Diving deep for healing Venus, Eris meet Chiron in Aries…

It takes strength, compassion, courage and a willingness to dive deep into our personal world of darkness. It can alternatively take a foolish person to ignore the underlying discomfort that leaks out from the core of our being, our essence and blame others for this sickness. Darkness, is not bad it is our relationship to darkness that can either stall us or allow us the emotional growth we are all starving for as a human race.

Venus, Eris and Chiron…

I’ve been meaning to write about Venus the goddess of love and beauty traveling through Aries all week. She is a little contentious, annoyed and somewhat in a hurry to get rid of the discomfort. Venus the goddess is a personal planet, which means we can see her with our naked eye. And it also indicates that she has been diving deep into our psyche since Tuesday to arouse the muddy water we have become content with! Venus meets Eris, the goddess of discord, her vibration is like a volcano eruption and we are witnessing this eruption from within the mountain itself. We can see things that we wouldn’t otherwise be aware of, she shifts our perception and pulls the curtain away.

Eris, born from the void. This is quite an eerie start to life, which can give us insight to begin to understand the motivations of this entity. Eris the goddess of discord, bringing with her a ruthless, unforgiving energy that will certainly pull the rug from under our feet. We will fall, we will become victims of our own actions, and then we will be forced to face what we have avoided. There is healing in this dark womb-like space. A birthing of our true essence. There is comfort in our own darkness, that births a new self-awareness that brings inner strength. This week she travels with two powerful energies. Venus the goddess of love, beauty and grace along with the constellation Chiron the ‘wounded healer’.

dark and light feminine

The week opened a small window of release with the full moon in Leo, only to shine light on our inner ‘strength and courage’. This is what we need to walk this week, next week and most of March in our own ‘shadow’ ‘darkness’ ‘life circumstance’ that has given us another, yes another opportunity to ‘heal’ from where we are required.


Therefore there is no escape and there is no hiding from the daily mundane chores of life.

And then we have Chiron the wounded healer, also traveling with these two goddess in Aries. There is fire, a no nonsense state of affairs that we have to address if we want to grow emotionally. Growing pains are never easy. There is an inner feeling of lack, of not being worthy of a situation, there is an inner state of feeling the shadow but totally dismissing it, hoping it will pass. And yes it will pass. It will go, but it is not in a hurry, it is on lazy susan, going around and around, churning deep within us layers of self betrayal, lack of self worth, suppression of anger, depressive moments, sadness, contentment when the heart wants something else, exposing the different faces and situations of fear.

Face to face with our shadow

Walking with all of this in a compassionate way and with some key tools can give us insight of where we need to grow. To sit with our discomfort, inner critic takes strength, to observe our shadow and to see it as separate to you takes, courage and perseverance. To embrace that we are here for this particular moment in our lives, because we want to heal parts of ourselves to feel whole requires wisdom. It also requires us to understand on a deep level that it is okay to have inner rage, anger, fear and the other parts of shadow. This is not about knowing that we have it, but to know that we need to release it in some shape or form. To become aware of it, to know that we can shine the light on it and at the same time learn to understand that it is there because at some point in our life we were either told we were not good enough, or we were led to believe that we were not worthy of love, attention or opinion, or that we suppress that which was not allowed to be expressed.

All of this is hard work, but once we get through it, and we gain the wisdom from the lessons we birth a version of ourselves that feels whole. This is magic.

dark spot jacqueline mendez


The wound healer, Chiron, reminds us that we are not perfect humans, there is a defect in our psyche, and this makes us humble if we are conscious of our own shadow. The healing only comes when we have sat, without distraction, by not shutting the door, by not suppressing the feelings of rage, guilt, shame, inner critic, shadow, anger, lack of self worth, lack of self love, lack of self belief, jealousy, pain, and betrayal. We need to let loose, we need to scream so loud and release what is not welcomed inside, we need to cry, we need to trust the body will release this blocked energy.

Eris will help us reveal what we don’t even know what is hidden within us, so we can rise and shine in our full embodiment of an awakened being.

Mars in March Mercury in retrograde…

Mercury goes retrograde this weekend, in Pisces and will create some great aspects to the North Node in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus and the new moon in Pisces, bringing us deep moments of insights, revelations of the unconscious (shadow). Mars the planet of war, warrior, will and drive will move into Capricorn, creating a surge of energy that we will need to release. One of the ways we can do this is by acting on those insights another is working out where we hold back anger and get a depressive feeling in our bodies. This is an indication that we need to think of something that makes us angry and we let it out through full body movement and screaming so hard that we can feel our vocal cords vibrate. Then we can lie down and feel the aftermath of our work.  If we do not release this energy, we will feel it inside, and it will leak out in either sickness, or accidents, and make life seem like we decided to climb mount Everest in our swimmers…  Be bold, dive deep… no judgement of self, just observe, act, and release.



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