Retrogrades: the power of the collective

Last week, we had Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all retrograde joining Plutos retrograde state since 25 April. This unfolding cosmic shift is yet another catalyst of powerful psychological and emotional inner energy. Retrogrades are opportunities, should we see them in this way, a process of going within, deeply and with sincerity and most of all... Continue Reading →

The hidden power of Pluto retrograde

Planet Pluto has been playing a pivotal role over the last few years, months in particular this year the malefic Planet meets Jupiter three times and is about to retrograde. It will retrograde on 25/26th April depending where you are in the world. For us in Sydney it will be early hours of Sunday morning... Continue Reading →

Divine intervention – New Moon in Aries

Restrictions to our life without our consent is a big wake up call on how much freedom we have as a society, community and especially personally. These next six days are the most 'intense' experiences the cosmic alignment activates within us. The echo of this activation will vibrate until end of April. During this intense... Continue Reading →

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