Remembering the important things and forgetting the rest

This focus of the month is almost over, however it sent me on a profound journey of what we need to remember and what we need to forget. This of course, has been explored by various teachers and students around the globe, however I want to share with you something that perhaps brings it home to all of us, including the ones who know.

Only the important things that matter will be remembered. With this thought in mind, you can start to eilminate or disregard the other stuff. The other stuff can be a range of things, such as how we see ourselves in the world, what we are like towards different people, such as work mates, yogis, walking down the street and someone bumps into you after a yoga class and the cycle continues. Those little things come from a strong foundation of believing in the fear, anxiety, anger, loss, the wants that we cannot access, the ideas that have been planted in our subconscious and play out as a veil of how we see the world or interpret the world.

As Ammaji wrote in her book ‘Eye of Wisdom’, recalling the story of Victor Frankl, who was in a concentration camp during the holocaust, witnessed his wife being killed and several family members, in this space. He very quickly adopted an attitude where he would simple sit deep with himself. and when he was subjected to several torturous physical and mental atrocities, he made a choice to either take it on board or to witness it as something that was not a part of him. This wisdom comes from deep understanding that we are bigger than we think we are… not in an egoic sense, but in a manner that we are a reflection of what is inside of ourselves. Victor became a beacon of light not only to his fellow inmates but also had transformational effect on the guards. This experience indicates that we create the reality we want in our mind and then experience it unfold in front of our very eyes.

If we continue the internal mantra of fear, anxiety, anger, loss, the wants, needs and the other stuff entertaining our ego for a short sighted sense of achievement, then we will become just that, and our life experience, perhaps, will be limited because we choose to make choices from these low vibrating lenses.

Therefore, experiencing people, and having good hearted conversations of growth, serving of others without any condition, adopting to vibrate on a higher frequency, then we can start to tap into a world of magic. And only the important things will be remembered.

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