Getting to the core of our beliefs to shift our attitudes & perception rare full moon in Gemini astrology

Let’s get real about being real! This is possibly the most rare and powerful full moon with the promise to reveal the truth of our existence. The full moon in Gemini opposing Sun in Sagittarius are the two polarities which seek truth. Gemini is a curious energy, where this twin energy dissects, breaks down to the tinniest detail of what builds upon the concept of truth. Sagittarius is the grand truth, the truth of our own mythology, our story, our life that builds upon a collective truth. This doesn’t sound so rare, does it? Well, we have Mars in retrograde conjunct the Moon exact making this quite an interesting mix of emotions that will come at us, from us and rattle our world in the most perfect storm.

To put things into context each of us is invited to understand what is unfolding from the celestial bodies as they orbit around the Sun. Mars is an activator and when in retrograde, he will certainly bring to light what we are too fragile, or in denial or unaware of the darkness that each of us carries. This darkness is not foreign. It is the one that lurks deep inside and comes out to defend, deny, prove, proudly what we haven’t accepted within ourselves. The light is always something that we’re showing off, with good deeds, kindness, knowledgeable and connected to some idea of a spiritual path.

Let’s get a little deep here. Gemini is the sign of the twins. It holds great wisdom because it is ruled by Mercury the messenger of the Gods. Mercury travels 88 days around the Sun, connecting and conspiring with the other energies, it can see both sides of good and evil, light and dark, yin and yan. Gemini is the trickster, cheeky, often carries the know-how of everything and yet can change itself like the chameleon to the environment that will benefit its own sense of intelligence. Mars the ancient ruler of Scorpio is not going to be kind. He is the almighty with lots of strength and courage, and he will be activating all that we’ve been hiding from the world, even ourselves in situations, attitudes and beliefs projected back from the light of the Sagittarius Sun.

There is no escape but to face the truth of what we’ve become as a result of our dogmatic, ingrained, unaware or unquestioned beliefs. The world has turned on itself. The energy that once worked doesn’t feel it has legs or reasoning in this present moment. There is so much energy during this full moon we’re going to have to break it down in bite size bits for years to truly digest what is going to be revealed to us. The burden of being right, leading those that cannot face their own trauma creates false trauma bonds. Connecting with those that are blinded by their own wounding won’t serve us in the healthiest ways.

Mars retrograde is unhappy only because its comfort is to move forward with a mission at hand. Mars is in retrograde until 13 January 2023 and comes out of shadow at the end of March which is also the season for Aries. Here we are, in this transient time of change that has been working at a deep level for healing from many different situations most of which we cannot even remember. The integration is activated during this full moon energy where truth and feedback will come into our field, including bringing knowledge to others.

The oddity of this full moon energy is Venus in Sagittarius conjunct the galactic centre, she is out of bounds and squares Jupiter who is at the anuretic degree of Pisces. We will be triggered with many questions about who we are in relationship to and is it for the right reasons or just the love of being in love. Jupiter is the ruler of both Pisces and Sagittarius and can expand our wisdom to a level that reiterates back to us to what our Soul requires. This is the very energy that shifts our attitudes, beliefs, sexual orientation, our perspective on life, only to find a deeper unplugged, untethered version of our life’s exploration.

Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra which anchors into our values. As both the north node and Uranus reside in Taurus, we’re wanting to liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs, and with cautionary action can we start to see the wonderful opening this full moon brings into our field. The ability to trust ourselves, trust we’re in the right place with those that will give us true feedback. Yet, we must be willing to listen, to hear what it is that we cannot see about our actions and behaviours. Truth and feedback are not easy to digest, especially if we’re in denial of how we’ve participated in our own wounding. This is not a time to appease others just to get what we want. It is a time of sincerity that is aligned with a greater truth which religion and such groups take away from us.

The full moon, Sun and Mars square Neptune, which is a confusing, dreamy energy that intoxicates our sober reasoning may result in making incorrect choices. There is nothing romantic about being with others and making strong commitments when they don’t really know what they are doing. It is a bag of drama that we’re walking into and if we run to the hills, deny our very growing pains we fall into the biggest self-deception of our life. Our mental state is on a psychedelic trip only we don’t know this and making hard-core commitments is not going to serve us well.

Mercury is in Capricorn and will stay there until February 2023 as the ruler of the Moon and Mars we must find a place to bring structure into this chaos, in this stir fry of energy. Mercury hasn’t had it easy whilst journeying in Sagittarius, the overload of information and the confusion and now in the process of shedding away nonsense information that takes us away from our true selves and will leave us shifting our perception of Self and those around us. The result, we take a different stance on how we operate in our life and who we invite as an alley.

Portrait of the bright beautiful emotional woman with art make-up listen music with notes on dark background

We can feel this energy brewing through watching how our mind is working. The self-talk is the life we create and thus brings in the experiences we’ve energetically put out there and they are projected back to us. Manifestation is high, even though it seems nothing is happening, there is a lot of work being done in the background. Our dreams are informing us of situations we must find personal resolution, otherwise our mind can inflame with bizarre ideas, ideals and leave us unhinged. Sun and Venus trine Eris the Goddess of discordance, with Mars the roughest energy of aggression and activation there is going to be conflict, disruption and a humbling of our ego.

We must liberate ourselves from the trauma that we’ve come into this life with. This is the inner vision and through integration, understanding, listening and becoming aware of our beliefs and attitudes we’re leaving behind the fear of what we’ve done in the past that hasn’t served us. This work will inevitably take care of our own tribe that is healthy and bring to light what traumas we need to heal in order to be in our truth. Next year the nodes shift to north node Aries and south node Libra, where the illusion of peace may blind us from what we want to achieve from all this work. Mars retrograde is the initiator to take a big leap in our life that is aligned with a truth we’ve yet to live by and Mars rules Aries.

Moon and Mars trine Saturn in Aquarius where this is the anchoring of our questions to ensure what we do now will it be part of our future. Are we able to sustain our connections if they are not showing up in their truth? Is there any resistance in our life? What is that resistance? What and who supports us in this time of change? Are they really supporting us or is there a hidden agenda? We must be real about being real. The magic of this full moon is the ability to connect to ourselves through spiritual practices and reconnect to our human nature that is so easily condemned. Trust in this process to heal the collective trauma by doing the work on Self and avoiding spiritual bypassing scenarios while gaslighting our intuition.

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