Yoga is the antidote for survival in our current times. Sandeep uses this as a foundational point cultivating a space that allows students to immerse in their own bodies, by creating a dynamic, vigorous sequence, and brining insights using the cosmic language of our living sky and using music for deep work.

Sandeep is an Advance 800 hour Jivamukti teacher, who travels every year to connect with her teachers Rima Rani Rabbath and Monica Jaggi. They are both based in NYC, and bring importance to current state of our lives and how we can use alignment within our bodies to reach a deeper understanding of Self. Sandeep incorporates and integrates these teachings in her classes. She regularly practice Astanga Yoga with Eileen Hall who has been her teacher for over seven years.

She has practiced with many teachers, inspired by Sharon Gannon and David Life founders of Jivamukti yoga. Yogeshwari from NYC, Mark Robberds and Deepika Mehtha Australia and Bali, Maty Ezarty, Kino McGregor, Richard Freeman and his wife Mary Taylor, Jules Febre of NYC, Lady Ruth, Monica Jaggi and Rima Rani Rabbath. Sandeep is always looking to learn and bring these teachings in to her classes.

You can find Sandeep teaching on a Saturday morning at Botannix Yoga in Botany or you can connect with her for private sessions.

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