Trick or Treat: Mercury in Retrograde Scorpio season

Mercury retrograde falls on halloween, which will heighten the emotional story that is playing out within us all. The story of relationships and projects that connect us to explore our higher vibration and shine the light if we are on our true path. The Mercury retrograde is not like any other, firstly it is in Scorpio 29 degrees and starts to go backwards, secondly it conjuncts Venus, showing her wild sensual self, and thirdly opposite Taurus showing us cosmically our true emotional needs. Mars and Uranus are in Venus ruled signs Libra and Taurus, dealing with future connections and dealing with people who are truly aligned with your destiny. Thus Mercury in Scorpio is giving us opportunity to dive deep, and become fully real with our emotional, authentic self, with meaning, with purpose, and being connected with the higher realms.


Scorpio season, reveals to us what is hidden, what needs to come out into the light so we can start to make sense of it, or even cut these energies, feelings, emotions and thoughts away. We are being asked from the cosmos to dive deep, to conduct a thorough introspection analysis of our own psyche and heart. There is no time, with this energy to keep hanging on to old patterns, old stories, relationships we are not aligned with, and it is not a time to run away from this work and certainly not a time to seek for external validation. Everything, is going to come up, the past will come up to remind us if we’ve truly let go and cleansed, new souls will come through and some of them will be a test if we are ‘listening’ or being ‘discerning’ and keeping those emotional ‘boundaries’ with integrity.

Let’s pause. Exhale. This year alone the planets have been aligning in such a way that we are being forced to question what is that we want that will take us to a higher place to a place of complete fulfilment and meaning. Perhaps for some of us, we need to look back and see beyond what was happening this year, so we can ask ourselves the biggest question ‘was this project or relationship part of my emotional evolution?’  And with Mercury going retrograde on top of Venus, is a big emotional pull on bringing everyones true emotional state to the surface in all its glory. Our peripheral vision will be heightened and we will see through everything, the real and the unreal, the alignment with our inner emotional happiness or just the trade off for now.

This is a time of going deep within. Use these three weeks to dive deep inside. No interruptions, no seeking for clarification from others because thats always tainted in some way, no double guessing on your emotions and definitely no easy route to escape the work that is now karmically being played out.

This month is quite spectacular in terms of greatness in the sky. We will have Jupiter and Moon cross each other one more time when we hit the new moon in Sagittarius next month, before Jupiter goes into Capricorn where things will start to get very real. So, here we are… what is aligned to your emotional truth? What is emotional truth? I always understand this as something that I’m doing or when I’m with someone, I feel aligned to them. I am connected to them on an emotional level so deeply that I see beyond their fear and I can see their beauty. In that moment I know deep inside my every atom, no matter how hard this gets, there is something here that I need to step into and fully commit. And this is the energy that is going to be unfolding for us.

It is not a time to think about all of this, it is a time to dive deep and feel into all of it. The universe has a grand plan for us thriving to reach the better versions of ourselves. And we are going to be called for action. The action is about walking towards our shadows, our personal and collective trauma, which is related to our lineage, families, our heritage and also because where we fall in the demographic spectrum and from our experiences so far. With all these difficult emotional clearings coming up, we may want to run back to where we were when it was lighter and that, like halloween is resurrecting the dead!!!

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is powerful enough, with Venus on top of it and with the North Node almost trining the Sun this week is paving the path of destiny. Saturn almost sextiling Neptune which is a great aspect for opening new pathways on a positive level. However, it is only going to be positive if we are doing the work of introspection, with no judgement and with a lot of self compassion.

Although, there is work to be done; serious, emotional and mental processing that needs to take place, by really looking at ourselves and being completely with integrity with our emotions will we transform and build those connections. It is not the kind of work that you come home and journal and then its done. Nope, this work is to go deep very deep, like Scorpio energy goes to the darkest parts of the earth where no man can even get to without help, the bottom of the ocean. In the same way we are being asked to be honest, to not doubt what we have felt and really find the courage at all costs to make your new path,  or even dive deep with that relationship that has now strong meaning and is truly authentic and balanced, or letting go of that relationship because there is no point holding on or even entertaining others that are not showing up for YOU!

One of the best ways to work through this energy is to become aware of our feelings. It might be deep sadness, it might come as an expression of jealousy, anger and fear. And here, is where we go deep into these shadows, we have to be brave, we have to want to transform so badly that this time of heaviness is worth every energy that we put into it. It is the time to ask those hard questions; where in my life am I not aligned with my truth? Who in my life is not meeting me at the same vibration? Where in my life do I not live in full integrity? Where in my life do I make decisions because of the fear of not knowing what will happen next? Who in my life has truly supported me with love? What parts of myself do I not love? When I feel into my shadows, do I run away? Where in my life am I most impatient because of the discomfort I feel? Who in my life keeps showing up, emotionally, unconditionally and authentically? What old patterns and behaviours from my past do I need to shed and transform into my higher self? What is my default response when I feel fear, anger, jealousy or sadness? What does being connected with my true emotional self feel like, without any doubt?

If you truly want to do the work over the next few weeks, ask yourself these questions, journal on them, allow them to marinate through you, around you and within YOU!

No one is untouched by this beautiful unravelling of our personal emotional cleanse. Good luck…! Happy Halloween!

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