Saraswati – the mother of mantra, creativity, civilisation, wisdom and knowledge

I fell in love with Saraswati, the goddess of intelligence and knowledge.  A powerful goddess who is the consort of Lord Brahma.  It is believed that Brahma is the divine lawgiver and the source of all knowledge and Saraswati is his shakti who releases it to the cosmos matter, helping to shape the world.  (

The myth of Saraswati is quite powerful.  Lord Brahma created the world.  There was no order, or logic, it was chaotic, a universal mess.  He decided it was completely impractical for his future plans.  He created Saraswati and out she came from his mouth.  She was the most beautiful thing he has thus far created.

Saraswati is depicted with four arms, each is symbolic in shaping the cosmos matter as we understand it today.  She carries the Vedas in the back right hand which symbolises her as the Mother of the Veda’s, and the repository of the Brahmas intelligence.  Now, that is a big responsibility.  The back left hand has a rosary (mala) representing the spiritual sciences or yoga tapas.  Practicing the Japa a good reminder for the repetition of the divine name. When Saraswati came to the cosmos, there was no order hence her purpose was to rid of this complete chaos.  To assist her she carries a Vina.  As soon as she started to play the music of the universe or the rhythm of the world, vibration was born and with that matter, the cosmos shaped it in to magical order. She inspired Brahma to create many universes, planets and all forms of life, with her knowledge, wisdom and creativity. The vina symbolises the need for cultivating the fine arts. In india many of the musicians have images of Saraswati.

Saraswati has a beautiful resilient character, you see she is the most beautiful creation that came from Lord Brahma.  Brahma couldn’t take his eyes of her, so he developed a four-sided head.  Saraswati became uncomfortable with his glaring eyes and transformed herself to a cow.  Once Brahma found her, he transformed himself to a bull.  She then went into hiding and became a deer, and whenever he found her he became the male consort.  Saraswati was engrossed in her knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and the music from the Vina, she developed mantra and with that came the divine teachings of purity.  She didn’t have time to hang with Brahma.  In her pictures she is seen wearing a white sari a symbol of dazzle and purity.  Sitting on a lotus is symbolic to show that she has no dirt or mud in her consciousness.  Her vehicle is the swan representing the power of separating milk from water.  A famous Indian saying.  This symbolises wisdom discrimination and hence for vidya (knowledge).  The peacock is always at her side symbolises this world and all its glory.  The attractions of the world can lead us away from spiritual knowledge (avidya).  The peacock reminds us that the ego shouldn’t be empowered in any form.

Saraswati is a great teacher, her qualities are to remind us the power of the word.  She is associated with poetry, speech, music, communication of all forms and culture, we have to mean what we say and say what we mean.  She is the stream of inspiration, we can call upon her when we create, deliver speech or want to make a difference in our creative work.  She helps us to become aware of our speech and to understand the importance of choosing our words wisely.

Womb of knowledge is one of the great aspects of Saraswati.  She reminds us that “all knowledge of value should be pristine and pure”.  If you want to write your novel or article then call upon Saraswati.  Remember that when you invoke these qualities you have to use the saraswatienergy of Saraswati carefully.  The power she has can create or destroy civilisations, movements and inspiration.  In our time today we can witness her in our Mac products, Internet, Social Media and satellite tools.  On one hand we have all this knowledge and access to information and on the other hand we are having to face the reality of how some powerful people have used this knowledge to sell us things that we don’t need.

Today you will find the qualities of Saraswati in many creative writers, performers, artists, teachers that get you to think differently, social media developers who have giving us the opportunity to have quick access to alternative information.  Saraswati is an energy that you can call upon when you feel you need to communicate a powerful topic, learning Sanskrit or mantra, learning an instrument, or even when you have a computer glitch, Saraswati will not be too far away to resolve the problem.  I invite you to learn more about Sarasvati the goddess of knowledge, because she will certainly touch and inspire you in many ways.

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