New Moon in Taurus have we embodied our sense of Self

The most intense energy in the sky is activated during this month of May. We are all having to integrate the past three years of our life with the choices we’ve made. There is nothing stopping us from choosing a life that is aligned with our purest value of self-worth. Taurus is a strong fixed earth energy. If it smells, tastes, and feels right then it is a yes. The new moon in Taurus on 20 May 2023 at 01:53 (AEST) with a sextile to Neptune, and grand fixed cross brings a choice between our values and desires.

There are dark forces waiting or niggling from a subconscious level rising or projected as suppressed or repressed emotional desires. Mars is at the last degree of Cancer, not happy. The frustrations are high, the choice is clear. Mars square to Jupiter and the nodes and oppose Pluto is not an easy alignment. It is the first Mars / Pluto in Aquarius opposition that we’re facing. This energy highlights dark emotions of obsession, fear, jealousy, betrayal, anger and highlighting psychotic tendencies to cause pain to others.

Mars and Pluto are rulers of Scorpio a fixed sign not afraid to travel to the darkest situations, explore the taboo and practice shamanic rituals. It’s a psychologically disturbing energy if there are no safe ways to express these repressed feelings. We are being guided to make a choice. One that is of the light. The square to Jupiter in Taurus who is moving to conjunct the north node brings an energy of inflation. It is over the top. We can go to the extreme with this energy if we’re not able to understand our own sense of self-worth.

The choice is already visible with the alignment of the new Moon and Sun at 28 degrees of Taurus. This degree is the beginning of the Pleiades which ends in 10 degrees Gemini. It is also where the dark star Algol resides at 27 degrees Taurus. The more we dive deep into the meaning and activation of this new moon the more we will realise we’re the ones responsible to release and express our deep subconscious emotions consciously.

Harness the abundant energy bestowed by this auspicious new moon. To break it down we must understand the role of Mars in Cancer at the anuretic degree. A powerful placement, but the weakest for Mars. He activates our drive to achieve and make things happen. A square to Jupiter can increase a desperate, needy, and out of control emotions. It can also take us to the edge, overextend and behave in greedy ways. The body cannot process these intense emotions in an effortless way eroding the sense of logic. We’re either lacking dopamine or the levels are increased which puts us in an over stimulated space. This results in trying too hard, forcing things to happen in the way that we want, and then boom, Algol is out there waiting patiently to attack our sacredness.

Mars is the one to watch. He moves into Leo, expanding his opposition to Pluto, which adds to the emotional intensity. Pluto’s power is not just about death and rebirth. It is about understanding how well we work with our repressed and suppressed emotional desires. The repression is not something that comes out the blue. It is a deep feeling that we’ve felt on a subtle level and have continuously ignored. It can also be experienced through past trauma that we’ve subconsciously attracted because our understanding of self-worth is at kindergarten stage.

Pluto rules the psychological make up of how we decipher fear, rejection, doubt, and trauma. Pluto opposing Mars during this new moon is at 29 degrees of Cancer is not happy. We’re not happy. The collective is not happy. The cardinal sign of Cancer is not in a place to make concrete decisions. It will play with our emotions, especially with this opposition to Pluto and a square to the nodes. We must make a choice. Do we go with the familiar patterns which are subconsciously self-destructive? Or do we choose to consciously shift to explore a new way of expressing ourselves? These energies are test of our spiritual loyalty. We’re not here to serve the world if we cannot understand ourselves.

There are five planets including the north node in Taurus inviting us to slow down our path. The Jupiter square to Pluto and Mars demands that we stop eroding our values. We stop the idea of being rescued by something outside of ourselves. We stop relying on others that have their own agenda about our precious life. It is only when we observe our reactions, choices, and commitments do we tap into the deep unprocessed psychological needs. We want to feel safe, so we control our relationship. We aim to fix with whom we relate with, and we tend to push blame on how our life unfolds.

These are fated times. There is nothing that we need to search. There is nothing that requires a process of reflection. Taurus with square to Leo is the energy that knows what it likes. If it feels right, it’s a yes. If it smells, tastes, and can see through our flaws, it is a yes. Anything that requires a question or an inquiry, is a no. Anyone who wants to leave your environment or connection is not part of your destiny. Alternatively, if we are questioning any part of our life we are not in alignment. Taurus is not an energy that requires to question anything. The fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius do not question their choices. They are in the embodiment of their own creation. We are now at a particularly important stage of our evolution and this one is not for everyone to digest.

Embark on an exploration of these captivating triggers, brimming with untapped potential, which are sure to ignite our curiosity. The Moon and Sun are with Algol a dark star associated with Medusa is not one that we must challenge with a ‘I know it all’ attitude. It is one of those moments when you walk into a party, and everything turns into a vampire. The ancients in the middle east knew of Algol’s darkest powers. It’s wild ability for severing heads is not something we have the capacity to handle. Let’s be honest. If we’re going to put ourselves in situations including, taking substances, magic mushrooms, micro dosing, ayahuasca, alcohol, drugs or anything that takes us out of our sound conscious, we’re inviting a hidden dark force. It is bleak. It means there is no understanding of how the alchemical energies of our planets operate. It is stupid to even fathom with the idea of losing our sacredness for cheap desire. We must find peace with our past, if we want to proceed.

We already have Mars in Cancer distorting our feelings and causing confusion about our emotional needs. It doesn’t matter how often we sit in a circle getting to other dimensions. What matters is, we understand the purity of this new moon requires for us to step up. It is astonishing, that we’re all attempting to heal ourselves by relying on something outside. Taurus is not about that; Pluto is squaring the nodes which means we must be completely uncoordinated with the natural flow of the universe to put ourselves in situations where we can be hijacked by dark forces.

The reward of being in our self-worth is not to give into temptation or seduction. The ability to speak our truth and to go for the life we want is already in the making. There is no time to make drastic changes. To address Pluto we must become completely transparent and do what it takes to connect back to our true emotional state. This is when we get the power of Pluto even if our intentions are not good. Pluto does not care and is not fair and equal to all of humanity. Good or bad, Pluto will deliver if we’re transparent, like the Pheonix spreading our wings as we rise from our darkness. Don’t be fooled by the Pheonix or the all seeing eye, they are gimmicks to keep us trapped with their symbolic rituals.

We keep our world simple. No overthinking and creating mental psychosis because we want something desperately. The more we come from a strong space of self-belief the more stable we will feel moving forward. Taurus new moon is one that brings us to face our biggest fears by being the extrovert. The introvert has died. Tap into your inner courage and contact those that are going to support your path long term. You will know who is of the light and who is of the dark because this moon reveals it very clearly. We do not hide from our responsibilities, and we also discern by saying no if it feels, smells, and tastes off.

Happy new moon in Taurus

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