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One of my greatest mentors is my teacher Rima Rani Rabbath who has endlessly inspired me to believe in my own spirit. Using yoga as a tool to connect deeper with many and individuals, gives me delight and inspiration to continue the work that I do, regardless of not having many hours in the day. I am deeply debated to my teacher, who I follow around the globe, which is always an enriching life experience, as I learn something about myself that deepens my own practice.

I’m also in debt to Karolina Szymala, who mentored me during my 800hr Jivamukti teacher training.  Karolina has given me the gift to take the seat of a teacher, and to offer my gifts towards students in a compassionate and endearing manner. Not only is she one of my closest allies, she is one of the most gifted teachers in Sydney.  I am in awe of her teachings, which continue to inspire me, both in the philosphical and spiritual conversations, and also fashion!

Mentoring is a unique opportunity for anyone to experience, whether you’re a teacher who wants to deepen their practice or someone who requires guidance in your life, connect with me.