Sacred practices to Self the key of eclipse energy – full moon in Sagittarius

“The Earth (Gaia), possess sounds, and its songs are heard in space pronouncing its name as a singing that we all share. The purpose of Gaia is to unite and integrate the reality of the worlds around it, and transform it, to transcend into the Light. If we sing in tune to the Gaia, we will be able to hear her message, their names, and know why we are here, and what she has to give us, and what we have to deliver to her in the fulfilment of her mission and our” (Matias De Stefano)

A higher Spirit force is opening us up to a path of destiny that will either be the turning point of our life, or a personal lesson on not honouring what is true in spirit of our heart. Mercury is now stationing in Cancer ready for its retrograde journey (19th June). The symbolism of Cancer is the higher feminine aspect within us to find nurturing, care, service to others and connecting with our heart. Cancer is highly emotional, deep, and sensitive which in most cases the unbound energy cannot be digested in this earthly, challenging time.

Mercury is the mind. Conflict between what we think ‘should’ happen verses ‘what’ we feel. This Mercury retrograde, will certainly churn our emotions to the most passionate, extreme and intensely sensitive experiences within our relationships. A yearning of pure grief, sadness or even anger, guilt, shame and perhaps feeling the pervasive shadows beckoning each of us to purge what is not there anymore. Although, Mercury has positioned itself for this energy to emerge from within us, it will not make sense till end of June. Everything is going to amplify, as the planets move into position revealing our true need for connection, emotional connection, dreaming together and becoming vulnerable with an ‘all in or all out’ attitude.

Already we can feel and witness how the energy is impacting the collective especially in America and the hidden (Pluto) is revealing some hard truths in Australia. People are responding with both extreme energies influenced by Mars in Pisces, creating a square to the Sun and Venus showing us the passion, the will of wanting desperate change. And others with peaceful marches, in solitude of coming together. It is a painful time, a time of sorrow, shock and a symptom of what has been hidden from us as a collective for thousands of years of unnecessary war and/or violence.

I strongly believe, if we want to make a change, then it starts with ourselves. The planets, Gemini where the north node is pointing, is the mark to head in the direction of cleansing the Self of suppressed emotional pain and grief. The quote from Matias, an amazing beautiful Soul, reminds me and in someway gives me insight where I as an individual hold the key to change and therefore, commit to the path of ascension to self. Ascension, in simple terms means to be in a state of joy and peace. This takes work. It takes a thorough look at Self, without judgement (difficult), to shine the light towards our own shadow. I’ve mentioned shadow work several times in my previous blogs, and cannot underestimate the value of this work.

What we see outside of ourself and we do not like, is a projection of a suppressed belief, emotion or experience or we may not even know why there is a shadow. This is the doorway to knowing not blaming, just knowing with awareness. The karmic shadow is not necessarily from this life experience it can come from our Souls imprint from many other lifetimes and as we now experience a global and planetary alignment, it opens the focus to give ourselves permission to purge. We are here, in a time that has two lines of distinction; one the outer distraction and two the inner calling.

June and what a month of personal awakening will this be for all of us. It is the start to three major eclipse seasons that will bring immense, intense change in our lives, in particular in our relationships. A full moon in Sagittarius with the South Node is the force that shines the torch to our shadows. This lunar eclipse comes to peak on 6th June at 5:13am in Sydney time. The eclipse will be seen from Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. This is where most of the energy will impact, we can expect radical and rapid change on our earth, people, ideas and values. Lunar eclipses are potent energy and this new cycle, gives us insight to our life for the next 18 months. Pay attention. It is in the area of relationships.

Relationships are what bring people together, it is a sharing of ourselves with others. It can be done through friendships, lovers, family and whomever we have to relate to. Therefore, when we take a step back and observe our place within any relationship, within any group of people we can feel united, safe and secure. Venus in retrograde with the Sun on Friday as she moves closer to the Sun, she will invite us to be authentic to our needs, desires, and commitment of happiness. Mars will be squaring Venus and Sun, as it moves closer to Neptune in Pisces. This combination can bring a great spiritual awakening within relationships, or it can elude to not having the courage or strength (Mars) to speak our truth (Mercury in Cancer).

The eclipse is quite passionate which brings a divide in our psyche. As both Mars squares the nodes, where Venus in retrograde as she comes closer to the Sun with North Node in Gemini opens pandoras box in the relationship realm and brings the intensity to our projects, values, where we feel safe, how our current environment is supporting us or perhaps influencing our choices. And this is where we need to really ‘awaken’ Neptune, the illusional force may have has us hypnotised in precarious situations or relationship(s).

Venus moves in alignment with the Sun, she is not behind our ego, she is in our face. This divine feminine aspect of the cosmos force, awakens us to the illusion of how we behave, partially become available and hold on to unhealthy relationships. The square with Neptune and Mars heightens our emotional body to the extreme reality, so we can (if we’re not hypnotised) examine our subconscious ‘attachments’, where the great Mother the Moon in Sagittarius shining her light fully in support of the South Node, encouraging us to let it go. Leave or change. Be true or pay a six month karmic cycle of intense challenges where more shadows are revealed. We want a ‘real’ relationship, without any games. I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted. I’ve been exhausted since the July 2019 eclipse and have had to face personal demons, on my own, caged, tormented, torn, and deeply humbled. So, I express from my own personal journey, find the strength to make the necessary change, even it means becoming vulnerable, walking away, or questioning the values we need personally and how ARE or ARE they showing up in our relationships.

This is a golden opportunity, if we are prepared to heal ourselves and find the courage to be bold and honour our needs for the ‘kind’ of relationships that we are willing to invest in. Authenticity is key, it is radical and it is sometimes hard to digest, as we have to communicate or request the change we are looking to experience. Neptune is the great illusion as well as the higher heart as Mars activates the Nodes to the extreme reality of our environment, i.e. Sun and Moon.

We are in trouble if we are not listening to our hearts need, and following the minds want. The ferris wheel of repetitive unfulfilled experiences that launch us back to the inner self healing work will pay its price and perhaps we may understand the importance of our self worth. It is a challenge to question if we are hypnotised by others, manipulated, especially the unseen manipulation, where we find ourselves making excuses, searching for evidence of change in the other. Only to be disappointed and awakened to our own self betrayal, hearing our excuses “this is meant to be like this”, over and over again or “I cant do it” highlighting the fear. These are just a few wake-up calls we will experience. The opportunity and window for change is closing as Saturn will move into Capricorn in July.

The Self reflection work that we do, starts with the churning feeling in our guts, the empty void of despair in our relationships echoing no more, is to seek where and why we have or entertain these experiences. We could be the manipulator or we could experience it. The lunar eclipse will certainly highlight where in our life, our current situation are we allowing others to influence our ‘values’ our ‘inner calling’, how do we know and test their intentions are pure, authentic and in our best interests, where are we letting ourselves down again and again by falling into our deep subconscious ocean of lack of worthiness, (Venus) and not having the courage to transform (Mars semi square to Pluto and Jupiter) to speak (Sun and North Node in Gemini) our truth. These are the questions we need to start sitting with, processing and digesting to build up the strength for the healing to take place. I can already feel the sadness in my heart and gut and what keeps me going is by approaching my inner world with wonderment and intrigue, connect to the innocence of just being present. And extreme discernment from the outer world.

Lunar eclipses are intense, the full-moon in Sagittarius is not something we can ignore, especially if Eris the goddess of discord makes her second square to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. She will reveal to each of us our darkest behaviours, our self betrayal, our disconnect with our hearts desire, our weakness to speak or act on the healing we need, our blurred boundaries, our capacity to allow ourselves to be invaded with other peoples influences. Eris will be the planetary alignment that pulls the rosy colour glasses off and we see with our hearts eyes what we don’t need any more.

The sacred practices is honouring our personal truth. And if you do not know what that is, then here is the work. Personal truth, can come from a foundation of wanting joy or fulfilment. The sacredness, is standing by our personal values, honouring them as we tune our everyday practice to their root their strength. If done right, there is room to expand our values and change them. Listening to the feedback from our physical and emotional body and responding with love and compassion. Tuning into our feminine and activating the sacred feminine within so we experience a life rich in acceptance of ourselves and then others. Eris, Venus, the Moon and Gaia, with major feminine signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio all play a vital role in pealing the layers so we can experience and awaken the sacred feminine within us all. This is the key to healing our planet, experiencing a future life around 2023 that will rewrite the unfair paradigms we’ve been living.

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