Holding space in our hearts

"The heart is a sensory organ that guides our decision-making ability as well as our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. It's a symbol that transcends time, place and culture. " Dr Joe Dispenz, Becoming Supernatural I was reminded today whilst teaching yoga how important it is for us to go back... Continue Reading →

The Power of Satsang

I have spent three weeks in the company of great individuals in Berlin. In Sanskrit this gathering is called Satsang, which also means in company of your guru or with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about and assimilate the truth. I spent time at the Jivamukti Berlin studio.  The studio is a... Continue Reading →

AuMega eXperience

Being at the feet of our teachers from all levels is a blessing, especially in this day and age. In particular in the presence of the dynamic trio Jules Febre, Rima Rani Rabbath, and Julie Kirkpatrick at the Jivamukti Omega Immersion. The first week of September is the most exciting part of the year. The back end... Continue Reading →

First impressions

This is the start of a 10 week break from my average normal daily activites.  Over the last few months, well, since 1 December 2013 my life hit a new high version of the 'norm'.  I embarked on my Jivamukti 800 hour apprenticeship with Karolina Szymala.  This in its own right was a journey of... Continue Reading →


Yogas Chitta-Vritti Nirodhah "When you stop identifying with your thoughts, fluctuations of mind, then there is yoga, identity with Self, which is Samadhi, happiness, bliss and ecstasy" Human beings start putting others into boxes the moment we meet each other… "are they smart?", "are they a potential mate?" "are they a networking opportunity".   We... Continue Reading →

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