Scorpio Lunar Eclipse metamorphosis of our human nature

All eclipse seasons come with a promise of transformation and this Lunar eclipse on Saturday 6th May at 3:34am AEST will inflate repressed emotions from the past. The nodes are timeless. They bring energies from both past and future lives. Therefore, we often refer to eclipse season as the veil is thin between different levels of consciousness aka dimensions. I will add that this is a time where we are going to realise our Soul nature and perhaps for some dance with the idea of creation itself.

The cosmic is a cyclical journey. There is no beginning and no end, only the understanding of many ‘human’ layers buried deep in our pseudo cultural beliefs. If we’ve been paying attention, this eclipse season has already given subtle hints of what each of us will need to integrate in order to move to the next round of evolution. There is nothing to fix because there is nothing wrong. Pluto the ruler of Scorpio is in retrograde heading back into Capricorn, squares the nodes making this eclipse a huge choice point of our lives. This is a deep dive into our character, attitude and if we have the ‘spiritual’ signature to move forward without any unfinished business lingering.

The mood is of destruction and renewal which was set in motion January 2020 with the big conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Everything was put together at that moment to set its mark on our age. The moon makes itself felt everywhere, politically, socially, and philosophically so that each of us are reminded from a Soul level why we are here on this planet. We have to remember everything has its place. Like the zodiac of Scorpio which on many levels is misunderstood because it plays with all things taboo. This is not the energy to ignore or to fight. It is the very medicine we need to breakdown the illusionary confinements of our environment.

Not everyone is able to understand one another, and that is acceptable. Scorpio the sign that is ruled by Pluto and Mars has its place in our world. It is the only energy that is using its will of motivation to dive deep into our subconscious for the better or worse. Depending on where you admit you really are on your spiritual path. Take for example those that choose to join the armed forces, they have done so due to not having any other option, security, growth, hatred, power, patriarchal addiction, and perhaps personal reasons beyond our understanding. These types of environments are geared to break down the human vulnerability so we can become obedient. Did these people really enjoy that time or are they suffering from their experiences? Saturn trine the Moon is asking us to understand true spirituality in all avenues not just those that choose a lifestyle that involves popular modalities that promote a happy joyful place and anything negative is a karmic debt.

We’re learning a new way of understanding our fellow humans from a perspective that erodes the stereotyping of what is spiritual and who is doing it the most. This moon in Scorpio will conjunct the south node on Friday, with a trine to Saturn and square to Pluto. It is a black hole, an endless pit of despair if we allow ourselves to become senseless from past failures. No one or nothing is really perfect. Even when we love someone deeply and we express ‘you’re perfect’, what we’re really doing is avoiding the real sentence ‘you are able to sense my wholeness and I feel comfortable with you’. The bottom line to this understanding is that everything, everywhere is disclosing information about our world, our choices the way that we have been trained and formed our beliefs from such narrow options.

Our beliefs will come under the microscope with the Uranus opposition to the Moon. The shadow side of repressed energies that surface is not a failure. It’s not weakness if we’re remembering the past. All of these are held in the subconscious so we can find ourselves again. We can remember our true nature. We can take each step forward with a new meaning and understanding of our journey. Mercury is in retrograde and during this time he has been incredibly helpful. We’ve had some time to deeply reflect on our current choices and if we’re making waves to move forward with an open mind, perspective, and heart.

The light of the moon is the shadow of the Sun in Taurus conjunct to Uranus. This shows us many different attachments that we’ve engaged with for the love or addiction to security. Perhaps for some of us we’ve forgotten how we landed in this very point of our lives. We didn’t do it alone and we certainly didn’t do it without guidance and support. All of these come in the Scorpio way, the obsession of desire leads us to drop our purity just for the experience. Scorpio/Pluto rule the occult, which simply means anything that is hidden from our view. This eclipse is going to reveal how we’ve collectively submitted ourselves to the order of the world. Very different from the order of the natural law of the cosmos.

Pluto is not just about death and rebirth. This is an energy of seduction and engagement. It invites commitment with a set of spiritual boundaries. On the other hand if we don’t balance these energies with our personal values, such as we don’t hold our values dearly and allow external influences to penetrate us to shift them; we are operating in shadow. This eclipse as the Greeks call the Kairos meaning ‘the right moment’ brings the metamorphosis of how we understand ourselves, humanity and our ideals of something that we worship outside of ourselves. All of these illusions or stories are cracking the code for us to remember our powerfully kind trueness.

It doesn’t matter if your career involved the armed forces or a yogic practitioner and everything in between. What matters is the awareness of our behaviours, psychological and spiritual beliefs get retraced to the source. And what we might find, if we’re being truly honest, without having an ego boasting that we got it sorted, is ‘god’ resides in all of us. There is no outside understanding of this energy. Man created ‘religion’ for suppression, repression, and control. All of this is related to the shadow of Scorpio.

This peculiarity of our time, which is not of our conscious choosing, is the expression of the unconscious human within us who is changing. Only in this setting can the mutuality and the commonality of the human race be newly created, with reverence and gratitude for that which transcends each of us singly; and all of us together.

Many of us will feel our world coming apart. Let it fall apart. Let it fade. Let it reduce its noise, demands and commands. Many of us will feel guilty or shameful. Give yourself the chance to feel guilty and shame without a story, without a person in your minds eye. Let yourself feel it all come to the surface. Let yourself witness the repression that is hidden and dormant. Others will desire certain elements or situations. Give your desire a chance through the lens of your values and watch what happens.

If we are willing to be real. To be genuine. To be honest. To be human. We can do this by remembering who we have left behind that is necessary for our now. This is the ultimate message. We’re having to rise up from the depths of our inner constraints poisoned by pride and ego to find the answers to our secret questions. We’ve entered a new phase of 2023 and I hope you love yourself enough to only be with the best, work with the best and express your best. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen if you feel the fear of rejection, abandonment, and loss. The journey is long but like the higher octave of Scorpio do not turn away when things get difficult, see them through, feel everything with detachment.

I’ve not even mentioned the entities that we’re all experiencing, perhaps that is for another time… know yourself and you’ll find your human superpower and no entity can touch or influence you.

Big love

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