Saturn retrograde building personal law

As the Sun moved into Gemini earlier this week an insurrection for being social became a primary focus along with loaded questions of who is in our close group of friends, who can we truly rely on without receiving a tsunami of emotionally loaded backlash. Gemini is a twin sign, representing two forms of consciousness in each of us; a higher and third dimensional. It can get quite distorting searching for the other twin frequency outside of ourselves, although if we don’t attempt these paths, key shadows that require illumination lay dormant, thus relationships of all sorts becomes a big focus, especially when Saturn is in retrograde. Saturn retrograde began today 19:19 hours, 13 degrees, AEST, making a trine to the Moon in Libra and Venus in Gemini.

Before I go deep into Saturn, a beautiful and powerful alignment happened this week on Thursday, where we had Black Moon Lilith (BML) conjunct the North Node in Gemini. A big emphasis in the Gemini energy, which in its fundamental form is about how we maintain relations with the youthful, light, playful and curious aspects of who we are and what is soulfully nourishing to our core. Both BML and the North Node are magnetic pull of frequency, the space between the spaces, representing a fierce, raw, sacred Divine Feminine shakti. BML is in no way an energy which conforms to what society or the status quo pushes it to be, however the purity of this frequency holds such resonance to where we may seek salvage during the Lunar Eclipse on Thursday, with a full-moon in Sagittarius.

image @nathanziemansk

BML is associated with the Lilith archetype, seen to be equal in both power, sovereignty, sexuality, consciousness and sacredness as Adam. Although Lilith is not spoken so openly in sacred texts, it is still a strong myth that echoes in each of our hearts. Adam represents the Masculine frequency, an archetype reflecting how we have manifested our own masculine tendencies, no discrimination on what skin suit you’re wearing. The myth begins with Adam, having strong desires to lay with Lilith and asks, demands, forces, or manipulates her to come to him, however Lilith is connected with a higher consciousness, a sacred force where she understands by laying with Adam she will somehow betray herself. Lilith decides to leave, goes into the forest, making alliances with Gaia’s natural gifts, plants and its habitats. She connects with the Divine Mother, holding space, while making sacred ritual to what she values in her world. The interconnectedness of both Lilith, Divine Mother and nature we learn about how important it is to define our life by our values, making and shaping our own law, living in the manner we are empowered as we understand how our loyalty to ourselves enables the understanding of the Divine within each of us.

Perhaps, both Adam and Lilith as they made their requests to God, they paved the way of what was right for each of them. Adam was lonely after Lilith left and insisted to God to bring her back, of course Lilith denied Gods request because she knew it was not the choice of God, but a request from Adam. God return to Adam with Liliths response, the news was devastating for Adam, unbearable for God and freedom for Lilith. God then pulls a rib from Adam and creates Eve, of which this Feminine energy is not equal to Adam but is of him therefore her role became either the maiden or wife.

BML with NN ignited this very energy in all of us, to go against the forces of our environment we must consciously check-in with ourselves, go inwards, seek the answers to understand our values, worth, dignity, purpose and hearts desires. We must follow our feelings, connect with what we are faced with through deep self inquiry establishing what makes us whole and thus gives us courage to follow our path regardless of what forces attempt to push us back. Saturn in Aquarius, his retrograde is no light weight affair as both the Moon, Venus and North Node make a trine bringing clarity for our Soul karmic assignments.

Saturn is in retrograde until 11 October, where each of us, depending on our soul journey and the level of consciousness we’re at and if we’ve done the karmic assignment, is going to bring into focus where we need to build our own sacred law, refining ourselves as the energy starts to restrict us from the future we want. Aquarius is quite an extraordinary sign, ruled by both Uranus and Saturn, associated with friends, groups, collaborative spaces, visions and dreams along with technology as a medium to connect with others, activating innovative, exciting, sudden surprises and changes. Saturn has been through a lot over the last three years in Capricorn, its wisdom to ensure we are in our integrity with its karmic almost sinister approach we embark on a future that no longer comes with an idiots guide to living. This is why Saturn can bring in fear or anxiety to what we knew or were convinced was right for us and now we may find ourselves questioning it all, once again have us all shifting our connections.

Interestingly, as we start to become more social, we realise what we need, understand what we don’t need and like Lilith we may stand strong in our truth. Our shadows will illuminate those parts in each of us, when we’ve betrayed our hearts and followed an idea, group or situation that perhaps would give us some opening or advantage, Saturns stern assessment of our actions will either bear gifts or another lesson. We may find, our visions and future with others, past or current is radically shifting which can bring such emotional instability, loneliness or abandonment. Not because we’re desperately trying to fill a void, or wanting to run, it’s because we’ve become extremely open to other people’s energies and our intuition is on fire, our truth becomes our ally, our greatest trusted friend.

The next five months will slowly peel away our fears, transmuting them into taking responsibility of our future, making sure we have all that we need, tools, people, skills to move forward. We can face many unresolved karmic situations where we can recognise our problems or roadblocks. Saturn retrograde is just the start of this profoundly strange week of cosmic alignment, with a lunar eclipse on Thursday and Mercury retrograde over the weekend. This is a great time to reflect on:

  1. How often do I compromise my truth for the sake of peace?
  2. Where have I betrayed my heart, values and needs?
  3. Which area of my life am I impatient, refuse my responsibility to take action?
  4. What does my personal law feel like, what is in the way of living by my sacred law?
  5. Is isolation helping me to shift or keeping me stagnant or emotionally paralysed?
  6. What does joy feel like in my life?
  7. What does happiness look like in my life?
  8. Which area of my life requires collaboration?
  9. How healthy are my friendship circles?
  10. Am I seen, felt and supported in my own unique self?

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  1. thanks Sandeep. This totally resinates with me. especially this “We may find, our visions and future with others, past or current is radically shifting which can bring such emotional instability, loneliness or abandonment. ” I have felt such loneliness not from my friendship groups but just in my unequal relationships with my children and what their father does , or doesn’t do. i am completely responsible for them in all ways… more than I ever realised. That did cause emotional instability but now i realise its my power, I dont need to ask him for anything any more.

    Then when you say “The next five months will slowly peel away our fears, transmuting them into taking responsibility of our future, making sure we have all that we need, tools, people, skills to move forward.” I know this completely now… without doubt. i have no fear of him now or what he can do to me. He has done it, and I have survived and got stronger and made it through this challenging time with my daughter by myself with out him. I can do anything now. I just feel pity for him and rage (but that is to be discussed another time!).

    Thank you for sharing all this wisdom. it has helped me make it through some of the most emotionally charged years of my life.


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