Scorpio New Moon stings us back to reality!

2021 has not let us down with the powerful, almighty, forceful, sudden and chaotic energy of Uranus. A year promised uncertainty, rapid change by bringing awareness to our old belief systems so we can be empowered by the choices we’ve made. Uranus isn’t an energy which supports hive mind thinking, nor follow the crowd, rather... Continue Reading →

Virgo New Moon human evolution!

September invites new light of knowledge. Inner knowledge, ancient Soul wisdom we all hold deep within. It’s a month, especially when we remove ourselves from the noise, we open, blossom away from our old patterns, behaviours and beliefs. It is a season of change, with a new moon in Virgo at 14° 38 seconds at... Continue Reading →

Inner storm warning Uranus retrograde

Our world as it unravels becomes more and more strange. Uranus the planet of electrical current, unpredictability and rules humanitarian causes defined by technology lies in Taurus. Its most uncomfortable space. Uranus goes retrograde on Friday at 11:40 AEST, almost on a world axis point, indicating this transit is going to impact all of us... Continue Reading →

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