The Journey to our emotional truth!

The start of the year has hit us with a bang! And the next three months are going to be just as turbulent, taking us off our track, shaking us to the core, breaking our faith in the process of awakening. The meeting of Pluto and Saturn this week was so powerful and yet spacious. Saturn is strong, he throws us in the deep end so we can redirect our path to the one destined. And this can be difficult, because it ultimately gives a platform to uncertainty and fear. Saturn using the power of Pluto, she is powerful and transformative. She is also the one that holds many secrets, and with Saturn conjuncting with her, they bring about a slow, metamorphosis blossoming for all of us.

Those of us have a Saturn conjunct with natal Saturn are becoming wiser, and broader with their own experience. Pluto, has already transformed those that have planets in Capricorn and this alignment wont happen again until another 800 years. Although last week most of us perhaps felt nothing, and then some of us did. That is a sign of our inner work. We need to deeply trust the path of meditation in order to listen. Connecting with our inner force.


Image of Lorenzo Quinn Sculpter

There is a feeling of getting things done, or rather getting the year started with Mars in Sagittarius pulling us to act and to revaluate our beliefs in order to shift into a new energy that forms on next weeks New Moon in Aquarius! Also, with this mix with have Venus in Pisces, who has come through Aquarius, showing us the quirky individualistic sides of our personal tastes and hearts desires. Venus in Pisces is giving us the opportunity to look beyond our own fears, conditioning and come together collectively. This may not be protests, or it may not be opening your home to shelter… it is simply inviting us to shine the light on our emotional truth. We cannot do this alone. We need strong people around us that are on a spiritual path. What does our heart desire and miss or requires? What depths are we willing to go to, to allow this energy to speak from within us and find the courage to act? With Venus and Mars creating a beautiful square next week, the doors of our emotional needs will open.

Heart space

Venus is finally going to be creating a beautiful connection with Taurus, who has the Planet Uranus traveling through for the next six years. Taurus is the representation of earth, and Uranus is the third eye of the universe. This combination, we’ve already witnessed through many natural disasters, protests about climate change, the treatment of our mother, Gaia, and our water and food supplies. We are being awakened however before we act we have to connect with our hearts. We have to learn and understand our hearts is the chamber of universal connectivity.

The image from the Sculptor Lerenzo Quinn demonstrates beautifully how we physically and mentally hold on to all that we know, to control the feminine, the earth, the mother and of course the supplier. We have treated her badly, took her for granted, we have manipulated her eco system, we have weather provokers, chem trails and much more… because we live in fear of survival. The primitive brain is barbaric and selfish. And is blind to emotion… which is why the living sky is pulling us to our strong need for emotional connection with the right people. Be discerning but also open. Be courageous but also compassionate. Be who you are as you are… and know that you will be held by those that see you!

We are still in eclipse energy, and so it is important to note at this time, our own personal, emotional and mental bodies have been upgraded, elevated. Removing ourselves away from the primitive mind, thinking and behaviour to a spiritual universal connection of truth! We are beginning to understand the power of the collective and creative.

We are ascending within ourselves, our lives, our personal situations… we are being called to connect and respond from the heart. This is where we can tune into our emotional body, and start to unpack the anger, the frustrations, the shadow that is in all of us… this is the greatest gift of Pluto… she is definitely working to reveal to us our blind spots, areas that we have ignored because society has no room for ‘real’ emotion.

Use this energy for the next two weeks to connect with those that we know are strong enough to carry the light. Those that do not judge, those that see you! Create space in your day to work through the shadows and start to make friends with them. Our shadow is not separate from our light. The two combined we can begin to maintain healthy connections. Those that are not physically together, but there is a strong intuitive connection your prays and love is sent and felt.

We’re hear to make the shift we are seeking for… as Ghandi said “be the change you want to see in the world”… this weekend will certainly highlight that… moving through our inner world and doing the work. Making conscious choices, having those conversations, connections and experiences will advance our understanding of our emotional truth… to get to this seed, we have to unplug all that we have been conditioned to believe. The old time is over, welcome the new!

Have a wonderful week… !

PS: if you would like to come on Friday 28th February to Botannix Yoga in Botany, I will be holding a two hour lecture on Jupiter and how planets transform us… I would love to see you there.


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