Awakening the Tiger, New Moon in Aquarius

“Everything works in mutual harmony with the Divine Plan. We are part of that universal scheme – just as important as the Sun and the Moon and the stars” Yogananada

The New Moon in Aquarius on 1st February at 4:46pm AEDT, conjoins the Sun, Saturn and makes square to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. This alignment is a catalyst to upgrade ourselves in healthy expression diving deeper into aligning our life in rich and meaningful ways. Aquarius helps us to understand the importance of community, whereby individual perspectives and opinions are welcomed without judgement. It also helps us to bring our visions and dreams into tangible forms, through collaboration and sharing of ideas.

This New Moon energy takes us on a journey, which already begun prior to its meeting with the Sun. This journey involves taking a breath to contemplate how we’ve made it to this point and now exploring where do we position ourselves next. Consciously, we can embark on new chapter in our lives, even if that’s a shift of perception or attitude. Unconsciously, we continue autopilot not releasing our self-sabotaging antics. Everything will start to speed up, like a tornado we can get lost in our own dispositions or we can keep at the centre.

Saturn brings restriction and responsibility adding quite the flavour to this New Moon energy. She shines the light on all unhealthy perhaps toxic behaviours in groups, communities, technology and science. At times, when we are invested into these themes, we can deny ourselves seeing things as they are unfolding. We can avoid what we must shift within to help us move forward without being haunted by past regrets.

Aquarius is all about humanitarian causes, ensuring our ideas and input can contribute to the greater movement of building healthier communities and groups in newer ways. The shadow side of Aquarius disassociates us emotionally in a tunnel vision of fixation. This fixation can be something minor or major, but part of its flavour is to prepare for a future we are willing to orchestrate. Although, Aquarius is quite an evolved sign, as its signature is to break down the old and tired principles that do not service us in these current times for necessary upgrades.

It can also bring chaos, turbulence and distraction as part of its visionary plans to break down our conditioning or beliefs for expansion and exploration. This is why this New Moon brings in a new level of awakening within us, metaphorically or literally. To navigate this energy there must be a level of flexibility. This sense of surrender can be difficult from a fixed air perspective, because it includes addressing past wounds, issues of our shadows. If we’ve already, on a subconscious level identify with our beliefs and they way we live, then this energy can break this down through ego deaths or being humbled to step up with a clear, precise moral compass.

Saturn is powerful during this New Moon; the Sun and Moon are not so strong energetically in Aquarius indicating we can suffer from blockages, challenges or restrictions regarding our future. Our beliefs, our understanding of where we are in our world, amongst our people requires revaluation because we all want to feel supported and heard without making situations uncomfortable. How do you currently feel supported in your groups, friends and community? If one thing could change what would you suggest? Do you feel emotionally supported and seen by others?

There is a level of responsibility from each of us to commit, to building what we have been missing all along. The square to Uranus adds another spark, not only because it rules Aquarius, guiding the Sun and Moon to their optimum frequency shaken us from anything complacent or comfortable but it moves through Taurus a rite of passage with a passports of our uniqueness at hand. Can you show up as you are, without self-censoring?

The energy in the heavens is concentrated, with some tight aspects reaching into our psyche to awaken us. Venus has moved direct in Capricorn the depositor of Uranus, moving through her favourite home Taurus. Venus has stripped us bare on how we relate to others, guiding us through her wisdom she has allowed us to reflect on our past connections, pains and wounds which move us deeply. She has highlighted our role, our choices and where we needed to step up or grow in relationships. Venus has placed us in some interesting situations, testing our desires, our understanding of love without controlling or manipulating subconscious patterns. As she makes a trine to Uranus, there is an invitation for us to want freedom, excitement and to approach her teachings differently. What is the undercurrent fear pushing us to control or manipulate situations or others?

She doesn’t want us to short-change our experiences because we’re emotionally caught up in past unresolved hurts or wounds. Rather, she invites us to bare naked, allow ourselves to be seen with all our scars, emotional dispositions and show up in the best version of ourselves. The trick is to step up in the relationship we have with ourselves. To understand from our heart space and inner authority we deserve the best by making a stance on around boundaries, or difficult choices about where and with whom we want to invest our energy. Her teachings will continue until 7 March. We still don’t have all the answers to make major commitments which is okay. If we’re open to receive all the information, hidden treasures about our subconscious behaviours then we can prevent any regrets and overcome doubts. She wants each of us to show up confidently in our world.

Venus also makes a square to Chiron this allows us to consciously step back and examine the intention behind our actions. We can run wild with this New Moon energy without a doubt, but what would be the point if we’re only going to come up against the same feeling of trial and error. Rather the Venus Chiron aspect requests us to review the blockages of true intimacy and openness. Where can we open up to being vulnerable without judging ourselves?

This aspect can either heal or further erode our relationships or values as fully realised beings. The choice is to either work through our intimacy blockages or put our head in the sand and pretend we are just fine. It does seem far-fetched, but what is the point of connection if we cannot be met at a deeper level of truth, while all the excuses and nuances in avoiding our healing dismisses and stalls our emotional and psychological growth.

Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn peels another layer of what needs to be transcended as they sextile the South Node in Scorpio. This can bring up fear in many of its guises. We have to self-reflect if we want to understand our motives which only benefit one and not the other. There is a psychological need to merge with another but emotionally we desire our freedom and independence. This aspect can trigger some violent, controlling, mean, cruel or manipulative responses, due to unconscious fear patterns. This transit can help us to seek the answers to our blockages. We can open up emotionally, releasing these dark strong desires in healthier two-way conversations.

This New Moon in Aquarius assists in personal upgrades, not without any growing pains and discomfort. The energy during this time switches the gears as we move from the year of the Ox to the Water Tiger. The spiritual Water Tiger undercurrent helps us to confidently move into spaces where we’ve been too careful or careless. This energy brings bravery, confidence and strength when used well and with such speed we can move mountains. Its shadow side is overly emphasised through our own greed and desire isolating us from our Divine path. It has the energy of being over opinionated and stubborn, not helpful if we’re not willing to make adjustments to our healing path. As a result we can avoid key feedback from our environment, preventing us from seeing ourselves. Thus preventing the emotional and spiritual growth this energy brings.

We’re all learning to operate in ways that bring us ultimate joy. At times this can be easy if we’re supported by the right people. Those that honour us in their lives and other times we can become enslaved to our desires and foolish actions only to deceive ourselves. The Tiger operates from an expression of its full potential because it is a highly spiritual devoted archetype.

It understands the illusion of its perspective while knowing all actions ultimately reflect as mirror of our psyche. This requires honest awareness and not running to those who are on the surface kind but have their own issues and wounds to address. Our intuitive and inner knowing is much accurate than what others have us believe. This New Moon in Aquarius upgrades our frequency, to make stronger healthier commitments to causes aligned with our hearts, values and truth and helping to consciously shape a future which is meaningful.

This New Moon can only open new doorways when we’ve consciously and openly worked through our wounds and issues. These old ways of being cannot come into the future. We have to be willing to make inner changes for us to step up in our connections, collaborations and future state to feel a sense of personal accomplishment. Perhaps this is the key for our must emotional and psychological maturity.

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