An initiation! Lunar eclipse with Scorpio and Taurus

A Full-Moon in Taurus at 27 degrees conjuncts the darkest star in our cosmic sky, Algol at 27 degrees and the North Node in Gemini making this a partial lunar eclipse with the Sun in Scorpio. The darkest star holds the very energy of when Athena severed the head of Medusa in her sacred temple miss judging a situation. Medusa was being violated by Poseidon, and instead of being supported, heard or rescued she was beheaded. Algol a fixed star holds this very traumatic energy. It is one of the most misfortunate stars strongly associated with violence, sickness, dangerous and closely aligned to the goddess Medusa.

This is not a full-moon I will be running to place my crystals under the light of Scorpio Sun, on the very alignment of Algol (19th November at 19:57 AEST). This lunar eclipse is one which promises to bring change, endings and intense energy driven by greed, gluttony and alcohol with a sprinkle of freedom.

We’ve spent the last six months being told where we can go, who we can see, how far we can travel and for some who were coerced into a false guise of freedom, by taking part in some hypothesis, has us craving for a different kind of connection. We want to feel alive, in control of our own lives and we certainly do not want to partake in some evil project. This lunar eclipse has the very potential to exacerbate this dark narrative. Including activating what needs to change by bringing light to our shadow.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, a fixed earth-bound sign associated with being stubborn, focused on the sensuality, beautification and glamour while on the shadow side, it is greedy, manipulative and refuses to shift. Uranus the planet of sudden events, shocks, evolution, promotes the idea of artificial intelligence, disconnection to its own heart in the name of our human race and the lover of eccentricity and individuality, is retrograde in Taurus. Uranus trines Venus in Capricorn who is now in shadow, embarking on her forty-days and forty-nights journey to the underworld.


Venus integrates her wisdom through our subconscious, bringing awareness to our shadow core beliefs around love, affection and values. In Capricorn she takes us on a journey to release the idea that another being is going to provide love, affection and meet our values. She wants us to take our authority back. To realign our birthright as a human being of freedom. To live by our values, and to understand key moments of growth throughout her 5-month journey in Capricorn. By 7 March 2022 when she arrives in Aquarius, we will never underestimate the inner wisdom of self-love, self-worth and inner authority especially, if we practice self-awareness around our shadow side of control, power and relying on others to fix us.

Venus trines Uranus can certainly shift our relationship to money, work and government figures. Uranus wants change, evolution and a more modern, spiritually aligned fair contract, while Venus goes through her own dark night of the Soul we are invited to step up in the way we’ve never needed to. Venus is our personal planet of unconditional love, with Uranus she wants to try something new, something that is stimulated, shiny, sparkly, secure, real, authentic and is unrestricted in a way that allows to us to freely express ourselves.  

Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and in ancient times Mars, a fixed water sign associated with lurking in the darkest places, the murkiest situations to surge up what is deeply hidden and that which requires to be processed, released or embodied. A sign of death, resurrection, self-inquiry, disclosure of what is hidden, even though it is travelling in the very sign which will only reveal enough information to get you interested. Mercury and Mars are both in Scorpio along with the Sun, a mildly intense combination of intuition, hunger for intimacy, truth and a distaste for restrictions which feel wrong. This is the very blend of energy to sense a ruthless direction adopted to reveal truth. We are exhausted by the old stories. We seek new experiences, ones which are passionate, exciting and raw to the core.

An energy that strongly believes it has the authority to expose all that is taboo, and perhaps we need this to stop pretending we are angelic, kind humans who truly want world peace. If this is the case, we would experience freedom of choice and expression in all areas of our life.  

To add to this energy, if this wasn’t enough or it hasn’t got you intrigued, worried or even conscious about what we have been avoiding, Saturn in Aquarius sextiles Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries adding another perspective or flavour to this intensely dark lunar eclipse. Chiron echoes our painful points, associated with our deepest wounding, trauma and issues. In Aries this is the collective self-worth, sense of unworthiness and space in which we’ve created which feels off.

Saturn with Chiron, although a sextile is the responsible hat we wear during this lunar eclipse. This transit brings a sobering aspect, influenced by our own wounding we can embark forward with a feeling of self-empowerment. We are done with repeating ping pong energies preventing emotional maturity and feeling light. The shadow side to this transit can highlight an overuse of our analytical side, dependent on technology to help our evolution or keeping us constantly distracted. This dismisses our very own gut feelings, intuition and inner knowing, when denied we can fall heavy emotionally. Now is the time, to use these very energies by propelling to what makes us feel alive, gives us meaning and trying something new.

At this lunar eclipse we simply cannot afford to brush our needs, wants, desires, passions, self-worth issues under the carpet. We cannot hold space with those that don’t do the work. We cannot entertain those that are gorged in our lives, demanding us to be something we don’t have the capacity to process. We cannot, no longer, pretend to fix things that have overstayed their welcome, or have expired their sell by date. Neither can we continue to live or stay within a dissatisfying environment, especially if when the choices we have submitted ourselves to, impact our sovereignty, our truth and values.

Pluto in Capricorn has a chance to push some ideas to his brother Jupiter in Aquarius, in a semi-sextile. A coming together of what requires deep transformation, burning of our superficiality, as we crave a spiritually aligned environment. It may feel a long way off. We must trust the process. We must find compassion in our hearts to know all our choices will bring a deeper level of understanding to eventually find the divine in others. We may get to a point during the next six months, to strive for healthier collective energy, one which embraces diversity, individuality and spiritual evolution.

If you haven’t already felt it, this lunar eclipse is an initiation. A revoking of our shadow aspects which need our attention. We cannot allow ourselves to indulge in alcohol during this lunar eclipse, which has some intrinsic dark, shady, violent tendencies. Medusa’s archetype needs no permission to unleash her power, targeting those that dare to look her in the eyes, while she turns them to stone. This energy supports anyone who wants protection from darkness, by embodying the dark consciously and spiritually to release what needs to be met at its frequency.


Our stories, attachment to our financial portfolios, attachment to the idea of mutating with another must come from a spiritually balanced platform. Our world has changed, our cosmos is at war between light and dark, malefic and benefic, our male and female energies. The Sun is looking at Algol in the eye, our own Soul wants change, evolution and maturity. Our Scorpionic tendencies have been ignited. If it is not from good intentions, we will leave it all behind, no matter what.

We must pay attention to this week’s cosmic unfolding events. Its influences, as they are the very energies, we will feel in 2022. A year of death, sickness, disclosure, truth all in the name of our own sovereignty. And if we can transmute our desires to sacred and conscious spiritual acts, connect and trust from our heart space, we can use this energy to fuel, to heal our planet, our people, our governance and our communities. Sitting back and taking care of our own needs will only go so far. Uranus, with Saturn and Jupiter teach us to collaborate, to be with those that do not judge or resent our very existence.

This lunar eclipse is for our Soul evolution. Depending on your personal conscious and spiritual path, we all will face some changes, awakenings and transitions. These will not be easy; they may creep up and open the floodgates for our own ascension. Scorpio demands truth by thoroughly exploring all aspects of information, including intuition. Taurus demands us to focus on our personal values, we cannot take those with us who are refusing to look at their own shadows. It is no easy energy, doesn’t matter if you’re a level seven yogi, what matters is we have the courage and the eye of the lion to lead with our hearts.

The cosmic sky will challenge us exposing our repressed emotions, past and we in turn challenge our own conditioning. This eclipse is cut throat frequency, we have to trust these emotions, psychological behaviours, spiritual bypassing tendencies to release, transmute and raise our own spiritual signature back at the cosmos.

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