The shut down before the release… new moon in Sagittarius

Where are we headed, as individuals, as a human race and as divine spiritual beings? This question has been running around my head over for the last few weeks, especially from a cosmic perspective. The lens from this higher realm certainly gives us hope, and at the same time a reality check on our actions. We have a new moon approaching in Sydney on 27th November at 2:05am at 3 degrees with the Sun at 3 degrees, making a divine power number of 33. Before we even experience this bountiful energy, there is a lot of inner work to do, by connecting with our emotional feelings of what is real and what is right to what is then ethical.

On a global perspective we have many people, communities and countries coming together in their full diversity to fight for the right moral code of how we as a human race want to shape our future. There is a price for this rebel against the ‘order’ of things, the constitution, the big corporate organisations that want us to comply, to adhere and to ‘shut up and put up’ kind of energy. We are being called to wake up, to connect with our hearts so we can come together as a collective and change the order of things for all beings to benefit or live in harmony on our amazing planet, Gaia. Most astrologers will say when Jupiter and Venus conjunct this week, for us in Sydney it will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that there will be some form of romance or sparky chemistry… Yes there will be… but not in a ‘romantic’ sense. It will be in the awakening of our hearts to our judgements, our conditioning that has limited us, prevented us from freely conversing with who ever we like and realigning us to come together as spiritual warriors to protect the vulnerable, our planet, our habitat for future generations.

Before the new moon in Sagittarius dawns we have a challenging aspect to overcome.  On Tuesday for the Northern Hemisphere and Wednesday for the Southern Hemisphere we will be faced with an inner or outer decision that is going to change the course of our personal and collective destiny. Why? The moon will travel through Scorpio, which is called balsamic on Sunday/Monday depending where you are… and as it does it will be opposite Uranus in Taurus pulling our emotional body (Moon) to make a radical shift for a better version of a life that we feel worthy of living. Mars is in Scorpio where it is a power house, both passionate and demanding, and somewhat exciting energy, that right now anything is possible, any shocking news is possible… we will not be able to predict what it will look like, because all our lives are unique.


Uranus is in retrograde in Taurus, both representing our subconscious and throat energy centres, pulled by both the Moon and Mars over this weekend… we will want to dance in the flow of our life and not hold back. Mars in Scorpio is very argumentative and opposite Uranus in Taurus it is a conflict with another… a conflict that brings change, awakening, perhaps a conversation that needs to be had, no matter how hard it may come across but the energy behind this conflict will change the course of our relationship to our higher Self, others and society as a whole. Jupiter conjuncting Venus right at the galactic centre will bring us back to our hearts, to that energy of why we are here in this time, living a life that has been either dictated to us or the one that is awakening in our hearts. Which one will you choose? Which one do you feel is right? Where does fear arise? How much power will we give to our fear? What are you ready to release? What are you ready to close the door on?

There is a lot of fire in the sky this weekend, and early next week… bringing us to a cross roads in our life. The Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus will unveil an illusion that some of us don’t even know we are carrying… on one side we may feel entitled about others, and ownership within our relationships and on the other side we may feel open to connect and put ourselves in situations that open doors to our karmic future path. This is serious business, and this weekends energy is not about taking things lightly. It is not about thinking or psychoanalysing a situation, it is simply about taking action. Even if that action doesn’t feel right, but somehow we find ourselves in it… deep! The cosmos, highlights all our shadows, where we need to be discerning, how we hold ourselves back because we are trapped by our own stories of fear or lack of self worth… yes these are difficult energies to work with… however, we must find the strength within us and accept we have fear, and the multifaceted versions of the lack of self worth will creep up when we least expect it, but that doesn’t mean we miss wonderful opportunities to open gateways for the next six months.


On an emotional level, we may find ourselves torn about a situation… feeling levels of void or not knowing what to do next, how to be or even falling into the trap of figuring out the outcomes of the next four weeks. On a physical level, we may feel extremely tired, as we are all upgrading from Jupiter and Venus traveling past the opening of our Milky Way. It is such an unstable internal feeling… we have to trust in the Universe, from all this great work treasure will come, there will be a reward… we don’t know what that reward will look, feel or taste like… and we certainly wont know how it will fit into our current state… trust is a big value that we must fully embody in order to get through this weekend.

Mercury went direct and will be in full power around the 7th December… right now it has released our personal psychoanalysis hub and the dissecting of our emotional personal growth… now is the time to stretch those limbs, open our hearts and participate into the world… become active, become focused and be present. Opportunities will knock from now until Tuesday… we have to calm the ego down before we can truly hear or accept or participate in any shift.

Choose a path that is aligned with your heart this weekend… do not worry about what has been said, what has been done, what has not been said… it is simply about connecting what we really want and showing up for that… it doesn’t matter about how dogmatic we are about our own values… it is about taking fully advantage of this cosmic alignment, to invoke what we need in our lives that will serve our higher purpose.

Shortly after this new moon, the outer planet, Neptune will be going direct after 6 months in retrograde… and wow she has certainly giving us an emotional ride to explore our illusions, our dreams, our connection to spirit and our evolution of spirituality without a strong dogmatic, judgemental framework. We are embarking on a very different version of ourselves for 2020 and the next 3 months with two eclipses in the middle of a huge festive season is going to give us a barometer of how far we have come personally, emotionally and spiritually… some of us will definitely experience a new version of ourselves in amongst those that knew us before. This may not be easy to experience or witness or even digest.

Take this weekend seriously, get yourself off the couch, and take a risk of doing something that is somewhat out of character… not illegal… but notice the opportunities, tune in, where you need to connect with someone or something, explore your creative side… and most importantly rise so high within to awaken your internal Phoenix… be open to magic… be kind, be accepting and most of all… connect with your true hearts desire. Love never dies, love is never defeated… and love will always win! Whatever you decide, whatever your experience remember self compassion is the antioxidant to this energy. Use it!

We have spent the last four months hibernating our inner emotional spirals, where some of us have made some radical decisions in that moment, and others have waited… it doesn’t matter about the decision… what matters is that we now use these tools to open new doors and pathways for our ‘true future selves’, as a human race, as spiritual beings, as a collective and most of all accepting of individuality and not having ownership on others.

Happy Jupiter Venus party… and new moon in Sag! Its delicious work.


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