not an energy that shines a light to our personal areas of intensity. It simply goes deep into our subconscious, like a probe and digs into the orifice of unconscious material. This includes our thoughts, feelings, and memories that are not readily available to our conscious awareness, but they still influence our behaviour and emotions.

This is a time to recognise the toxic ego and put it to one side. The part of our psyche that has negative and destructive consequences where we behave in selfish, manipulative, and abusive ways which cause catastrophic destructive patterns of thought and behaviour. If we take a step back from our life and observe our timeline with honest awareness, we know where these patterns peak and where we have integrated them to transform ourselves. Pluto square the nodes the whole of the year, and sextile the Sun and Moon during this new moon and including the symbolism of the Autumn / Spring equinox, brings a unique spin on our personal lives.

Remember we’re all here for a reason. This reason involves Spiritual evolution by understanding how our psyche best works, and when combined with the transformation of the Cross of Planning to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix everything that we have invested in that doesn’t hold a space of our spiritual sovereignty will change. Our attitude, commitment, and relationships to how we show up in the world is up for a big transformation. The fiery energy of this new moon with a sextile to Pluto and Venus conjunct the north node in Taurus is a promise of new way of being. Staying in current situations is not optional, unless all parties understand their individual perspective is honoured.

To get to these energies, we all will journey together with the understanding of grief is now a familiar friend. Those that leave and those that come into our field do so under the laws of cosmic evolution. We don’t have control over the changes and if we do attempt to hold back, we will not only be facing a change, but exhaustion as we bring resistance during this evolutionary process. It will impact all of us in different ways. Allow yourself to be open to how your destiny takes a turn for the positive. We won’t sense the positivity of these radical movements because we’re caught up in attachment, greed, and power. These are all part of the toxic ego, which needs to stand in the back room and do its job which is to witness our higher self-embrace these changes.

Pluto is not only death and rebirth. This is the energy of the outcast. The one that feels it doesn’t belong or cannot allow anything to flow easily. Pluto is the one that needs to be seen through something that happens outside of ourselves. It has an intensity that is focused on the seduction, and peels away all that needs to be examined consciously. Are the lessons challenging? Yes. Are they obvious as soon as Pluto ingress to Aquarius? No. This is a long journey. Reflect back, to 2008 when Pluto entered Sagittarius, it wasn’t on the exact date did Pluto makes its mark. He probed the outside world. Governments change, leaders change, our society shifts its perspective and as a result we have no option but be swept away by those changes. Pluto will only be in Aquarius for three months and moves back in its retrograde motion to Capricorn. He will do this twice, and finally arrive in Aquarius in 2025 with no return. This gives us hints there isn’t a lot of time to pay attention what Pluto is going to reveal to us. We will certainly feel the energy shift. Perhaps get more tech savvy or have an aversion to everything that is behind a screen.

The New Moon in Aries is also at a critical point in our journey because this is also where we will have a Total Solar eclipse on 20 April at 29 degrees of Aries, conjunct the north node in Taurus. A cyclical cycle is activated during this time, and we get a better understanding of what actions we take in our personal life during the eclipse. The messages and themes which come up over the next two weeks are important golden nuggets for the transition of becoming sovereign.

There is a lot of projection where fear is felt in our solar plexus. No one really likes to change unless they are part of the process and understand the evolution the shift brings. Including knowing what the change is and how best to plan for the change. There is no plan. We’re already equipped with everything we need. The new Moon is about to rattle and shake us up to a point where we don’t recognise our old Self. This brings a new perspective, insights, and drive to be better for our life. To show up, and to understand perfection is by owning and wearing our healed scars, wounds, and issues. We won’t be able to supress anything that is not in alignment. It is a time of modesty but with a different spin. This is not a transaction or a give and take. It is by being fully open to receive and allowing the noise to wash away from us as we’re finally resurrected from old psychological disturbing patterns.

Mars will enter Cancer during the weekend, add the icing on the cake. Since August Mars has been in Gemini and moving into Cancer will give us the very energy to take care of our inner security, including our emotional well-being. This is an exciting time to be alive. To witness a shift that is personal and global. The acceptance is slow but focused. Happy New Year and New Moon.

Big Love!

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