Partial Solar Eclipse awakens us from our mediocre to exquisiteness

The power is within us to either destroy or create our personal journey by truly and I mean purely allowing the Divine frequencies to direct our course of action. A partial solar eclipse on 1 May at 6:28am 10° AEDT, with new moon in Taurus, Sun and conjunction with Uranus, activates a flawless inner craftsmanship yielding from the depths of our Soul. Each person will go through peculiar evolution of the psyche. A longing of coming together with our Soul purpose as we walk this unstable earth releasing all that is anchored in fear. Even if this fear is a superficial sub-conscious projection, it will be taken away through tangible perhaps unhealthy attachments. There is no magic wand to take away our ‘hold ups’. We have to become acutely aware of our actions and if they bring in joy or continuously scratch the scab off the wound.

The moon in Taurus is exalted. It likes to be in Taurus. A quality of sensuality, purity, beautification, through sovereignty we come into our being with strength. Taurus is an organic, nature loving essence which hollows out any dependence that is not beneficial to our ascension or higher consciousness. Although, it is associated with creating personal security, wealth and hording material objects to feel good, it also teaches us to understand these very incentives are necessary to step into a greater experience of our life. We are learning our inner struggle instability, whether its emotional or psychological is the catalyst for us to act on positive change. Taking the responsibility of how we want to experience our life without waiting for others to add their input.

Uranus conjuncts the Sun and Moon, it’s an energy wanting to break down all that is not right with our current state. Uranus in Taurus highlights the instability on our planet and within us. It wants us to evolve into a more independent, sovereign and self-reliant operator. All these meanings suggest we may encounter several losses and sudden changes that are not part of our evolution moving forward. The new moon in Taurus will erode anything that is not pure. Anything that is not equally stimulating, exciting and passionate. All that we’ve identified with thus far, either through ego, circumstance, greed and part of the old system may suddenly have no meaning for us. We may lose interest in all that we have built because the feeling of freedom, independence and space if far greater than the burdens we carry in our hearts. Taurus energy helps us to come back to the simplicity of our life. All relationships will go through a frequency upgrade, which suggests different stages for all of us.

We cannot make everyone happy, neither can we get what we want in the way we want it. Taurus energy is asking us to shift our values or at least use them as a barometer to only let what we think the best for us to engage. This may sound superficial for some, and for others it’s the only way to discern from what is fake to the real authentic version. We will only be attracted to those that truly understand their worth and this solar eclipse will certainly filter those that are not from our space. On one hand this is the most magical, powerful, loving and tender energy and on the other hand none of the goodness will come to fruition unless we believe we’re worthy of what we need.

Mercury will be in shadow and moves to 0° degrees in Gemini, as it trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn helping us to moving into a space of exquisiteness. Mercury is aligned with the divine light, shifting our perspective towards a pure state of being, curiosity, stimulation and a youthful approach to all the serious undercurrents. Pluto is going to bring in some hidden truths, secrets and even shadows we’re not aware we hold deep in our Soul. The mix of Mercury and Pluto transforms our need to react or respond to what we hear because we will not hold space for gossip. Pluto helps us to dive into the microcosm of our Soul needs. This process doesn’t allow our conditioned mind to get in the way. We can all feel a psychological strain if we’re not in our truth, in denial or just wasting our time with others. Life has to have meaning and we’re all working it out in our own way.  

It is a strange time, which is not of our conscious choosing however it is the expression of our unconscious human psyche within us who is changing. This solar eclipse will highlight what is at stake if we continue to choose our fear over our sovereignty. If we continue to seek external validation, approval and align ourselves to the shadow side of wealth. Pluto retrograde, makes a sextile to Venus and Jupiter, it’s the catalyst for us to only choose what is resonating from a pure unconditional space.

We must be careful not to over identify with our imagination and fantasy during these times, rather use the magic of Venus and Jupiter to engage in divine relations. This energy is beneficial for personal spiritual practices, our sadhana in Sanskrit. A personal discipline dedicated to learning and deepening our spiritual, creative and pure practices. It is not an energy of manipulation although it can strongly highlight where we give our power away. It is also not an energy of cheap, unconscious relationships that are based on convenience, fear and dependence for the wrong reasons. We must stop lying to ourselves about what it is we really want versus what we are willing to compromise. Choosing to stay in relationships which do not provide growth, support or emotional stability. It can also bring up energies where we invest our time earning money while we’re dreaming of a different life. In a nutshell, we’re going to have a reality check on how we operate and even if we’re all about love, peace and vegetables this energy will seek out any bypassing and self-deceptive tendencies.  

Venus and Jupiter meeting is not an energy to be missed or ignored. It is the ultimate portal for connecting to source in its purest form. Our human mind has been conditioned in certain ways, that we tend to unconsciously control how we receive and allow love to unfold. Venus with Jupiter enhances our capacity to want to align and connect divinely which is orchestrated through our past actions. We’re not choosing for convenience as this will be the biggest self-betrayal. This energy is the omnipresence experience of the Piscean unconditional unbounded connection of our inner divine spark, anything less will not suffice.

There is so much benific energies in our cosmic revealing that the challenge highlights our unconscious attempts to control how we want things. Many profound events or situations will come our way, only we will know if they are truly worth pursuing. The future is not our business. It is the choices we make through our level of conscious action can we bring in what is right for us. As with anything, this Solar eclipse will breakdown all that is not required. All that distracts us from our inner peace. This part is not easy. Venus is the ruler of the new moon in Taurus, and she doesn’t always give us what we want, only what we need to learn to be in a state of unconditional love.

This solar eclipse is a deprogrammer. We will be able to see where we control, self-sabotage or hesitate when forced to move into unknown spaces. We’re accustomed to controlling or wanting things in a particular way, only to realise this may bring massive ego deaths. The gifts experienced will mean we must discern with the highest standards aligned with our values. Everything else is a big release, including the ideas and plans we have planted for the future. By releasing attachments, we will surrender to the great journey of our life, we will become more self-reliant. This energy is the catalyst for changing the old systems, within us and those entwined in our life experience. Pluto is retrograding the last time in our life in Capricorn, which marks the end of our systems which coerce us into toxic, imbalanced and unfair situations.

It is time to get ready. Engage with like-minded frequencies, understand your talents and how we can use them to become more self-reliant, eroding away from any institutional conditioning. We are ready to grow our foods, plan for a more organic and connected way of being. A powerful new moon, solar eclipse for us to set positive intentions of our life experience. We’re in for some magical times.  

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