Divine intervention – New Moon in Aries

Restrictions to our life without our consent is a big wake up call on how much freedom we have as a society, community and especially personally. These next six days are the most 'intense' experiences the cosmic alignment activates within us. The echo of this activation will vibrate until end of April. During this intense... Continue Reading →

Our role in the rise of the truth…

Recently, i've been experiencing a personal shift in my own energies and aligning them to the subtle transitions of our mother, the earth.  I can confidently write 2016 was quite a transformative year; shedding away what is not serving us, although the peeling of the layers was almost a rude awakening… we survived, yearning deep... Continue Reading →

A great walkaway from Leslie Kaminoff

I recently went to an anatomy re-imagining alignment course with Leslie Kaminoff, who got me thinking about the difference between a yoga instructor and a yoga teacher. Kaminoff, has been around for years, specialising in anatomy, bringing his experience and own personal observations to the forefront of his teachings. He recognised very early during his... Continue Reading →

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