Heal and release subconscious programmes that jeopardise our relationships – full moon in Libra

April is a month of transformation. It has a full moon in Libra, which I will dive deep into and a new moon in Aries, the second one which is the Solar eclipse on the 20th and Mercury retrograding on 21st in Taurus with a conjunct to the Moon. These energies are life changing. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac allowing us to form an identity that gives us the foundation to express ourselves and choose the experiences we feel most compelled. Libra is the sign of balance through relating with others and thriving for peace and harmony. The full moon in Libra on 6th April at 14:34 opposes the Sun and Chiron with a connection to both Uranus and Juno in a quincunx. This energy is the catalyst for change in how we show up in our relationships. It is a time of being authentic and honest about our needs not only to others but also to ourselves.

It is a reset on many levels. The kind that is experienced from a different perspective. Firstly, we must acknowledge we’ve grown a little, healed from some of our wounds and on other levels come into acceptance of our life as it stands today. This alone makes this full moon quite a powerful awakening moment. It is deeper, like a drill penetrating those areas of our psyche that we like to ignore and not deal with. Aries is a sign of purity. It is the first sign, the awe of life is its signature and through various experiences it gives us the wisdom to form an identity, an ego and name for how we express our life.

This includes various attributes. Mars is the ruler of Aries who is travelling in Cancer, it’s fall position making this Sun in Aries with Chiron slightly weaker than the powerful potential of Aries. There are always two discerning expressions to all signs of the zodiac a higher expression and less mature version, with Aries we can identify too much with ego or we can use this identity as a barometer to find balance in our connections. Too much of us in a two-way connection can seem overbearing and too little of ourselves can cause confusion to our needs. This full moon is all about this dichotomy. It takes time to truly understand the power of this energy informing us to trust the process and allow whatever to come up in its full glory. We cannot kid to ourselves anymore, when boredom strikes, we go through our contacts list and find the first person we want to engage. Is this act numbing out our the feeling of loneliness or is it coming from a authentic space?

The bottom line to our survival is the need for one another. To make good strong connections, however this has now lost its essence as majority only want to engage if you’re willing to merge into their belief system, or ideology of life. Anything that is different is not going to be stomached, in fact we have become so good as ‘ghosting’, ‘ignoring’, and/or ‘spiritually bypassing’ the very teachings relations bring up that this full moon will rattle us from the core. That is to simply challenge our way of being to bring a broader sense of awareness and open us to different perspectives and ways of experiencing life. The issue with all of this which the full moon graciously presents to us is where we’ve not integrated our shadow work and allowed our subconscious patterns to project onto others and vice versa.

We’re walking around assuming we’re doing incredibly well and majority of us fail to identify our own flaws. This is normal, as it takes some serious event of grief for us to have the courage to shine the light onto our own patterns, conditions and ways of being. Why does it take grief? Greif, that is not usually associated with the deeper wounds we encounter but a trigger or key which opens us up to the very awareness we need to be better in our relationships. Grief is a humbling experience. All that we thought and how we lived our life comes crashing down in a moment. Grief is usually someone you love is taken away from our world, either through death or an ending and this very process helps us to open up to the question why.

Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries is a deep wound of our ego, the collective ego where the reality of not showing up wholly in all our connections has a price. Grief is strong during this time. It will trigger us for the better. To show up in our connections. Make more of an effort to understand ourselves through the lens of others. This very act means we already have strong, trusting alliances who are also healing and integrating their past wounding. The trick that we must avoid is attachment to others who share trauma. This is trauma bonding and is destined to end badly. When we meet others in a place that connects us because of trauma then when either party is healed, they will not be able to hold space vibrationally. It shifts and thus makes a change, which only encounters to one of them adding to their wounds.

This is not rocket science, but it is emotionally difficult to show our vulnerability in our relationships. The ego wants to be in its best behaviour, be of serving, open and not controlling. Move four months forward into this pattern and we start to notice little patterns of control, manipulation and lies. At first, we will deny we’ve witnessed such behaviours to ourselves. Only to find a further five months into the journey something is not connecting, something feels off and its always the other person at fault. Always.

So, here we are at this pivotal point of our journey. After two years of lockdown, a crazy ad-hoc past 12 months, we’ve been conditioned and are unaware of the freedom that we desperately seek is at our fingertips. We only have to make a choice and our world changes in an instance. Although now, it is more difficult to connect unconditionally with others and show up as ourselves. We placed conditions on our person. Perhaps it’s our way of protecting what we fear the most, or it’s the only way to feel empowered. This nonsense will be super loud during this full moon as it will highlight all the darkest parts of our relationships. The unfairness, the gender role play, the work ethic, the bread winner, the person who supposed to be soft and gentle is a dragon underneath and yet, we continue to lose ourselves in these superficial stories.

Moon quincunx Uranus and Juno is a blind spot we cannot see or understand. Uranus in Taurus just met with Venus the ruler of Taurus and Libra and the pioneer or cupid of our connections. Anything, that is not spiritually aligned or is not at the highest standard, that is not fair because of co-dependency will become incredibly uncomfortable and loud in our peripheral vision. We cannot hide from it, and neither can we lie about it. The shadow of how healthy or not our relationships are come to the surface, and we have this amazing opportunity to voice our emotional truth to get to the root cause of our issues. Mars is in Cancer, the sign that rules our sense of inner nourishment and emotional satisfaction. If this is not experienced in our connections, or we’re fighting our corner each time we want something different, then why are we there?

All of these issues in our relationships come to the surface for good reason. Aries is the reason. Chiron has been in this sign since 18 February 2019 and has been working on how we show up for ourselves in every area of our life. Do we go with the brute force of ego? Or have we experienced enough that everything outside of us is also inside of us, just waiting to be accepted. This is where the ego has been humbled several times. Chiron leaves Aries 15 April 2027 when the north node is in Aquarius and south node in Leo, a time of serving others regardless and coming together in the most authentic way. The nodes change this year on 18th July with north node in Aries and south node in Libra bringing an eighteen-month journey of the theme of this full moon in Libra. It will not be easy however the journey has a promise of complete sovereignty of our life and whomever we walk this path with is in alignment and we’ve not experienced this in its purest form.  

If we’ve based our relationships on the illusion that has been projected from Disney movies or silly rom coms then we’re most likely to avoid the difficult conversations or situations that arise. Even better, we will give up, walk away and not fully understand the Soul lesson at play. Rather our ego turns on its head and continues to search for something better. Honestly, if there is no work done of self-realisation, we’re going to be experiencing the same patterns of behaviour. We’re unaware of our shadow, of how much our conditioning and programming is influenced from emotionally turbulent childhood experiences.

Mars trine the south node is inviting us to take our time, let go of quick fixes in our relationships. Invest the time it takes to understanding one another and make room for others to show up as themselves.

Here are some things that can come up:

  • Role-play dynamic of masculine and feminine – expressed through chores or who does what when
  • Lack of trust for showing up in the connections, including friendships
  • Placing conditions or projecting what is a good connection
  • No direct communication – everything is in metaphors or sarcasm disguised as being witty or smart
  • Attachment to the dreams and visions where are relationship becomes a show piece for everyone else
  • Attachment to the idea of something outside of ourselves is responsible for our trauma
  • Conditioned intimacy with too much compromise and denial of what is truly unfolding
  • Not enough space to process the emotional energy leaving no room for integration

All the points come from a place of fear, abandonment and not experiencing a love that is spiritual. Are the relationships we current experience based on unconditional love or a transaction? Pluto squares the nodes until October this year and this energy seduces us to the very lessons, we need from a Soul level. Are we able to integrate the powerful teachings from this full moon in Libra or are we going to cheat ourselves by simply giving up this mission? There has to be balance and individuality in a relationship, this takes work, understanding of self and a lot of internal processing to ensure the connections we make are meaningful, real and authentic. We all want to be seen in this way and if we cannot do it without someone else we will not be able to work through the difficult situations.

Happy transformative full moon in Libra

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