Spring/Autumn Equinox with New Moon in Libra Astrology & Mercury cazimi mirrors our shadow in relationships

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Have you noticed how much of the external world is in constant distraction from our path? It has been amping up the frequency of ‘look at me’ while we may go and be immersed in this so-called distraction, we’re having to then refocus on our personal work. The distractions are here to test how much discipline we apply to what may seem an unrealistic goal. As I write this blog, the Sun is at its anaretic degree of Virgo. A strong energy which brings in confusion of what we know is on our path and requires work, yet we put that at the bottom of our list only to do something less meaningful.

This Virgo season, if you do align your life with the stars, was to invite all of us to work on the daily tasks of our life. Clear the backlog of personal admin. To cleanse our environment with all that is not of service in our world anymore. As a result, we work towards our spiritual mission. Each of us has a unique offering and if you’ve not got the downloads then where have you been placing your energy.

This Spring/Autumn Equinox is when the Earth is in align with the Sun where we all get equal day and night. It is also when the Sun moves into Libra initiating a time of change and a time to reap from what we’ve harvested. In the Southern Hemisphere we’re in Spring Equinox and it is welcomed from a long cold, wet winter season leaving us in positive aspiration of our world. In the Northern Hemisphere we’re in Autumn Equinox and that too is welcomed from a crazy heat wave and perhaps a long confusing summer of events. It doesn’t really matter which hemisphere you’re located, what matters is if we’ve been working towards our goals, creating from a place that comes from our own expression and stayed focused on what needed to shift in our environment.  

This Equinox comes with a cazimi with Mercury moving in perfect alignment between the Earth and Sun in the sign of Libra. The Sun is in fall position in Libra, which is why our energies start to prepare for a change in season, a shift in our tasks and even direction. Mercury cazimi to the Sun is coming back home to Virgo, still retrograde and with a positive trine to Pluto.

This movement is firstly highlighting our shadow of where we’ve been placing our energy on things that do not return in an equal manner. Where we’ve shown up, time and time again and nothing changes, or the rewards are not aligned in the right timing. Secondly, we’ll get some intuitive hits and reminders of what we knew we had to do way back in December 2021 and January 2022, where Venus was retrograde in Capricorn. This is where we can use the magic of the equinox and revisit our intentions, goals which are spiritually aligned with our inner authority.

The challenge we’re all finding difficult to comprehend or put into words or actions is the understanding that our unhealthy ego wants us to play with anything that is not of high standard. We’re wanting quick fixes, to escape our spiritual work. That’s the monotonous feeling we’re in constant battle with. Majority of us have been in a process of culling our friendships to ones that are in better alignment, those that do not condone our addictions and perpetuate our stories by just agreeing with our state of perception. And while others have been struck with the power of fear when it comes to setting our sacred boundaries.

There are some folks who think they can do this all alone. Using the past as a barometer of our choices for the present is ridiculous. We are being supported by the stars, the universe and our higher knowing to stop gaslighting our actions and convincing ourselves by doing the same things we’ve done in the last 12 months and expecting a miracle of change is a state of psychosis. This equinox activates all the areas of our life where we’ve put our energy because others directed this is a good choice for our growth.

The world as we knew it has long gone. Some of us are aware of it, others interpret this as something being off, while some have taken radical action and still have not landed in a place that lights every cell in our body. Use this equinox as a tool to reclaim your intentions and do the work that is assigned by your astrological chart.

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The New Moon in Libra is a big one. It falls on 26 September at 7:53am at two degrees, with a conjunction to Mercury retrograde, an opposition to Jupiter in Aries which is also in retrograde. It also squares black moon Lilith in Cancer and a sesiquadrant to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. In between Saturn and Uranus is Jupiter creating a semi square. That’s a lot of astrological jargon so let’s break it down to those that just want to know what it all means in an instance.

Firstly, the Sun and Moon in Libra are shining a light on everything we relate to and continuously use as a tool, an ally, a label, a persona, a role, a medium, a distraction, food, clothes, vehicles, people, groups and anything that is outside of our physical being. The opposition to Jupiter brings in the teachings of where there are unhealthy connections. The ones that keep us hooked. The ones that make grand statements and yet provide no spiritual support unless you’re guiding the answer you want from them.

This can be difficult to stomach. What are we all learning about ourselves in during this new moon? We’re learning being selfish, and self-centred with only our agenda as the lens of truth for all is not a healthy way to maintain relationships. Everything around us will mirror back a part of our psyche that our ego overlooked. This is a humbling time for all of us. We’ve overused our powers through desire mistaking them as quick frills or thrills for our sense of escapism.

The sesiquadrant to Saturn and Uranus is where we’ve not made personal changes to where we place our energy. There is an imbalance in our connections. This can show up as trying too hard or forcing things to unfold for the comfort of our own safety or defence, and arrogantly gallant about how we’ve got everything in order, while secretly we’re haunted by our past mishaps. Or the inability to ignore where we’ve made mistakes. This is all good news. As it will certainly be difficult to be in a place where we’re having to look at our addictive patterns and illusions about our connections. This is where we can come back online in a sincere and authentic way.

The square to black moon Lilith during the new moon ignites the imbalance driver. We’re seeking a deep inner sense of emotional security that which grounds us into a space without doing the hard work. This is where we can feel deeply needy, obsessive over the past and be disgusted by our experiences, while we show ourselves as if we’ve got it all together. Who are we kidding? Everyone is trying to make sense of the relationships and where we place our creative energy for the work we do versus the work we’re spiritually destined to pursue.

Mercury back home in Virgo making a conjunction with Venus as they both trine Pluto and oppose Neptune. The insights we receive either through conversations, dreams or symbols and signs in our life, we’ll certainly have the epiphany of where we’ve been delusional. Mercury is about to open us up to truth bombs we’d rather ignore. This our life path, why treat it like some commodity, we cannot wing life anymore. Our addictive patterns which stem from relying on something to provide an answer instead of looking within and doing the work is a shattered persona.

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To get through this energy which is setting new seeds in the area of our relationships and work we must now make a choice to do the subconscious work that traps us to follow our desire. It is quite simple. Virgo is about work. The work we do in its most detailed way can bring grand openings to a new chapter as a result of our commitment can be rewards. We must stop putting more salt on past wounds. These next 16 months of our world, should we make it that far are going to test every choice we make and don’t make. All our thoughts, words and actions carry a karmic thread that is felt during our personal downfall.

That is worst case scenario mind you. If we know what we’re called to do, then do it. If our relationships are dud then do something about them. If our work is not rewarding and we’re missing out on something that we want to do, then make that change. If we’re dealing with a broken heart and choosing to be solo, then call your friends and get out of the funk. If we’re forcing ourselves to be in a particular space when we know its not serving us then gracefully walk away.

All we can do is pay attention to our present moment. Mars is at 18 degrees Gemini, where Venus went retrograde in 2020 and he is activating the subtle teachings of Venus. We’re moving to a new level of frequency as a humanity. This means we must be consciously aware of not creating further karma in our present moment. The last three years of our pains, struggles and achievements come to their full payment through balanced dividends. We’re not here to cheat our own astrological charts, rather we’re here to understand the gift each of us has to offer in our world without getting derailed by those we choose to be close to. Everything is falling away, stripping us to the core of our essence so we can move into this new frequency without any doubt, hang ups and grudges.

The last message from the cosmic wisdom is to know we cannot do things alone. We need community and people. Therefore, the new moon in libra shows us where we do things without consciously paying attention to our inner authority. We’re not here to be fixed, healed or rescued. We’re here to know ourselves and shine in our uniqueness with those that align with our vibrational frequency and create a powerful, transparent and healthy world with sincere relationships. The work is having to fight our subconscious addictions to personal habits which are not serving our goal. Are you willing to do the work regardless of the desires, addictions and distractions? Can you truly be in relationship with healthy and self-reliant beings, without losing yourself in our energy field? Do you have the ability to discern from what was once the right medicine and now it’s become a gimmick of our makeup?

Set your new moon intentions with a ritual of sincerity, truth and give yourself permission to rise beyond your pride, grief, ego and force? Allow yourself to be open to what teaching come through. It is time to understand your own inner authority and operate in this manner. This can be a solo journey at first, but persevere as the universe rewards when things are in its natural flow. Happy Spring Equinox… and New Moon in Libra!

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