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The Leo Sun brings its brightest light with an opposition to the Moon in Aquarius on 12th August 11:35am 19 degrees AEST, combined illuminates the shadow Leo, bringing up psychological patterns that prevent us from being our authentic Self. The luminaries hinder our current situations where we encounter personal epiphanies of making substantive changes at this critical time of our evolution. This is, quite frankly a very different flavour of 2022, one which will lead each of us on path to our destiny, our purpose. It may be a lonely road as we divert ourselves from the old systems, past situations and those patterns that have stagnated in their essence. It can feel a time of plateau.

The biggest question we’re all feeling, perhaps not asking or comprehending is where are we are going as a collective, as a race and what is spiritually aligned to where we invest our energies. This is a profound month where we may experience five lifetimes in four weeks. It is fast, furious, destabilising to the core and if we’ve paid attention, diligently followed through with our feelings without betraying our emotional needs then this is no surprise. This also indicates the future is not set. Nothing is permanent and all is impermanence.

The Sun and Moon have a lot to share. Firstly, their square to the nodes. The south node in Scorpio has already been relentless and perhaps we’ve made choices from its core space of fear, attachment, merging with others, addiction to sub-conscious power games or silently competing with those that have left the pond. The north node is our conscious choices of investing our energy to the simplicity of life, which brings the richness of our independence, non-attachment and drive to only follow what is of the highest standard or value. This brings up serious self-worth issues which we need to independently deprogramme from our collective psyche.

These nodes are ongoing. They will start to peak and as a result we’ll feel their lessons through the choices we make. Do we continue to control or force situations? Are we confident in ourselves to not depend on or worry about what others think or are doing? Can we speak confidently of what needs to be said to those directly? Have we come to a space which beckons us to actively take the next step? The point is, nothing is set in stone with these nodes, especially while Uranus is in Taurus making a square to Saturn. This is a time of new. A time of growing beyond the subconscious limitations we recognise within ourselves.

Leo Sun is about the bold, courageous, creative energy which chooses its own frequency; however, we’re moving from the age of Pisces to Aquarius this means we’re releasing the dependency or bowing down to others while learning to trust our inner authority. Recognising where we rely on others for advice, guidance and all things that are important to our personal life is now weakening. This is a time of trusting we already have the wisdom inside of us to make the right choices. This is a time of aligning our external life with our internal life and not the other way.

The unconscious expression of the Moon in Aquarius brings up our habitually patterns of seeking the feedback of others to supply our need of feelings and self-worth. We simply relinquish power and self-control. It is also where we don’t trust as there is a tendency to be attuned to the hidden motives and desires of others. There are some funky frequencies dominating our environment. If we’re attached to the material world, we may not fully understand the importance of practicing being sovereign from a spiritual perspective. This brings up the shadow of miss identification and integrity of Self. We cannot afford to be vulnerable or manipulated by the outer world especially if it goes against our honest feelings or intuition.

The choices we make now are important and vital to our sovereignty. The people we trust with our old perspective is only driven by an unconscious belief of our undervalued self-worth. This brings us psychologically to the precarious mercy of the outer world and thus we become skilled manipulators. If we’re not being true to our feelings or intuition and we’re over thinking, scheming situations we may miss critical signs of what needs to shift.

The conscious expression of the Moon in Aquarius is about taking the higher road. One that makes responsible choices for creating loving and authentic relationships which nurture us in a way that is new. This can be contradictory as we are needing to be vulnerable with our honest needs. We’re having to make different and careful choices which teach us to release the need for others’ approval to what is of value to us and others around us. Having a sense of our own self-worth puts us in touch with our values.

The Moon reflects the light of the Leo shadow which reiterates the sense of low self-esteem and low self-worth beliefs as does the signs in the nodes. It can highlight the unconscious selfish need for attention where we risk putting on masks from our authentic identity as we fear disapproval. Leos biggest fear is rejection. The contradiction of this moon is by walking away from the past, we feel how the shadow of Leo, which is an act of dramatic emotions, slamming the door behind as we leave and yet wanting someone to come back due to the desire of control, wanting attention and unconscious powerplays. We cannot go there, no matter what, we must raise our inner frequency and refocus on what brings us true happiness. Don’t cheat the cosmic unfolding, as we will be cheating our Soul assignment.

These fixed energies have two ways of operating for us. We’re having to show up in our independence, weird and wonderful selves with Leo and not get over egotistical or proud because we are doing it our way. Taurus grants us the space to integrate our senses to know what is worthy of our attention and how we can be in an environment which is transparent, safe and values our differences without gluttony and stubbornness as a driver. Scorpio is helping us to ride the wave of intensity, which is the only energy required for us to transform into an evolved version where our life can be powerfully meaningful without distorting the connection to jealousy, dependence and cutting off immaturely.  Aquarius inspires us to bring confidence in those that plug into our vibration and by doing so we are learning our unique perspective is what makes community without becoming a silent follower. These fixed energies are teaching us to find balance from a centred and knowing space.

Secondly, the full moon with a conjunct to Saturn and a square to Uranus opposing the Sun in Leo, while the Sun trines Chiron and Eris is about leaving behind what is not working anymore. The old, past and things that do not bring us joy have no space in this new frequency. It is about aligning with new energies without bringing our pain, issues and wounds to shape something that doesn’t belong or deserve these projections. The reason why old relationships may seem jarring or emotionally disconnected is because we’ve transmuted into different levels of frequency and not everyone has come along. Our emotional body is making the moves, not the head. The mind is a deep black hole of insecurities which we cannot trust anymore. Our inner authority is the only way we may move forward.

Pluto trine Algol the demon star is quite the energy. If we’re going to demand having ‘things’ ‘situations’ or ‘relationships’ our own way, with gross power games and without a spiritual responsible understanding of our actions we may distort our path. Desperation is another perspective this full moon brings into our field. The need to have it all now, to move into spaces without taking the time to observe the subtle nuances of what is unfolding is another teaching of self-worth. Algol is a strong demonic star. It can show us the dark side of life.

Mars helps with this trine as its conjuncts Algol. Pluto and Mars are rulers of Scorpio, which makes this full moon a wee bit intense for us to shine the light on all things that work against our true path. We cannot operate from a place of lower vibration or grotesque tendencies. This may activate dark sexual, violent, and volatile energies eroding us of our boundaries confusing or paralysing us to take corrective action. It may bring out some subconscious hidden or supressed emotions. We must not dwell in these energies. Recognise where they show up in our world and actively do something different which takes courage and healthy boundaries. Not the boundaries where there is unfinished business or fully realising our emotional growth, we must discern with a higher lens to know what is right for our spiritual growth and not the unhealthy ego stubbornness.

Mars in Taurus on an unconscious lens alienates others through judgement or ignoring another person’s values. On a consciously level, we hold space for others to share, contribute their ideals and values which supports a greater collaborative space. We are being driven to work in different, ad-hoc ways which birth a strong essence of the collective. We cannot do things on a solo level anymore. The more we let go of the past, the more the doors open to our new world. The hardest choices we must make is to leave what is not in alignment. This will highlight huge differences in our current relationships because we’ve gone beyond holding back what is not feeling good. We are only driven by what makes us feel received wholeheartedly but we also must take the responsibility to step up.  

We must remind ourselves; the north node is in Taurus and wherever the universe takes us with whomever we connect or disconnect with is of the highest Divine order. If we are truly listening to our inner world, our inner energies, our needs and the direction we know feels right we cannot put ourselves in spaces which sabotage our purpose. This is the key to getting through these toughest times. The energy is taking us on a ride. We will experience feeling inside out, upside down and all that we invested in may not be what comes along with us. It is a time where all that we knew or currently know has shifted. We have shifted and perhaps our mind is still catching up, while the ego launches panic bombs, preventing us from taking corrective action. We move forward with grace and without judging other peoples change of heart.

This year is about humility of the human consciousness. A part of our learning is to understand we’re not here to please, fix, heal and direct others. We’ve all made a conscious choice to be on this planet at this time, to evolve our Soul as never experienced before in past lives. No one is walking on an easy path. Everyone’s experience is difficult, hard, painful where disappointment is as frequent as the rain. Even if we relapse into dark states of our emotions, we must at those moments during the lead up to the full moon in Aquarius remember to pull ourselves out of the funk. It is more difficult now to pierce through the darkness. We must attempt to override the shadow of the fixed energies to follow our Soul contract. Our world is Divinely orchestrated with those that are on the same assignment or focus yet totally different from what we already are accustomed to.

We only invest in and focus on what is already working. Things that bring us joy without us having to hold back or walk delicately or prevent us from roaring when we want. The main point of this energy is to be very honest with what we feel. Healing the past is an old statement. We don’t need healing that is already happening with the south node in Scorpio. We need to remember to connect and trust our inner authority.

This full moon shifts the wheel of destiny and no matter what shifts we are going to be fine. We are going to be in a much sweeter space. Especially as Venus moves into Leo, her fun spot. May the force of your brightest, kindest and Divine connection lead the way.

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  1. I’ve listened twice now and each time picked up new things which resonate strongly

    Thank you for recording and sharing your beautiful voice
    I feel I’ll do another listen on the walk back home from the junction 🧡🔥🌕♒️🙏🏽

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