Sandeep took her first Asthanga yoga class in Leamington Spa in 1999, where she developed a deep love and appreciation for her yoga practice. After moving to Sydney in 2008, she finally found her way to Samadhi Yoga with Katie Manitsas in 2011. She was immediately taken with the beautiful exchange of energy and how the space inspired a diverse community, holding a safe and sacred space. The method practiced at Samadhi, which is now Jivamukti Yoga is the Jivamukti method.

She is deeply touched by the collective energy where all walks of life experience the true essence of yoga. Sandeep is drawn to the Jivamukti method because of its well thought out methods. Teachers take the students through well thought out and relevant, deep dharma talks, nada is experience through verbal instruction and music, ahimsa to make sure there is compassion to all beings, by practicing and promoting a vegan diet, meditation and devotion to the scriptures, ancient teachings to support a vigorous, innovative and creative practice.

To expand her experience and commitment, Sandeep undertook the 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training in 2012 with Yogeswari and Patrick Broome, and was mentored by Rima Rani Rabbath. Sandeep infuses her classes in a similar manner, with her own insights of the cosmos, astrology infused with her warmth, sincerity, fun and dynamic approach.

Sandeep is an energetic and engaged teacher who enjoys the asana practice and gives her students the skills to develop their techniques, and the opportunity to reflect on their experience in a ‘yoga lab’ environment. It is a structured and supportive environment that is balanced by the space to explore your personal journey in a relaxed community of people coming together to grow and share.

Sandeep completed the Jivamukti apprenticeship 800 hour program with her mentor Karolina Szymala. She has continuously encouraged, shaped and believed in developing Sandeep to become a stronger, humble and technical teacher.

Sandeep an Advance Jivamutki Teacher is humbly grateful to all her teachers, mentors and friends. Sandeep is also an intuitive astrologer, who has a passion to translate the wisdom of the cosmos and bring the relevance to our everyday lives, for growth and for a deeper understanding of ourselves.