The big test of purity beckons upon this New Moon in Gemini

As we approach this New Moon in Gemini on 30 May at 9:30pm AEST we have come to a point in our lives where we must make some radical choices if we want to feel a sense of wholeness. These radical choices are not so radical or weird to us from a personal level, yet they will echo some truth back to those in our environment. Gemini is a youthful energy with a sense of adventure only if the surroundings support its’ social, curious, playful, and light tendencies.

As the Sun and Moon meet in Gemini, which they are both fond of being in, they also receive the light frequency from the fixed star Aldebaran, mostly associated with Archangel Michael. As the light shines through, it illuminates all things hidden in the dark, and buried deep in our subconscious. This new moon in Gemini makes an opposition to the dark star known as Antares, associated with Oriel, the watcher of the west. Aldebaran opposite Antares are the forces of extreme polarity vibrating in our psyche. Light and dark. Antares energy causes destruction, drama, militant, compulsive, primal, demanding, demonic, wicked, self-sabotaging, envious, competitive, hot-headed, self-motivated, provoking and rampant responses. Especially if we’re on a mission to avoid being seen in our rawest forms. These outcomes are buried psychological patterns of behaviour we exhibit when we’re unaware of tapping into serendipitous opportunities presented. Majority of the time we’re unaware we have such tendencies as spiritual bypassing of all things light is a primary focus, however they linger in all of us, hidden only waiting to be felt when things don’t go our way.

Aldebaran is the light force warrior. A player, clever enough to know how to tune into the higher forces and address all things that are not of pure light, but not cunning. Don’t be fooled. It is not this easy to understand the depth of light force, because depending on our perspective and Soul journey we can easily decipher such action as greed, manipulation or lecherous actions. This star is helping us to bring to light where we’ve behaved inappropriately, sometimes impulsively and impatiently to push our unconscious authority. These next few days, bring in situations into our field which test where we’ve created an imbalance in our lives.

Aldebaran is no light weight and can see through our facades, into our Soul, which means we’re going to have to make choices which will test our conscious actions. This is an energy of winners, warrior, the ability to understand our own worth and without any hesitation it gives us the power to come into our sensuality, strength, boldness, cheeky demeanour, while at the same time it wants the highest, classical, polite and harmonious situations to unfold. Our present choices depend on how we want to experience our future. Anything half-hearted, superficial, controlling, self-sabotaging acts or denial of our own participation of a situation comes up to the surface for us to address. It may not be easy. It may take tremendous amount of courage and perhaps rejection, but it will linger until we make conscious positive changes.

Mercury in retrograde ruler of Gemini is testing the loyalty we have with ourselves. It, conjuncts the star Algol, while it, trines Pluto and squares Saturn. This can activate some deep feelings of insecurity and not believing we’re good enough for the life we want. Worse, it can trap us into escapism, or procrastination taking us away from what work we must do to get over our personal demons. It is a test, we are going to be deeply challenged, about our choices and understand how our fears, sense of abandonment, loss and attached to our pride blinds us from clarity. This energy combined brings in feelings of separation especially if we’re using our power to get something that is not in our field or alignment. Any effort of action, is simply a sign to not waste any more time on things that do not give an equal or exciting return.  

The dance between Pluto, Saturn and Mercury is not a minor transition. It will stay with us for at least eight days, during this time we will be forcing ourselves to look at what prevents us from owning our truth. In other words, we cannot run away or pretend or deny our part in attempting to control a situation or act in selfish ways. Taurus highlights where we can be greedy or desperate because at the end of the day, we all want to feel safe, loved and empowered. This is where the Moon in Gemini, helps us to find the courage of our self-worth, own who we are, own our situations and if it doesn’t feel right, we must find the courage to either change our idea about how we want to be in this world or take action to remove the pebble in our shoe.

Mars is dominating the frequency this new Moon, with a conjunction to Jupiter in Aries. This is a force which pushes us to explode into our power. In our authority. In our truth. We may not be able to understand why we feel the need to clean up our emotional baggage, but we will certainly be supported to at least attempt to address our need for change. We can always ask ourselves if it’s for the greater good of our path or it is coming from a self-haunting space of regret, fear and/or self-deception. We’re in this human body, human mind then we’re all battling our own demons, none of us is going to sail through this frequency until we do something. This new moon in Gemini is a test if we’ve got the courage to step up to our purpose and to be with those that fulfil us on many levels and the right reasons then we will experience some profound events. We have to be fully committed to the excitement of our change.

The emotions are strong. Our personal awakenings and unique insights are causing much destruction to how we saw ourselves in the world. There is a tendency to drop into the desire realm, especially with Antares and Algol opening external forces manipulating us into things that cannot be morally questioned. Not all things will be what they show us to be. An expert who is tuned into their own truth can see through shallow, inauthentic interactions. Scorpio south node continues to remind us we must balance our control and power addictions to hear what our Soul is attempting to communicate. As the forces are open at the cosmic realm, this also means anything from the dark can come through. A chance of being high jacked through shamanic practices is most likely. From our perspective, we may feel a little uncomfortable or know something has shifted and perhaps blame our imbalance psyche to our past. If we’re not in our solid truth and sovereignty because we’re focused on external approval we will certainly be prey to anything that is not of the light. And we won’t even know it because our world continually attempts to confuse us through people we think are our friends, who make strong assumptions about our personal workings. Be careful and vigilant. The dark is always sweet.

The journey to this new moon is a personal battle. All our dirt is out there and can be seen. The more we attempt to hide our ‘dark’ side the more others will see our desperate acts to hide away. It is not about displaying our dark tendencies for all to see and experience. This energy is about highlighting, how we may have lost our way. We can bring too much focus on our own failures, dispositions, the inability to communicate what hurts us to the right people, a feeling of insecurity and desire for an easy life is not helpful if we want to thrive from within. Aldebaran can see through everything. It doesn’t mean we don’t gain from his great light; it simply highlights a deep healing process must take place where each of us can come clean about our darkness to those that matter and understand how we need to grow. Only then can we move into a new field which we’re desperately seeking.

Mercury retrograde with Saturn is difficult. We’ll come face to face with our negative patterns and notice how destructive they can be for others. Saturn is a serious energy; in Aquarius he is not so dogmatic but more open to what is healthy for our future. He takes note where we’ve lied to ourselves because we didn’t know how to work through some difficult situations. This energy can certainly end situations which we’ve kept lingering because numbing the empty feelings is easier. Running or avoiding the past is easy, but the frequency of ties are still connected. To release all of this with compassion and tenderness we have to work through with an honest judgement to release the emotional entanglements and come to our strength from within.

Don’t be fooled by self-illusions of proud confidence. Every thought, word spoken, and act expressed against the pureness of our being comes to the surface. It is a time of action with Mars and Jupiter in Aries, we must know what we want in our life and how we want it to unfold. Remember, what we want doesn’t come from the influence of Antares, where others are compromised, ignored, or used. It is an energy where we’ve done some deep work, where we’ve transmuted our fear through a personal journey of healing and then the right action by us is our responsibility.

The darkness is not coming at us. It is a psychological attachment to all things not working out how we want them. If we surrender to the real force of Aldebaran, we know we’re responsible for the life we step into moving forward. We’re all learning to be in our truth and to release all that cannot meet us in equal ways. The balsamic moon before the new moon is the most challenging time for all of us. It is not about sitting back and watching our inner turmoil spoil the day, while we wait for things to get back to a place of harmony. Mercury will keep us accountable if we’re not willing to find courage from what our heart or Soul is echoing then our inaction will become a tattooed memory, like Chiron wounded in his own battle and then searching for the answers. If we are unaware of our interactions, we will bring these forces to a different paradigm where they become our very own signature. What will you choose? How do you know what you said to influence another is not an intervention from the Devine unfoldings?

The best approach to this energy is to become aware of the nuances already showing up inside. The more we push ourselves away the more of an imbalance we create. If you know what you want, what you need to act on, what needs to move, what needs to change, what needs to be said, what needs to rest and what our future will look like, without questioning our ability, strength, talents, without doubt and hesitation we will experience a life of magic and beauty. We must be authentic or just be quiet (shut the f$%k up!).

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