As my teacher Debra Silverman says “you don’t need to believe in astrology, astrology believes in you”.  This powerful statement stays with me every time the planets align to the activities on earth. Astrology helps us to connect deeply understanding there is a celestial and terrestrial, earth and spirit meeting of two active energies. We cannot assume that there is a pull of energy from the either and deny our own actions… we and the cosmos have this beautiful dance to grow emotionally and psychologically consciously.

Astrology is a blueprint of knowing our soul journey, our key lessons in life and most of all becoming whole with our own elements.  Esoteric astrology gives us “permission” to understand the parts of ourselves that we most struggle with and key directives that assist us to evolve and live a satisfying life without self-judgement and guilt.  Think about it, if you were given the opportunity to understand why you’re here and the lessons you have to learn, wouldn’t it make life a little gentle?

I’m also specialising in two major aspects of our life, relationship and shadow. These chart readings give us the tools to deeply understand ourselves to build stronger connections with grace and wisdom.

If you want me to read your chart, and provide you with some answers to the challenges you face, then contact me below.