My life path has been far from easy. However, I was born with the Sun 30 degrees in front of Pluto, which has equipped me with the tools to confront my fears head-on. Through Human Design as a 6/2 profile and astrology as a Virgo with Capricorn Moon and Gemini ascendant, I have learned to dive deep into my soul.

My intention in all the work I offer, including my full and new moon blog posts, and daily astrological insights on my Instagram, is to empower those I interact with to reclaim their natural self-empowerment. As an advanced Jivamukti teacher, I conduct regular classes at the Botannix Yoga Studio in Botany.

My personality is characterized by authenticity and depth. I always strive to remain honest and in alignment with divine forces. My favorite quote, passed down by my dear mother, is “allow it.” This two-word phrase embodies wisdom, strength, and love.

My personal mission is to provide individuals with the tools they need to understand their astrological and human design charts, allowing them to be true to themselves without relying on external factors. We are always in the process of rediscovering our true nature, which is rooted in love.

I invite you to explore my blogs, which are both thorough and profound. May you always find love on your journey.