True-heartedness – New Moon Taurus

The cosmos sets the stage for the New Moon in Taurus, taking its form to put into practice how our morals, ethics, values and beliefs are validated from the choices we’ve made. There are always two unfolding energies, not always so obvious as this one, where we have strong energies in fixed earth sign Taurus... Continue Reading →

Retrogrades: the power of the collective

Last week, we had Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all retrograde joining Plutos retrograde state since 25 April. This unfolding cosmic shift is yet another catalyst of powerful psychological and emotional inner energy. Retrogrades are opportunities, should we see them in this way, a process of going within, deeply and with sincerity and most of all... Continue Reading →

Responsibility of love… Venus!

There is a lot that is going on in this world, and in our personal lives, working lives and not a lot going on in our social lives not what we are used to anyway. This week we experienced a powerful full-moon in Libra, she was very determined to get us to 'act' on without... Continue Reading →

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