Solar eclipse in Aries – Hybrid and crazy activations for us to process

On 20th April at 14:13 AEST, we have one of the rarest and hybrid total solar eclipses to witness. The journey of this Solar eclipse will be hitting Australia, Indonesia, China and landing on the shores of the United States making these places the most prominent for some action over the next six months and beyond. The hybrid solar eclipse is for two reasons; one it has a different character depending on where you are in the world and two, it’s in the cusp of two signs, Aries and Taurus. These signs fundamentally are about new beginnings when life itself chooses a new way but takes a lot of courage overcoming fears that we’ve not experienced before to move through the changes. This eclipse creates a personal catalyst of change. It is unique for each of us. It’s a new start, a deeply personal experience that activates our dormant potentials. This activation works differently for each of us. We’re all unique Pluto in Aquarius is highlighting this loud and clear. Therefore, whatever the change, it will be difficult to predict because it is lies within the subconscious field of our Soul.

The Moon will be in its dark phase through the sign of Aries until it peaks at the last degree meeting the Sun with a square to Pluto. The dark moon is an important time to not fall off our path of grace. We can be influenced to blow up and destroy our relationships in an instance. The anger which resides in the sign of Aries, is both passionate and forceful. At times we can overwhelm ourselves with the changes that must be experienced. This means that the people we know in our lives, even for a long time may leave us. Not through death, although that is always one way, but through understanding our spiritual perspective cannot hold space for energies that are not willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Aries and Taurus are personal signs. They are ruled by Mars and Venus which helps us to understand the code of where we need to step up our game of life. As you read this, reflect on your life over the past few years with honest and respectfully examine how your actions and/or choices have impacted the direction of your life. Where are you in your life journey? Are you in constant waiting for something outside of yourself to integrate your own shadows? What does this question mean? There are so many layers to this Solar eclipse, which will unravel like a piece of thread either collapsing our world or revealing a truth that we couldn’t decipher before. Majority of the time we’re all learning how to do life. There are many errors but there are many great things too.

image by Vincenzo Malago

This is not a time to drop into our own shadow, losing ourselves to fear, doubt and lack of self-confidence as the dark moon moves through Aries, conjunct Chiron and Jupiter. A powerful opportunity arises as we retreat and witness our emotions from an observer’s point of view. Chiron is not about the wounds we all carry, the ones that are unhealable but rather he has the power to show the truth of our life expression. Is it in alignment with our values? What are your values? A value is something that we mustn’t oversee. The word “value” comes from the Old French word “value” meaning “worth, value, or price.” The Old French word, in turn, comes from the Latin word “valere” which means “to be strong, to have worth.” The word “valere” also gives rise to other related words in English, such as “valiant,” “valor,” and “valid.”

Over time, the word “value” has taken on a broader meaning beyond just monetary worth or price. It is now commonly used to refer to the worth or importance of something, whether that be a person, an object, a concept, or an idea. If we’re completely and wholly conscious of our actions and graceful in our expressions we’re most likely aligned with our personal values. They don’t have to be stated, or broadcasted, but are in our very essence of physical expression. They are the ones that drive us to achieve our greatest experiences of life. On the other hand, if our value is to help others, then we must become aware of the innate wisdom this value holds. A deeply rooted frequency of self-love is present void of ego. If its not, we are unable to serve others if we cannot experience the self-service of our psychological and emotional needs. The equinox was the first new moon in Aries and here we are again meeting the second taster. The time in-between these two powerful moons were to get us spiritually ready for our new way of being. This means majority of us may experience grief, while others excitement. This is because the phase of the dark moon highlights where we’re attached to the ego. We’re wanting to control how we experience our life without taking note of the subtle changes from the universe.

The grief is part of our attachments to an old way of being as we’ve not accepted the present status of our life. Old patterns of behaviour may torment our will to move forward, where the only enemy is our level of stubbornness to change and pride to bow down to the shifts. Grief is rooted into our Soul, it is the only time we tend to awaken to our actions as we face the consequences. To be real, everyone will experience a level of grief. The only difference is if they know how to turn this into a positive shift and release the stubborn ego to a beginner’s mind.

The intensity of the dark moon is only part of this journey. Don’t get exhausted or overwhelmed. There is wisdom with Pluto square to the Solar eclipse. Pluto is a dynamic, a misunderstood energy that majority of people see as a death rebirth frequency. It is by far more than that. It is an outcasted energy, that holds hidden, secretive, and deeply spiritual energies which help us to transform our attitude to how we live our life. To dive a little deeper here, Pluto in Aquarius is in detriment. On one hand Aquarius wants to ascend and take care of humanity with a healthy social incentive and on the other Pluto is the god of the underworld that pulls us into the darkest parts of these qualities and needing to be a hermit or introvert. Not the time, for the next 20 years that’s for sure.

Our relationships with our external connections must be based on our values, integrity with the intention of transparency. No more secrets from one another and yet so much is being reveal to us. This can break our hearts. It can destroy everything that we have worked towards. At the deepest level it is asking us to shift old conventional ways into new ones, and this means take calculated risks on things that we wouldn’t ordinarily. There is nothing ordinary about 2023 and beyond.

Dormant Potential – image by Martin Sanchez

The Solar Eclipse energy is a personal spiritual assignment as they both trine black moon Lilith in Virgo. The sign of service, detail and loyalty to the divine energies of which we bow down in a humbled and honourable way. The Sun and Moon also square Pallas Athena which brings our focus to strategies’ our sense of Self in a world that celebrates ‘hive’ mentality. It gives us the courage to truly express our weirdest spiritual ways unapologetically. The intensity will be like a full moon on steroids, rewriting what has been told to us as our DNA is activated with an inner power, we didn’t know we had. Perhaps we get to heal our ancestral wounds and change the ongoing loop of war, hatred, competition, separateness and judging others or even being envious.

Eris the Goddess of discord is also influencing the very power of this hybrid eclipse. The shadow of our character rises to the surface. The discomfort is felt on how we begin to come to terms with our own manipulative ways coercing others without considering their needs. This is not a time to punish ourselves but a time to embrace how we can make shifts for better, stronger and more authentic connections. If we’ve cheated on others at any level, no matter how minute it may seem, Pluto and Eris are two energies that bring the right situations for balancing these frequencies. This is a hard pill to swallow as, because Pluto is not felt instantly, he gives its lesson after the act.

Finally, I want to explore Mars in Cancer squares Chiron who is the depositor of this Solar Eclipse. Mars is emotionally intense in Cancer wanting a sense of security for all our endeavours. As we build our new world with a new open attitude we will want to focus on Cancerian qualities. These include emotional nourishment and safety determined by our honest needs and driven by the subconscious unintegrated past wounds. If we cannot express ourselves openly, without censoring how others may respond, then we will know they are not our people. There is a balance of working with others and building a community. It must be with those that are in flow. Those that are willing to put their agenda to the side and work towards a greater cause for benefit of all beings. Saturn in Pisces sextiles the north node which adds to this intensity of living a way of life that is spirituality bound.

Image by Jackson David

We may experience the following:

  1. Spiritual bypassing – not allowing ourselves to feel the wrongs of others by making excuses for them
  2. Grief – our Soul has reached a critical point where the only way to move forward is to be in our truth and thus eliminates anything that is not in alignment
  3. Dormant potential – situations outside of us trigger hidden talents, strengths, and needs we didn’t know existed
  4. Spiritual expression – connecting to the subtle nuances without the imposter syndrome dissolving doubt as we trust our intuition
  5. Breaking old conventions – a surge of confidence to live and drive our life with both curiosity and experimentation
  6. Humbling the ego – letting go of how we think life operates and trusting a greater force which brings in new experiences the Soul requires for our personal evolution
  7. Service to others – discern from the idea of serving to balance karmic bonds versus supporting those less fortunate to achieve a greater vision

This is an alchemical time for us. Mercury in Taurus will shift into retrograde mode about six hours after this eclipse. A time to revisit our values and reflect on what we’ve initiated and whether this brings us happiness or what do we need to expand or shift a get to that sweet spot. Mercury retrograde will be a blessing during this time. As we are forced to take a step back, reassess and refine. The eclipse lasts for six months and therefore these shifts unfold as our consciousness evolves and we must be willing to actively participate in how we want to experience our life. Thus, becoming more sovereign and hopefully spiritually fearless.

Big love and gracias

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