Shuffle to realign your path Full Moon Virgo

This week gives us huge insight on our emotional bipolar tendencies, as the Moon drives us through moody Cancer, frustrated Leo and finally making its Full Moon expression in discerning Virgo. The lead up to the Full Moon in Virgo is about clearing, realigning, and discerning individually to transmute challenging, delusional and victim thought patterns. This is an emotional week, we have a choice, to either find ourselves selfishly ingrained in our shadow desires to achieve our projects driven subconsciously and projected by competing and comparing ourselves with others, or we do a 180 degree turn around and connect courageously with our hearts to consciously invite these drivers as teachings and process them as we mature emotionally. These can be expressed parts of our environment, subconscious behavioural habits and stories we hold onto, as they have now defined who we’ve become, giving us permission for seperation, and all that limits us to expand. We are invited by two strong energies this week, the Moon and Saturn to investigate what organically and tenderly can we release for the highest good of all involved. In doing so we access the Divine Consciousness frequency and tap into magical opportunities that the Sun, Venus and Mars will make present. Sun in Pisces is about connecting to the core of our hearts, creativity, and truth of our spiritual empowerment through the dedication of practising discernment Virgo, to bring the fruits of our emotional maturity to life.

Pre-full moon vibes

The cosmic climate is dominated by Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury is in Aquarius abiding by the Saturnian framework, diligence and patience as we prepare to lay the individual foundations of what we can bring forth towards a highly harmonised collective. It will take time, nonetheless, this week and March embarks on the consequences of our actions, clearing the blocked emotional debris to sow what we truly need to lay a foundation of unconditional love as we rebuild our groups, society and communities consciously.

This also speaks loud to the integrity of our inner work, our vibrations are rising, our bodies feel exhausted, we are naturally finding ourselves not hanging with energies that are heavy, random and fragmented. We may already have started to feel there is more to our human state than we have been told, and discovering our psychic and intuition is sharper than the tarot reader down the road. We may feel the resonance of ultimate truth for our questions is found within when we are vibrating in pure unconditional love, echoing the Pisces Sun, Neptune and later this week 26 February Venus moves into Pisces. Venus in Pisces is a wonderful force, she is stretching her fierce Divine Feminine expression through art, music and song so we can raise into the higher frequencies of the Universal Consciousness, connecting our ethereal cords with the collective. A truly inspiring time for birthing new ideas, making connections and taking action. This is a week of doing rather than planning, however the Moon is going to help us to release deep emotional baggage, a very solo, and isolating process.

The Moon is powerful today, as she is at home in Cancer, making an opposition to Pluto, allowing us to bring to surface our emotional frustrations in private. The opposition with Pluto is the polarity of our fluctuating emotions either empowering or disempowering us, depending on our intentions expressing our low, dark and hidden intentions into something destructive or productive. The moon also makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus unleashing what we hold sacred, suppressed or simply holding back because of spiritual bypassing, making it impossible to not respond to our inner voice and projecting what is lacking in our environment or personal needs. Our emotional needs will be loud and raw, fierce and unforgiving, they are sacred and driven from our repressed feminine dormant feelings. This disruptive emotional explosion clears the air, releases any frustration, to wipe those tears and rise to the calling of our hearts, we are so worthy for more.

image: mara clearspring

The Saturn and Uranus square last week was a powerful instigator in stepping forward with our lives, with our vision to move forward leading with our hearts. Uranus is electrical sudden, unpredictable energy, squaring Saturn a restrictive, traditional and resilient energy, brings awareness to our individual responsibility to shape our future. Not a time to sit back and not participate. Take the time to reflect what themes have come up, as Uranus will use its jack hammer qualities to get to the core of what each of us needs to shift within ourselves and our environment, three times this year, 17 June and 24 December. A lot of necessary shifts, change of speed, blocks or explosions in our personal and collective lives, including our Earth expect huge natural disasters if they get reported. Don’t be mistaken, they may not be tangible explosions, these can come as psychological imprints, where we have to take action to unprogramme and invite different perspectives. This square is an uncomfortable energy, the change keeps us on our toes, we can be running on adrenaline, accidents, disruptions and last minute surprises, so it’s super important to ground into the magnetic energy of our earth and take deep breaths. Great opportunity to examine our relationship with discomfort, this work speaks volumes, especially if we are having to adjust continuously, distracting ourselves to receive with a beginners mind the opportunities disruption can bring.

Mars in Taurus finally makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, instead of fighting for transformation we use this powerful energy to remove obstacles that prevent our personal and much needed transformation. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, penetrates the surge of energy to pursue our goals and to make those radical shifts with no hesitation. Pluto is also a dark frequency, ruling Scorpio where we can dive deeper into our passions with unhealthy powerplay, or explore the occult to reach or understand different outer/inner realms. The key is to get us to explore our hidden subconscious drivers and the stories with link them to, making us naive and somewhat irresponsible if left dormant or unaddressed. Either way, this energy when used well can push us to make radical decisions that make us feel empowered. If we come from our lower ego, we will only block ourselves to the reactions of our environment, and if we bring a higher currency of love, we can drive forward and make quantum leaps in our environment.

Full Moon in Virgo

On Saturday 27 February at 7:18pm, the Moon will be opposing the Sun in Pisces, she will have gone through Cancer and Leo. During her time in Leo, she makes an opposition to Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Raising and amplifying our frustrated emotions to do something about them. Taking a practical, discerning and critical review as the Moon arrives in Virgo the Divine Feminine archetype of independence, health and service. In many ways we can put into practice what we have emotionally learned about ourselves, our needs and values. The moon reflects the light back to us from the shadow qualities of Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac where its primary connection is with the outer realms, dimensions and mysteries of our universe. It is also a mutable sign, along with Virgo, Gemini where the North Node is and Sagittarius where the South Node is placed. The cosmic weather is changing, shifting gears, making us pause to ensure our integrity and discernment principles apply as each of us shift our perceptions, release old ways to allow the unique parts of ourselves be expressed unapologetically.

Full Moon

The Moon in Virgo, will bring the shadow qualities of Pisces, illusion and deception. How we deceive ourselves when we give too much emphasis to fear of not being in our power, perhaps the word power is misunderstood, perhaps we have giving too much emphasis on fear and allowed it to consume our thoughts, vocabulary and actions. We can also take a step back, and notice what is real, not by listening but feeling deep within ourselves. Are we connected to our unconditional universal heart Pisces, or are we connected with the lower frequencies allowing the noise to keep us in a state of continuous uncertainty, raising our levels of stress and instability. Virgo is a stable, grounding force, that allows us to truly understand ourselves, and align our life, where our personal practices is the lifestyle we lead and can be the very foundations we need to reap the fruits of this chaotic, sudden ever changing environment. Uranus is breaking everything around us, to give us permission to expand, explore and experience our best versions.

It is a big journey this week with our emotions, there is definitely a disruptive force, whether that is directly in our life or it is showing up in our dreams. The Moon makes a trine to Uranus ignites excitement and a hunger for stimulation, we could be in a different situation by the end of the week. If we follow the North Node Gemini wisdom, and take risks on new exciting things before our eyes, it is a time to go for it with an open heart and curiosity, afterall we are in mutable energy. This is interchangeable, Uranus is opening situations up for all of us to shake things up, to explore and discover who we’ve become and to ignite our inner sparks. The courage or how consciously we’ve worked through our disruptive emotional state this week will determine our actions when we take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. We have to see without the lens of fear and stubborn attitudes, and surrendering by trusting a great Divine force is orchestrating us to be more responsible consciously, and taking care of our needs without any excuses or fear this very act brings in the fruits of our work. It depends on the effort dedicated to the work.

Mercury has stationed to move direct, which means all the planets are moving forward, giving us a fast and furious week of change, inspiration, opportunities and releasing what holds us back mentally. We have a big emphasis this year between heart and higher mind, if they are not coherent we can find ourselves frazzled, and if we are reflective without the ego interfering as we reach the higher consciousness of love, we can stay calm and become flexible, agile in making this the most profound year of positive and much needed change.

Happy Full Moon…

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