Venus dances with the God of the underworld, Pluto

A karmic and intense time unfolds as Venus meets with Pluto, not once but three times as she journeys through Capricorn with a retrograde. To understand Venus in Capricorn we must dive deep into the qualities of this ancient grandmother energy. Not only is Capricorn ruled by Saturn, giving it a tint of resilience, responsibility, governance, structures that hold us in place, but it is a feminine wisdom which holds a superpower. Thus making Venus in Capricorn, quite a determined, focused, committed and calculated genius.

Saturn rules time, which is why it is associated with karma and while it travels through Aquarius the sign of our visions, goals, and future, including humanitarian duty of care, becomes the dictating energy to Venus. We are going to experience a huge transformation of our personal power which involves us to strip away inhibitions, old patterns, healing old stories and becoming more precious about our choices. Venus has already conjoined Pluto, since 9 December and will stay with the God of the underworld Hades, until 30 December. She comes to a standstill on 17 December to retrograde on 19 December. These next three weeks are going to bring a lot of intense, deep, perhaps dark, shadow, unhealthy, desirable, risky temptations to the surface, even fear. Collectively we sense the fall of the financial system, while others feel true companionship is the key.  

Our job is not to play it safe. It’s not a time to take ‘blind’ risks. If we hope we will hit the jack pot or force our power, will or needs to make things happen how we want them, then we will experience a very relentless, shady side of Venus in Capricorn. She will reveal how we may manipulate others, ourselves, including our thoughts and desires to make things happen. If they don’t happen, the way we want, we can experience some deep psychological disturbances. This is not a journey where everyone will feel the same thing, or have the same relationship with people, money and projects. Rather it is an energy that pushes us to strike within and break down anything that is inhibiting us.

We are going to go on an individual journey of our interpretation of the underworld. The taboo side of life. The things we think about which get us all excited but dare not act on them will find life and consciousness of its own. These can be spiritual or dark, shadow work that hits us when we least expect it. All we’ve hidden or continue to hide from ourselves and others will come up to the surface.

Venus in Capricorn represents the wise feminine who has experienced a lot of power struggles, has fought in the arena of gladiators and knows how to woo or fool them to make the right moves. This archetype has been dormant within us, where we’ve searched externally for validation or been under the power or influence of others, eroding us from our true needs. Venus highlights how we may control ourselves to behave as others want or expect us to. Venus with Pluto is activating our wild, free, somewhat dangerous and risky desires.

Artist Minjae Lee

Venus meeting with Pluto the god of the underworld. In Greek mythology, the story of Persephone (Venus) who was chaperoned by her mother, Ceres also known as Demeter the Goddess of the seasons, harvesting and growth, loved her daughter. Persephone and Demeter did everything together, the level of nurturing and feminine support was a safe growing environment. Persephone has wisdom of the earth, the key traits of maintaining good relations. The arcuate timing of planets, seasons, weather changes, earth movements including all the care of all creatures. These responsibilities cannot be done without discernment nor without tactful leadership, good use of power or strong established old structures devised by Demeter.

Perhaps Persephone knew all this too well and felt an urge to explore uncharted territory. One fine day, Pluto known as Hades the god of the underworld, took her or enticed her or intrigued her about his strange world that is not spoken about. He represents everything opposite from her own experience. This new, uncharted, even dangerous world started to excite her, give her a different pulse to how she lived. An edge, even power, and knowledge which her mother didn’t know about. Persephone fell in love with this world including Hades, and stayed. In the meantime, Demeter, searched high and low, grieved, mourned and starved herself to get her daughter back.

As Demeter took care of the earth, including the cycles of harvesting, during her mourning and search her grief betrayed the earth. The plants died, the animals went to sleep, the rains came then the frost. Everything was at standstill. Venus in retrograde is a 40 day and 40-night journey of the underworld. Symbolises our own search for what we’ve dishonoured in ourselves because it is not of the light, and is taboo, far-fetched or something completely out of the ordinary. We will meet our own shadows concerning the very qualities Venus brings to us, values and justice, inner security and open sensuality.  

It is a time of deep reflection of our desires, of all that requires to be experienced, even if it goes against what we’ve always done.

The meeting of Venus and Pluto: 9 December the first conjunction, 25 December the second conjunction and 3 March, when Pluto, Venus and Mars are 27° of Capricorn. A big time of change, and revelation for the whole world. The journey of Venus, as she travels back to 11° Capricorn on 30 January each of us will grow from the psychological lessons either through personal relationships, or money, our financial portfolio. There may be big tests, opportunities and several gifts, but will we be able to see them if we’re focused on controlling. Venus has the capacity to trap us, or seduce us. We will be tested on our values, on our truth and it is a trigger warning to not commit to somethings that are riding on desire, lust or greed.

Capricorn is one of the most sexual signs in the zodiac, more so than a Scorpio who wants the intensity rather than the marathon love making. This energy arouses us to work harder on our goals, values, relationships or even stepping into our power. As Pluto rules Scorpio the Venus conjunctions start to get a little real when it comes to commitment and determination. At times we can forget our own power, or the frequency behind our power can blind us from the natural flow of events.

Artist Minjae Lee

To work with these energies we must discern, because we can easily start to swap old relationships with stranger beings that promise a lot and under deliver. We can make haste financial decisions. If Venus in Capricorn is with Pluto, there is a big breakdown in the financial system. Things we won’t imagine may hit us hard, leaving us shocked or at a big loss.

It is not a time to stop and repent our desires, we are very different beings. It is also not a time to go and become gluttonous on every taboo thing available. It is a time to feel all that we can, and if everything ‘strange’, ‘weird’, or even ‘oddest’ situations arise, and they make us feel free or transformed, or even births a different expression of energy, then go for it.

Love and affection are hot topics. It is holiday season for us in the Southern Hemisphere, and for others it is building financial security for an off-grid lifestyle or to live in a way that creates the glitch in the matrix. Our need for such things, love, affection or money can pull us towards intense levels of situations, decision making, commitments, association and investments. We can literally get stuck, and get lost in our own illusions, or expressions. All is okay. As soon as Venus is out of retrograde, the journey of our own experience, will bring many teachings, shifting our perceptions, goals, directions even relationships.

There is great power of light and dark with Venus and Pluto, almost boarder line manipulative or subversive tactics are experienced to get what we want. The misuse of this power will lead inevitably to dissatisfaction. We can use this powerful transit to plan and instead of leading with our desire, lead with a spiritual heart by using Saturn in Aquarius to ask does this have a place for the future? Does this require least amount of effort?

We can also be pushed by others. Their dreams, desire and wants can rub off on us, leaving us more discombobulated about our own journey. This is a great opportunity to become aware of other people’s behaviours. We can observe what they truly value as our financial systems, take a journey of transformation so does our attitude, attachments and cleansing of the ‘self-centred’ way of being. Not everyone has a stomach or resources to survive volatile financial rides.

Venus is teaching us to surrender, to flow with the events that show up. Yet we must ground or anchor to our truth and trust this more than ever before. Our associations may change as we lack the tolerance of nepotism, favouritism or power plays, we will find this very difficult to digest.

Our imagination can create the most amazing relationships. How we want to be loved, nurtured or valued by others, and yet in reality we become more attuned with our personal disappointments. We can want something which gives us financial freedom. If it comes from an old thinking energy, or paradigm, we may miss strange, odd, miracles that are presented. Venus is not a fluffy dame, who lies naked so she can be wooed by those that can only dream about being with her. Rather she is a powerhouse, disassociated about any emotional burden, and will get to the bottom of all that we’ve pushed away regarding our values, relationships and money.

We can approach this transit consciously, good luck with that, because when it comes to over eighteen months of little or no interactions, desire can override all that we’ve learned. Pluto on a higher octave is a spiritual energy. He likes to get to the deepest parts of our Soul, parts that have been dormant from previous lifetimes, and he will awaken us to what needs to be healed and transformed.

These next few months, including January and February, we grow individually, regardless if we’re loaded with desire, conscious or unconscious. It’s a karmic time, not to mend the past, but to get out of our own way and trust the universe. Our higher self has attracted these situations for us to experience another part of who we are, while preparing us to have one of the most profound experiences of self-empowerment. Venus is no joke, her level of consciousness is 55 which is manipulation, become aware how we use this and ask yourself what’s the intention behind our decision making?

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